Monday, June 16, 2008

CC Martini - The Interview

The coolest thing about writing this blog is occasionally hearing from some of the featured acts. It's great to receive acknowledgement from people in the industry and it's always a thrill to hear from someone you admire. The response isn't always exactly what I hoped for (Jo Frances demanded my review be taken down and threatened legal action!) but more often than not it's been really positive. Happily, my dealings with the lovely CC Martini fall into the latter category!

I've written a lot about CC lately, probably because she is the only new local artist I've really connected with so far in 2008. I love her colourful image and her amazing "All The Way" album hasn't left my stereo since it was released last month. Most of all, I respect the sheer size of her balls. CC Martini is doing things her own way without the slightest regard for convention or the chorus of braindead naysayers who diss her every move. Despite my crackpipe jibes (sorry, sweetheart!), CC was nice enough to get in touch after reading my review of her album and kindly agreed to be interviewed for the Blog. CC is just as cool as you would imagine from her music. She preaches the benefits of semen, puts the haters in check and gives us an insight into her stunning lyrics and future plans. Enjoy!

How did you get into the music biz? Is it true you got your big break at a work Christmas party?
I always wanted to be a rock star or a movie star when I was a kid. I missed my first blue light disco to see U2 Zoo TV at the MCG with my Dad and have had stars in my eyes ever since. I was in an all girl rock band in high school called Venus In Warpaint. After school I started a rap duo called Mango & Cream but we never made it out of the lounge room. I began rapping as CC Martini and worked with Tiffany Kommedal and Kent Morris to make an EP which inevitably turned into an album. I did get approached by my record company after a Dangerfield/Indie Initiative Christmas Party gig at the Prince Of Wales. Neil Wedd from the Indie Initiative supported me a lot in the early days and gave me my first few gigs.

Your sound and styling are unique in Australia. How did you create the "CC Martini" sound and look?
I’ll quote Lil' Kim to answer this question. "I’ve been a lot of places, seen a lot of faces. Hell man, I even fuck with different races"!

What are your musical influences?
The Little Mermaid, Phantom of the Opera, Michael Jackson, Salt N Pepa, U2, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, No Doubt, Lil' Kim, Eminem, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eve, The Fugies, Marley and Tosh, Britney Spears, Missy Elliot, The Black Eyed Peas, Jill Scott, Roni Size, Marilyn Manson, Timberland, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna… and many more!

Tell us about the brilliant "My Bush Would Make A Better President"?
I saw it on a t-shirt! Digital Primate wanted me to write a political song. I’m not into music being too serious so it turned out to be a nice balance of the truth and tongue in cheek raunchiness.

If your bush swept to power, what's the first thing it would change?
Feed the poor. Free the animals and save the environment.

How autobiographical are your amazing lyrics?
Ha ha ha, well… like I always say to this question, some stuff is true and some stuff is not. But I like you Mike so I will tell you some inside information. Yes I did really go through my ex-boyfriend's phone like a complete psycho and his computer. I did find all the things I talked about in "Little Black Book"!

Is the secret to eternal youth really your man's potion?
Apparently semen is very, very good for your skin, as it has elements that are "alive", like yoghurt I suppose. Sadly I have none to use at the moment as I am single.

Tell us about the hot videos for "Champagne Taste" and "Double Dutch".
Videos are always very fun to do. They are really a director's medium though, so you can never really control how the end product turns out. It's hard being on a minimum wage because a lot of my ideas get knocked back because of that ugly word I hate: budget! But you know, it's just the beginning, and hopefully they just get better and better with the more experience I gain. I love Missy Elliot's videos, so one day hopefully I will be at that kind of level and have that kind of money to play with!

"All The Way" is fucking amazing! What is your favourite song on the album?
It is always hard to pick your fave song, coz I really do think they are all great and I am very happy with the way the album evolved. I think "I See You" is my ultimate fave, because really we are all softies inside and this song is a love song. It is so vulnerable and innocent, how you feel when you are falling in love with someone and they are just all you think about and all you talk about. That kind of love is really special and "I See You" always takes me back to that moment when I really fell in love really deep. Having said that though my fave song to do live is "Sick Of It". It’s a really fun and tough song to do. And "Dirty Thoughts" is a live favourite too, it’s very naughty and I love being naughty as much as possible.

Will there be a 3rd single and can it please be "Dirty Thoughts"?
Yes there will be a 3rd single but you’ll have to wait and see because I don’t know what it will be yet!

"Be The One" and "I See You" are brilliant. Will you explore a more pop orientated sound in the future?
I think I will always have at least a couple of songs like these on future albums. They just come out. I have a new ballad that will come out next year called "Shake Me Up". I like to mix it up. You can’t just have a whole set of songs where you're givin it out. telling it like it is. The audience needs some time out and so do I, it makes the whole thing more dynamic and more balanced I think.

What the fuck is "Candy" really about?
"Candy" is not really about all that much. Really Tiff and I got stoned one night and wrote it. It's basically about a hot chick girl who likes a super fly boy and he doesn't notice her, because she's hot but not in the dumb-pretty-girl-clone kinda way, and he's such a dandy boy he always has those type of girls around him, so he doesn't realise how hot she is. She's not like the dumb girls going out just to slut onto him, she's on her own vibe and is out for music and drugs, she don't have time for sleeze. So "she no like that she just want to candy" is kinda she ain't gonna fall for the boy's standard pick up lines, she gets it all the time, she just came to "candy" as in party = drugs + music. It all made sense to us at the time! Ha ha.

In one sentence, why should people buy your album?
In one long sentence: People should buy my debut album "all the way!" because it has wonderful stories that will colour your imagination and make you laugh and possibly even make you cry, as well they will be able to claim serious cool cred by being able to say "I loved CC Martini before she was a massive star". Also, I know this is more than one sentance but if people really do like it, by buying it, rather than burning it, will help me as I am a new artist. When I'm rich, they can burn as many copies as they want, I am all for that, but for now the best way to support me is to buy as many copies of my album as you can afford and give them to your friends as presents!

What is your message to all the fuckwits hating on you on iTunes and youtube?
Get something positive happening in your life, then you might appreciate others’ efforts instead of being bitter and twisted about your own failure to begin anything worthwhile!

Spill the beans about touring with Eve. Was she a total bitch?
Eve is absolutely A Grade Star Material. The girl is a Queen. She was really really cool, especially for how hot she is, she could be a bitch and you’d still love her. She is a Lady and it was great to have been able to do just one show with her. The promoters cancelled the whole tour without any explanation. We just all got told it wasn’t happening once we got to Sydney. It was a big disappointment and I feel a little embarrassed that Eve had such bad treatment on her first trip ever to Australia, because the potential of the shows were great, she was ready to rock. But I think she still had fun despite the circumstances. Her crew hung out in Sydney and did MTV and some fashion shows, but she was sad she didn’t get to make it to Melbourne apparently, so hopefully next time she comes out she will be in the hands of some more capable people who really show her a great time, like Australia should be! Come back Eve, we love you!

When are you gracing Sydney with your fabulous presence?
I love Sydney so much and I want to play up there soon, we are trying to work out some shows up there.

Do you have a day job?
Yeah I still have a J-O-B ahhhrg Yuk. ShhhhH!!! Don’t tell anyone. I have been living on my credit card for years and have been in denial about having to get a job as it would distract me from my path, however I need to just get some dollas together so I can get square and go onto the next plan which is to re-locate to New York next March.

When is the CC Martini juggernaut going international?
I want to play in Japan, China, USA, Europe, Africa, South America… ha ha ha ha EVERYWHERE. Soon, Soon, Soon!!! As soon as possible. There’s a few things on the To Do list first, but it’s definitely on the horizon gettin' closer.

What qualities does a man need to get with CC?
We must have the right chemistry. Yang and Yin. To balance each other. That is important. Money – hey it sounds materialistic, but ya really need it. The more the better. A passion for what they do in their life. They must like having and doing Fun. And a sense of humour definitely! Must be able to make decisions and be able to put up a good alternative opinion, I can be a bit bossy and it’s boring always making decisions and being around “Yes” people. I want to be intellectually challenged! Anyone out there fit that description? Ha ha ha…

Available now from iTunes and all good record stores.

Just fucking buy it!


Lexy said...

I looove her! Wish her all the best and hopefully her future projects are successfull.

Ro Ro said...

What a fierce bitch! This album really is good. I hope she can break into other places. Her pip pop sound is what everyone truly needs! I relentlessly play double dutch for anyone who will listen. This interview has made me love her even more. And that Jo Frances what a twat! she should be thankful anyone cares.

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded Candy after reading this. It's great!!

Justin said...

OMG! She loves Lil' Kim! ^_^

CC I love you girl and Double Dutch is like amazing!

Jay said...


And we pelt Jo Frances with used nappies for threatening legal action! How rude - and its not as if anyone else knows who the fuck she is...

D'luv said...

Any broad that cites Lil' Kim lyrics as their life mantra get a thumbs up from me! I gotta go dig out Notorious K.I.M. now!

Anonymous said...

CC is original and fun just what we need !!!!

Magical Froggy said...

Anyone else think that she looks like a dirty Connie Fisher? ;)

Robpop said...

I love that Lil Kim citation! CC is indeed original and a great interview from you (Another one!!!).

Cutlets_Fan said...

CC looks like phoebe price only hotter! Where can i buy the cd in the US??

tommie said...

Poor CC needs a man before her face starts scrunching up! Maybe PTA can run a "Buy "All The Way" and win a bukakke session with CC Martini" contest?

Anyway, she needs to release the album on more digital outlets! I prefer physical copies, but it's the future of the medium etc.

Acer (Alex) Always said...

cutlets_fan, you (and I) might have to either import it from somewhere online, find a store that carries imports such as "all the way!" and buy it there, or possibly check iTunes. I don't think the album is on US iTunes but the My Bush Would Make A Better President and Double Dutch singles are both there.

As for CC, you kick ass and I look forward to hearing the entire album and eventually seeing a performance in the USA sometime. As of yet, I have only heard the singles, but pay day is coming up ;-) and I have been just itching to buy the CD ever since I found out that it was released.

Thanks for updates on any and every thing Mike!! :D

Adem With An E said...


D'luv said...

P.S... do we know if CC has fire minge, as well?

CC Martini said...

Hi you Rad Pop Trashers! Thank you so much for all your comments!
Just to let the USA peeps know, the album "all the way!" should be available on US iTunes 6 weeks after the Australian release (May 10), so that's this Saturday June 21st. If not let me know and I will yell at my record company.
Hope you love it.
Luv from CC Martini

Acer (Alex) Always said...

I just checked US iTunes and did not see the album listed. Can someone else double check? I have had some issues with iTunes lately without even trying so I would appreciate another set of eyes.

The only things I do see are the Double Dutch 3 track single, My Bush... single, and some random other result that does not equal "all the way!"

Ro Ro said...

I don't see it on there. Just the 2 singles u mentioned.

Mike said...

I'll tell CC that her record company has fucked up! I can't see it either.

Anonymous said...

They Fucked it up! EEiiidiots! If you want something done ya just got to do it yourself!
I'm sorry Pop Addicts, my album will now be up "within the next 3 weeks" on US iTunes. My rec co are "sorry". Pft!
For your loyalty and patience I can give you an exclusive remix of Double Dutch by Jan Skub- who also worked on my album. It isn't available on iTunes, only from me.
So sign up to the CC Martini fanclub at and I will email you the mp3 personally.
CC M. xo

carlo martini said...