Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Baccara's Back!

Fuck Donna Summer and her hideous "Crayons", the real treat of 2008 for disco fans is the highly anticipated comeback of Spain's Baccara! Even if you're not familiar with the name, you'll know their 1977 #1 smash hit "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie", which has been covered (badly) by everyone from Sophie Ellis-Bextor to Goldfrapp. Try as they might, those cheap whores never had a chance in hell of matching the fabulous allure of Mayte and Maria, who continued to enthrall fans around the globe with their exquisite disco anthems until parting ways in 1981.

Failed solo careers lead both ladies to reform the group, albeit with new partners - resulting in two official Baccaras! Maria's Baccara (often referred to as "New Baccara") initially experienced considerably more success, scoring hits with the stunning "Call Me Up" and glorious "Fantasy Boy". However, Mayte's Baccara made an unexpected return to prominence in 2004 when they were robbed of Melodifestivalen glory with their breathtaking "Soy Tu Venus". Make sure you check out the clip of their performance. The moment when the old birds rip off their skirts is Euro camp at its best! It is this incarnation of the group that is about to embark on a comeback in Germany.

I haven't heard Baccara's new album yet but I already know I'll enjoy at least half of it. The glamorously titled "Satin...In Black And White" contains six of their classic tunes, including not one but three versions of "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie"! Personally, I'm dying to hear the reworked versions of "Darling" and "Sorry, I'm A Lady" as well as the new material. Excitingly, the album reunites Mayte with Rolf Soja - their original producer and the mastermind behind "Yes Sir". With Rolf's return and song titles like "Girls Are One Half Of Heaven" and "The Mathematix Of Love", I have a feeling this could be the Euro-trash album of the year! Here's the tracklisting:

1. Nights In Black Satin
2. Sorry, I'm A Lady (New Version)
3. Cara Mia (New Version)
4. Girls Are One Half Of Heaven
5. Yes Sir I Can Boogie (Latin Version 2008)
6. Yes Sir I Can Swing
7. Simply Forget
8. The Devil Sent You To Lorado (New Version)
9. The Mathematix Of Love
10. Sleepy-Time-Toy (New Version)
11. Darling (New Version)
12. (I Don't Want) To Lose Lautrec
13. German Medley (Yes Sir I Can Boogie / Ich bin eine Lady / Dich schickt der Teufel nach Lorado)

While you're in a Baccara kind of mood, check out this stunning rendition of "Sorry, I'm A Lady" from 1977 (below). Mayte is the bombshell in the black dress. Words can't adequately describe how much I love this riveting performance. Their lovely accents, stunning dance moves and fabulous outfits - utter perfection! I really was born in the wrong era. Today's music just sounds so lifeless and shit in comparison. You can pre-order "Satin...In Black And White" from German Amazon. It's released officially on the 27th of June. Be warned, it's priced at a whopping 29 Euros!


Ro Ro said...

I have to admit that i did love some "Yes Sir i can boogie". This is exciting news! i shall count down the days!

amoss12000 said...

Hilarious Post, As always.

I'd never heard of Baccara before this, now I am eagerly awaiting the release of Satin...

I was in the mood for some Trashtastic Disco.

Thanks! That was just what I needed.

tommie said...

LMAO @ three different versions of Yes Sir! Take note Team Dannii - THIS is how you do a shameless cash-in!

Jeroen said...

Maria's Baccara still performs every year at the ZDF Fernsehgarten, always lipsyncing 'Yes Sir, I can boogie' ofcourse. I think I love Maria's Baccara best, but I simply have to hear Mayte's 'I don't want to lose Lautrec'! Sounds like perfection!

D'luv said...

So were these old broads bumping clam or what? They seem like the type of whores where if you broomhandled their twats, the paint would burn off the wood.

Anonymous said...

Mike... you are fucking crazy! You're praising this, but dissing Donna's new one? Pop TRASH indeed. I still luv ya Mike.

And d'luv's comments are down right boring by now, always the same words. Get new material D'loathe.

D'luv said...

Anytime I get a rise out of the Anonymouses of the world enough to make them comment, it makes my heart sing with glee.

Stand in the shadows of D'luv, child.

Lexy said...

HOW IRONIC. I randomly came across these girls on youtube like last week haha. omg "Sleepy-Time-Toy" sounds HOT.

Mike said...

Jeroen, Lexy & Tommie commenting on the one post - it's like a La Toya forum reunion!! I love both Baccaras but I agree Maria's version has definitely come up with better songs over the years, even though I think Mayte has a much better voice. The new material should be classy!

Anon - I'm not really praising Satin because I haven't heard it but at least it sounds like the old dears are giving fans what they want. Unlike Donna who has major backing and a mountain of hype, yet delivers an album of crappy urban jams and boring ballads. I'm sure Baccara will serve up some fresh trashy goodness!

Anonymous said...

These hags are tragic in a LOL kinda way. Youve plunged to a new low. congrats!!

Jamie said...

Baccara are the ultimate in fabulousness. It's the breathy quality of the vocals that do it for me.

I always liked the tragic New Baccara's 'Touch Me' and the spoken intro to their 1978 Eurovision entry 'Parlez Vouz Francais' is embarressingly brilliant.

Anyway I'm off to Gran Canaria for a week so will report back on any tragic pop divas I may see on my travels....

Anonymous said...

Good news: have reduced the price for Baccara's new CD.
The new price is €15.97 (AU$26.16)

Anonymous said...

Satin...In black and white now in stores.

stoner said...

Listen ya camp twats

Granada is the utter in fabulousity
youtube has a studio version of this trak
its gay and camp and leaves yes sir and sorry..... for fukin dead

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