Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sirens Are Back!

Unfortunately I'm not referring to the legendary Australian girlband of the same name but the slightly less fabulous foursome of pommy slappers. While not possessing the charisma or stunning vocal ability of their antipodean counterparts, the English Sirens still managed to carve out a loyal cult following with their 2004 debut album. The girls flopped miserably in the UK but they found an appreciative audience in Japan, where their attitude filled dance anthems were lapped up by pop fans.

I loved Siren's first album and firmly believe it was ahead of its time. Hopefully, their reincarnation as an urban dance trio (one poor bitch got the boot) will bring them the success they deserve. The trashy tarts should be vying for chart dominance in no time if their stunning comeback single is any indication. "Club La La" is being released in two formats, an urban version and a dance radio remix. No prizes for guessing which I prefer! The dance version of "Club La La" (below) is a cracking electro feast. I love the trashy lyrics and the completely nonsensical chorus. This is the best 'la la la'-ing since "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"! The video is a zero budget extravaganza complete with unconvincing thugs and bad breakdancing. I love it! The Jody Den Broeder Club Mix was released on UK iTunes this week, so get downloading! There's no word yet on an Australian release but you can download their first album ("Control Freaks") from Aus iTunes.

Move aside Whores Aloud, you are now completely redundant!


Paul said...

"one poor bitch got the boot"


"move aside Whores Aloud, you are now completely redundant"

had me pissing myself with laughter. Not literally. that would be icky.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see PTA supporting Sirens! I've been a big fan since 2003 and haven't got to meet the band yet but have bee sent letters and thank you cards etc from the girls for supporting and promoting them and they are lovely girls. 'Control Freaks' was an amazing album (especially 'Mad About You' and 'Control'!) and the new album is just as amazing.

Lynsey left the band in early 2006 as she just wanted to move onto other things but they band have really come back with a bang - can't wait to see them live sometime soon :)

Heavy Crisco xx

Mike said...

Feel free to piss away, Paul! What's a bit of urine between friends?

Hey Chris, I'm so jealous. I want letters from Sirens! I LOVE their first album and "Club La La" is a great introduction to their second. I can't wait to hear it.

Poor Lynsey, she's probably cleaning toilets at McDonalds!

Anonymous said...

Hi mike, it's always a big surprise when I get something like that, especially the other week I got a bent, creased thank you card shoved in me box - bloody post office ruin everything!

I hate to dash your dreams lol but Lyns is actually pretty much travelling the world right now - and I'm bloody jealous!

The album has some big highlights especially 'Own Thing' (which is already causing controversy - the Sirens recorded the song for RYAN TEDDER in early 2006 - and it's been online since then too - and it was going to be a single last year but due to album delays that was scrapped and that vile Shayne Ward somehow re-recorded it and released it on his album last year under a different title 'Tell Him'. Shayne fans can't understand that although he released his version first Sirens had the original version! 'Smoke My Cigar', 'Crybaby', 'Rockstar', 'Build A Bridge' and 'I Wonder' are also big highlights though the whole album is amazing. It's out June 16th and can already be preordered from sites like, Amazon etc

Anywya, sorry to have written on forever but I've always been big into Sirens and it's just great to see the support there from you as I'm a regular of PTA and Dannii's Dirty Box! :)

heavy crisco xx

Mike said...

How dare that vile man ho Shayne Ward try to steal the Sirens' thunder! I'm sure his version is complete SHIT anyway! Really looking forward to the album. Hope this one actually manages to chart!

Anonymous said...

Shayne's version is shite, you can hear it here: - warning - my ears officially bleed on the 'before i go any further...' bridge! Sirens version is in full here:

I think it's safe to say Sirens do display vocal talent on their version and it's a great, listenable, summery track before it was butt-rated by Shayne Whor'd.

Anyway, I really should shut up about them otherwise I will officially implode with excitement!

heavy crisco xx

p.s. and ditto on the chart thing, it deserves to be a $ucce$$ of Dannii style proportions!

Mike said...

Urgh! Sirens' version is like 3000 times better than Shayne "cunt" Ward's abomination!

Anonymous said...

that is is mike, that it is!

heavy crisco xx

summer said...

Your abuse of Shayne Ward, describing him as "vile" and other terms I'm much too nice to use, says far more about you sad individuals than him. One of you has been posting similar abuse on other websites, if you had enough faith in Sirens you wouldn't need to, they should succeed without that. Well they're not having success so far, and you are doing them no favours. Shayne fans do understand what you're saying, but regardless of who recorded it first, Shayne released his first - therefore Sirens' will always be considered the cover (complete with its dodgy vocals). Carry on salivating over your Sirens' videos!

Anonymous said...

Why all the Shayne Abuse?

It's not like he sat there in his recording studio going 'Those shitty Sirens, I'll show them how it's REALLY done!' He probably had no say in the matter - he'd have been given a demo, realised the potential and thought 'hell yeah, i wanna have that on my album'. I'm not a Shayne fan, and I'm not a Sirens fan, but i LOVE the song - the beat and melody is just amazing, regardless of the singer.