Monday, May 05, 2008

Deni's Duet

When she's not abusing cheerleaders or ruining celebrity weddings, the fabulous Deni Hines occasionally finds the time to record some new material. The latest dose of aural ecstasy from Australia's reigning R'n'B queen is a sensual duet with some Z grade soul sister from America called Angela Johnson who, like Deni, is apparently "big in Japan". The song is called "Good Love" and can be found as the Japan only bonus track on Angela's latest album "A Woman's Touch". I didn't really know what to expect from this unlikely coupling but "Good Love" is a sweet slice of soul music. In fact, the song would have slotted in nicely on Deni's mid-90s masterpiece "Imagination".

"Good Love" does sound dated but quality vocals never go out of style and the breezy production makes this first class chill out material. I find it slightly strange that Deni sings the entire lead vocal. Angela obviously realised that she couldn't compete and stepped aside for the greater talent - either that or Deni was up to her old tricks and locked Angela out of the studio when they were recording! Whatever the case may be, the finished product is rather lovely. I don't think it will be everyone's cup of tea but Deni's 10 devoted fans should enjoy it. If you're really keen, you can import Angela's album from HMV Japan. Learn more about Deni's stunning duet partner by visiting her Myspace.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a b side from 1997... i really like it!!

Will said...

I bet Deni pulled a knife on that bitch and demanded to sing the lead! She should put this on her next album. cool song. Love your blog!

Peace from the Deni forum



Mike said...

There's a Deni forum?! Send me the link - I want to join!

D'luv said...

Whichever of those slut sisterz is on the right, she looks like a possessed Ewok.

Mike said...

Oh no, you didn't! Deni will rip you a new arsehole for that slight!

MaryCherry said...

Oh new Deni is luv!

I can't wait to get over to Aussie next month and track down her Other Woman album. It'll be as exciting as last year's trek to find Water For Chocolate.