Friday, May 16, 2008

Cyndi Lauper - Same Ol' Story

I had forgotten how much I love Cyndi Lauper until I saw her perform at this year's Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. There she was at the ripe old age of 54 belting out "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" with the same passion and flamboyance that made her an icon all those years ago. The performance not only stoked the embers of my Cyndi obsession but also stirred up some fabulous memories. My sister was a huge fan in the 80s and I vividly remember sitting on her bed, watching her mime songs from "She's So Unusual" and "True Colours" into a hairbrush. Somewhere along the way, the silly bitch dedicated herself exclusively to INXS and I inherited her Cyndi collection. To this very day, I can recite most songs from those great albums word for word. I stayed loyal for the rest of my childhood ("Vibes" is one of my favourite films - ever!) but I sadly lost interest when Cyndi became more experimental in the mid-90s.

One of these days I'll catch up on the missing years as I'm sure I would have more appreciation for those albums now. However, that will have to wait until I get my hands on Cyndi's soon to be released dance album "Bring Ya To The Brink". The first single from the album, "Same Ol' Story" has just hit Australian iTunes and it's Cyndi's best song in well over a decade. A collaboration with DJ Richard Morel (perhaps best known for his work with Deep Dish), "Same Ol' Story" is an infectious slice of old school dance with more than a dash of disco thrown in for good measure. I just love everything about this, from the catchy, expletive filled chorus to amusingly downtrodden cover art. With any luck, Ms Lauper is on the brink of a well deserved career revival. Madonna, pay attention - this is how a lady of a certain age updates her sound without coming across as a desperate, old floozy!


Phil said...

I was at Mardi Gras this year too and she was fucking amazing!! I saw her perform here in Perth just a couple of weeks earlier too! The woman is just unstoppable and I really hope with this album she can get some of the recognition she deserves as it sounds infinitely superior to Hard Candy and her songs actually have some meaning in the lyrics too!! The single "Same Ol' Story" is about how the government treats GLBT! Rock on Cyndi!!
So glad you're lovin' her new stuff too!

undisco_me said...

I'm actually obsessed with Cyndi, and not best pleased this is the first single, but perhaps it's being flounced out as a tester device.

I'll be doing my own Cyn post soon, but Higher Plane was worth seeking out - it sealed her gay icon status as a life sentence.

Jamie_movietrip said...

I absolutley love this, especially the Razor & Guido Club Mix which I've been blasting out of my bedroom for the past week or so. Its just fantastic and the clips I've heard of the album are brilliant too, can't wait to get hold of the album.

Ro Ro said...

Cyndi has something mandonna will never have talent! She made a name for herself actually singing not being a muscle armed whore. I love her new album i have the japenese version i couldn't wait for the usa release but i might buy it just to support her. It's a solid dance cd which i'm loving.

Mike said...

Hey Phil, Cyndi really was spectacular at Mardi Gras. I had no idea about the message behind "Same Ol' Story". Makes me love it even more.

Undisco_me, I'm currently on a huge Cyndi kick. I need recommendations on what I should track down!

Hey Jamie - Loving the clips and remixes. I'm so tempted to do a bit of naughty downloading now that the album has leaked but I'm trying to restrain myself!

Oh Ronnie, I can't wait to hear it. I'm yet to hear a bad word about it. Well, apart from bitter Mandonna fans but they are obviously jealous of Cyndi's amazing talent and artistry.

Jamie said...

This is amazing. I've always thought that Cyndi's voice suited dance material very well. I still love the Junior Vasquez mix of Cyndi's 'Come On Home' with Cyndi speaking the lyrics.

Johnny D said...

Hi Mike, I saw Cyndi in Brisbane earlier this year and she was SENSATIONAL.

If you can, track down the Junior's Soundfactory Mix of "COme On Home". Its 11 minutes of sublime bliss.

The entire "Shine" album is sublimely tender.

I was a fan in the 80's, but there is alot of her later work worth tracking down.

undisco_me said...

It would appear "Into The Nightlife" is the next single, and is getting a video - thank goodness, it is the right way to go, it's the biggest erruption since Dannii's last orgasm. Or China (actually, where was Danoushka when this happened?).

What stuff do you have and I'm sure we can all recommend from what is left to conquer..?

Mike said...

Jamie & Johnny, that's really weird that you both recommend the same song! I'll definitely try to track that down. I'll go and download "Shine" from iTunes too. I just hope it's not as snooze inducing as "At Last".

Is anyone else slightly freaked out by the overlap between Dannii & Cyndi fans? I guess good taste is good taste, however you interpret it!

Hey Undisco_me, I've got Cyndi's first 4 albums, "12 Deadly Cyns" and "At last". I don't really like "Hat Full Of Stars" (from memory) or "At last".

Ben Atar said...

Love this song and album. It’s so nice to see Cyndi not doing covers and umpteenth versions of her own songs. Despite her thinking we needed another version of Girls Just Want to Have Fun, what we really needed was some new music. So glad she has done just that.

Dannii's Delights! said...

I have to admit that the album's growing on me, but this song was love at first listen! My favorite track on her Bring Ya To The Brink right after the fantastic Give It Up.

Anonymous said...

Madonna who???
Cyndi is a real star and talent, not a Hoe skank like Madge!
Cyndi's new cd is Frigin Fantastic!