Friday, April 11, 2008

Kylie's #139 Smash Hit

Kylie's US Career - In The Toilet

In the week's least surprising news, Kylie's "X" debuts at #139 in America with 5,588 copies sold dragging the total to a miserable 11,732. That's what you get when you release an album 4 months after the rest of the world, push a lead single with no video clip and devote a massive 48 hours to promotion! The questions remains - why did they bother at all? The whole debacle was so half-hearted, it would have made a lot more sense for Kylie to spend the week promoting in Australia or better yet, putting her feet up before the tour. The US is clearly not interested, that ship sailed with "Fever". If she had performed on the Australian Dancing With The Stars instead, I have no doubt "X" would be sitting in the top 40 come Sunday. I hope this massive flop is the final nail in the coffin that is Kylie's US career. Please Min, stick to the markets that appreciate you and hurry up and release "The One"!!


Stu said...

I am proud to say I was one of those 5,588!

Ustareth said...

I'm an American; however, I bought the album when it was initially released back in November, but I actually bought it from iTunes Japan. LOL. I've appreciated her music for 10 years.

"Speakerphone" needs to be the next single!

MasterDroid said...

I sure those exact sentiments in my own blog. I think Kylie is starting to understand what it feels like for Dannii, having releases that don't make the Top 100 :(

tommie said...

Wanna bet that this is so going to be the most talked about thing at the Minogue christmas table?

Dannii must be laughing her ass off right now!

D'luv said...

Well, as an American, like Ustareth, I bought the import when it was released. The marketing was awful... putting in on iTunes in February, taking it off in March, putting it back on in April...

If you really want to crack the U.S. market and are an artist from overseas, you need to check your ego to the curb, come over for a good three weeks of doing television, charity/celebrity events and do a small tour. It totally worked for Natasha Bedingfield, who in 2 years, has had more Top 40 U.S. hits than Kylie has in 20.

BruDé said...

Sometimes (rarely) it feels good to live in Canada. I don't thi nk 'X' was a major success, but at least we got it at the same time of the rest of the world !

jonathon said...

The promotion was horrible over
here 48 hours and only 4 shows is nothing it is a drop in the bucket in america.
you gotta put in your time and kylie has never done that and what does she expect with no video and i love her to death but the biggest show of them all DWTS the performance of all i see
was's not that americans don't like her music i played x to some of my friends non kylie fans and they like it bottom line the promo was a totally shit.

Robpop said...

Speakerphone shoulda been the U.S single. I love All I see. But its never gonna do that well. Lovely lush track...but Speakerphone woulda been huge. The video would have been amazing.

It makes me "Rock hard" as Kylie announces in the very song.

Ustareth said...

The U.S. isn't into the whole European electropop sound (that's how I describe it). As much as I love "Speakerphone", had she attempted to promote that here, it would've flopped harder than anything Dannii's put out.

Mike said...

Just a few points:

1. I hope "Speakerphone" is never a single, anywhere!

2. D'Luv - it's hard to compare Kylie with that horse-faced troll. Natrasha's music was always very American in sound and she was at the beginning of her career. Interestingly, devoting herself to the US market has resulted in her shit album flopping around the world. Natrasha sold a lot more when she didn't pander to America.

3. I agree that the marketing was unbelievably bad. Crapitol obviously have no idea what to do with Kylie but she did appear on a couple of big shows and no one cared. I think it's time to throw in the towel as far as America is concerned and focus on Europe, Asia and Australia where she doesn't have to suffer the indignity to miming to a Monkeys' song with Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell on American Idol.

gatoinfeliz said...

As you all would say $uce$$!

I am also an American and I bought the import way back in December and it cost me less than the US version does.

Dannii must be celebrating with her favorite dildo.

I guessing she took tips on promoting in a country where no one gives 2 cacas about you in 48 hours from Robbie Williams.