Sunday, April 27, 2008

CC Martini - Double Dutch

Australia's first lady of hip-hop infused pop is back! Regular readers will remember CC Martini from last year, when her brilliant "Champagne Taste" caused quite a stir. The follow up has been 6 months in the making but "Double Dutch" is well worth the wait. Another eclectic mix of hip hop, pop and rock, "Double Dutch" sounds like the retarded bastard child of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" and Toni Basil's "Mickey" - and I mean that as a massive compliment! CC's amusing rap verses bookend a catchy chanted chorus against a backdrop of roaring guitars and electro beats. The result is a demented burst of killer pop music with some truly memorable lyrics. After rapping about her stint as a pot dealer on "Champagne Taste", CC turns her attention to the schoolyard for this opus and dishes out some helpful hints - including this gem:

You got dry skin
Rub some lotion in
You know the secret, girls
It's your man's potion

If I'm not mistaken, Ms Martini is advising school girls to moisturise with cum! The video is another simple but effective adventure brimming with colour and bad dancing. Check it out below. "Double Dutch" is available to download from iTunes now. It's worth picking up the dance remixes while you're at it. CC's debut album, "All The Way", is scheduled for release on the 10th of May. Check her Myspace for more details.


tommie said...

I love it! I'm gonna order Club Dildo and her album at the same time to save on import. I bet her album will be ridicously hot with amazing lyrics!

Justin said...

LOL! I love this song! Even this song shits all over anything found on Hard Candy.

Mike said...

Hey Tommie, I can't wait for CC's album either! She's turning into one of my favourite local divas!

And Justin, I totally agree. Madonna wishes she had something this fabulous on Old Candy!

Paul said...

OMG new obsession alert! Who knew Vitamin C had a funkier sister?! :P

Mike said...

Yay for new CC fans! You're right, Paul. There is a bit of a Vitamin C vibe happening there!

Ro Ro said...

This song is fabulous! too bad i cant buy shit off aussie i tunes :-( or else i would support her. This video is fierce.

glasdildo said...

Nice video! :)