Monday, March 17, 2008

Random Pop Musings

Random Musing #1 - Kylie's Craptastic US Campaign

After months of fucking about, Kylie's US label will finally release "X" on the 1st of April. I was hoping for a completely revised edition of "X" with exclusive bonus tracks and new artwork. Obviously that involved too much effort because the only change to the tracklist is the addition of "All I See" featuring Mims. Speaking of Kylie's urban opus, "All I See" will now be serviced to US radio on the 15th of April - two weeks after the album is released. That means "X" will be released without a lead single and basically no promotion. Kylie has apparently put aside two whole days (48 long hours) to promote the album in the US! Help Kylie score a number 137 Billboard smash hit by pre-ordering your copy here!

Random Musing #2 - It's Deni Time!

My homegirl Deni Hines made the papers this week for all the wrong reasons. It seems Dohnyale abused cheerleaders at a Sydney Kings basketball game, screaming "Get your fucking shit out of my face"! Read about Deni's debacle here. In the wake of that stunning development, another newspaper reported that Deni almost ruined Ricki-Lee's wedding by kicking her band off stage, declaring that it was "Deni time"! I don't believe this rubbish for a second. Deni is an absolute sweetheart and I can't imagine her attacking cheerleaders in front of thousands of people! Even if it were true, it would just make me love her even more. The moral of the story is - don't fuck with the Deni!

Random Musing #3 - Cheer Up, Ricki-Lee!

I was shocked to read about Ricki-Lee's battle with depression in "Woman's Day". She's probably still pissed off about being upstaged by Deni at her own wedding! All jokes aside, I think it was really brave to talk about her mental health problems and I'm glad she's feeling better. Ricki-Lee confirmed her status as one of Australia's most fabulous divas with an amazing live performance of "Can't Sing A Different Song" on Sunrise last week. Check out their website to watch Ricki-Lee strut her stuff. Her voice is fucking amazing! "Can't Sing A Different Song" is on sale now, so order your copy here.

Random Musing #4 - The Australian Amy Winehouse

I know it's a lazy comparison but Gabriella Cilmi really does sound an awful lot like that beehive wearing crackwhore. Which is a bit of a surprise given that Gabriella is a wholesome 16 year old from Melbourne. I'm not a fan of the original Wino, let alone the ever expanding army of Amy clones (Hello, Duffy!) but Gabriella's debut single is actually quite cute. "Sweet About Me" has a subtle pop edge and a surprisingly catchy chorus. It was apparently produced by Xenomania, which would make it their first decent effort since Cher's "Believe". The song is top 20 on Australian iTunes and already charting in the UK. "Sweet About Me" is released in Australia on the 31st of March and can be ordered here.

Random Musing # 5 - A Club Cover

Another local song making waves internationally is Marco Demark's dance cover of "Tiny Dancer". Marco hails from the Gold Coast and the featured guest vocalist, Casey Barnes, is a fellow Queenslander. I'm a sucker for a good club cover, so "Tiny Dancer" is right up my alley. Elton John's 80s classic provides perfect fodder for a club update and Casey's vocal delivery is spot on. Not bad for a rocker best known until now for supporting Bryan Adams on his Australian tour! Order your copy of "Tiny Dancer" here.

Random Musing #6 - Fuck Off, Haters!

Every bitch in Australia had something nasty to say about Kate Alexa's stunning cover of "Teardrops". I absolutely love the song and it was satisfying to see it become Kate's 5th top 30 hit. When are people going to get over the fact that her father runs Mushroom Records and judge her music on its merits? "Teardrops" is fabulous and I'm glad the buying public agree. The haters can fuck right off!

Random Musing #7 - Axle Surprises

Axle Whitehead's "I Don't Do Surprises" debuted at #8 this week on the ARIA chart - no small feat for a failed Australian Idol contestant best known for exposing his cock at an awards show! The title of the song is ironic because the quality of Axle's debut single has taken everyone by surprise. People keep describing "I Don't Do Surprises" as a Coldplay knock off but I'm not convinced. I would prefer to chew off my own limbs than listen to Chris Martin's pretentious wailings but I like Axle's anthem. It's soft and pretty and Axle looks HOT in the video. I wish he'd flash that meat in my direction! Check out Adem's brilliant interview with Axle and order your copy of "I Don't Do Surprises" here.


Anonymous said...

Deni = LOVE!!

Me said...

Everyone knows that Kylie doesn't want to be successful in the States and has no intention of trying, so why does it come as a surprise to some that X has been delayed so much and that she won't be putting anything beyond a token effort to promote it? If she was serious about being a hit in the US, she would have set aside some time to release either either Stars or Sensitized in January complete with at least two week heavy promo campaign...

Mike said...

Anon - You're so right. Deni IS love!

Hi Jay. I agree to a certain extent but I wouldn't go as far as saying she doesn't want to be successful in the US. I'm sure she'd take a hit if it happened but it's obviously not a priority. I have a feeling the two day promo whirlwind (LOL!) is just to fulfil a contractual obligation. There definitely isn't a lot of effort being put in by Kylie or her shit US label.

natty said...

I fucking love Deni. No doubt she was probably as full as boot and probably drug-fucked as well *love*

deni4eva said...

2 newspaper articles in 1 week Deni is queen of the aus media!!!

Kevin said...

Mike, I was just reading your Teardrops post, and I gotta say... you all bitches got it wrong! ;)

The Lovestation cover is awful IMO, the "singer" sounds like she's at death's door!

The best version, which no one even mentioned it, is by Elton John and k.d. lang. It's discotastic. Check it out... yesterday! :)

Ro Ro said...

You made me love Deni damn you. Thanks alot now my poor bf has to order imports for outrageous prices. lol I wish Madge the Vadge would choke on timberlakes ass and go away. I loathe her and being gay i feel i have committed some crime hating her oh well. Kylie knows she doesn't need a hit over here because shes got a strong following whether radio plays her or not. Her imports are seen here all over i even saw X in wal mark here for 16.99 so i bought it of course. Along with Leona Lewis. It amazes me how imports are popping up in the strangest places now when before u had to search all over or pay 50 bucks on ebay. Sorri to have gone on so long but you know how fabulous u are and how i need to get me 1 cent in. So until Dannii and Deni imports are in wal mark with Kylie i shall always be loyal!

Mike said...

Kevin - I just checked out Elton & KD's version and you're right. It is fantastic! It's my second favourite version after Kate's. Although nothing comes close to the original.

Ro Ro! Hey girl! I'm proud to have converted you to the church of Deni. I love that crazy bitch! I don't think Kylie really cares about US success. It's a bit late in the day to start now. I feel much the same about Madonna. "4 Minutes", however, is a new low!

LEXY said...

Releasing the single TWO weeks after the album is out...sounds like a move Jeffré Phillips would make! I'm Proud.

That outbrust also makes me love Deni even more. I want a new single from her!

Last weekend my parents surprised me with a weekend visit to my aunts and the day I got back I caught a really nasty cold which put me out of it for a while. I never knew puke could come out of your nose...
ANYWAY I'm sorry for the huge delay on the e-mail reply and I should be caught up by tomorow. (I also found the debut album from a particular Icelandic songstres!)

Mike said...

I hope you're feeling better! Deni needs to release something new ASAP. After reaching #86 with her last album and appearing in all the newspapers this week for behaving like a crazy woman, she needs to strike while the iron is hot!

OMG - Sylvia!!

D'luv said...

Okay, where the fuck do you have to go to find pics or a clip of this Axle guy's piece? I've searched high and low...can Mike help a hooker out?

Mike said...

Sorry sweetheart but I'm yet to find any pics online - which is ridiculous because he flopped it out in front of thousands of people. It's a shame because I'd like a pic of Axle's sausage as my screensaver!