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My Chat With Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson was a bright spark of Hi-NRG fabulousness on the dark and dreary mid-90s Australian music scene. At a time when grunge ruled the airwaves, this poptastic iconoclast specialised in Eurodance and proudly declared Stock Aitken Waterman as his major influence. The thing I loved most about Peter was his refusal to conform. He was a leopard skin print covered beacon in a sea of flannel wearing automatons, carving out his own niche with the music he loved. Songs like "I Wanna Dance", "Move" and "Into The Night" basically established their own genre. Australian produced Hi-NRG dance music didn't really exist before this Melbourne boy decided to emulate the likes of Bobby O and Giorgio Moroder. More than a decade has passed since his 90s hey day but Peter is still very much a slave to the beat, steadfastly refusing to budge from the dancefloor.

2007 saw the long awaited release of Peter's debut album via the UK's inimitable Klone Records. I picked up "Follow Me" late last year but it got lost in the massive pile of CDs littering my bedroom floor until a couple of weeks ago. It hasn't left my stereo since. "Follow Me" picks up exactly where Peter left off in the 90s, delivering a collection of irresistible Hi-NRG dance tunes proudly influenced by the likes of SAW, Modern Talking and Fancy. I'm a huge fan of Klone Records but I have no hesitation in naming "Follow Me" as the best album in their extensive catalogue. Peter has crafted a winning mix of Hi-NRG dance tracks and camp pop delights with just enough cheese thrown into the mix to satiate trash lovers like myself! The quality of the album hasn't gone unnoticed. The project has already scored Peter songwriting duties for the likes of Carol Jiani, Amanda Lear, Gina G and possibly Kate Ryan.

I contacted Peter to let him know how much I love "Follow Me" and, on a whim, asked if we could have a quick chat about the album for Pop Trash Addicts. He kindly obliged and our "quick chat" turned into a marathon MSN session that dragged on well into the early hours of the morning! Peter was a lot of fun to interview. He's funny, brutally honest and like any good queen, enjoys dropping the occasional famous name! We covered Peter's early career as well as his Klone comeback, not to mention his upcoming collaborations with Carol and Amanda. Most of all, I discovered a kindred spirit who lives and breathes pop music.

I'm a huge fan of your early career. How did you get into music?
I started by appearing on an 80s TV show called "The Early Bird Show". I sang a Lionel Richie song, was really terrible. And was even judged by none other than Dannii Minogue, who I went to high school with. AND I LOST!!!

You went to school with Dannii?! I'm not sure if you know but Dannii is my all time favourite singer and I actually have a blog in her honour! Were you in the same year?
LOL I did. She was 1 year ahead of me. I was in awe of her at school. We never talked much at school, but we do have a mutual friend. She is nice though, Kylie was just lovely also.

How fantastic! I can't believe she rejected you though... how rude!
NO believe it, I WAS fucking hideous!

Did that tv appearance lead to "I Wanna Dance"? Or did that come later?
Ok, after that I did a couple years singing lessons, then hounded a DJ on a dance radio show who I knew was producing. Eventually he gave in, we did a demo. Then about 12 months later I met David Wilks in 1991, who produced "I Wanna Dance". We did about 20 songs. "I Wanna Dance" caught the attention of a radio station in Melb called Hitz FM, a local youth radio station. The song took off as an unsigned song. Colossal Records contacted them, we got in touch and they signed me. Then it went to No 40 in Oz in it's 1st week. Don't ask what is charted at in week two though! But yeah it was my first break.

I've always wanted to ask you about the fabulous "I Wanna Dance" B-sides. Was "Bing Bong (Turn Me On)" a piss take?!

It's a classic!
I think Dave wanted to do a 4 track album, like Giorgio Moroder did with Donna Summer. So yeah he needed one more song, and he wanted to rip off "Sugar Sugar". So "Bing Bong" was born. By the way, my vocal is nasty on that song!

Your music was such a breath of fresh air at a time when grunge was taking over the airwaves. Were you always interested in Hi-NRG music? You really did carve out your own niche.
Aww thanks! I grew up on it, since 1984 and the early SAW days, I would listen to a Melbourne dance show (done by the DJ who did my 1st track), and I was introduced at age 11 to Bobby O, Giorgio Moroder and Italo disco. It's MY music and I wanted to make it. NOT to conform to music I hated. And there was a lot of SHITE out at that time.

There sure was! If it wasn't for the likes of you, Girlfriend and the Minogues, I would probably have spent my youth wearing flannel!
That's probably one of the best compliments I have been given, I love that!! You know when you find a style of music that's just YOU, well this was it for me. And flannel can be very sexy on a guy!

Rarely! The follow up to "I Wanna Dance" was probably not your finest moment (sorry!!) but I honestly believe "Into The Night" is an Australian pop classic. Whose idea was it to cover Benny Mardones' classic?
Well first let me talk about "Move" (the 2nd single). I fucking hate that song and It's No Secret as Kylie put it. I didn't want to release it, and in fact had a new David Wilks song ready to go called "Feelin Hot". I co-wrote it and it was awesome! Very "No More Tears" meets Pet Shop Boys. But management didn't want the whole SAW camp sound so they pulled it and went with "Move" and stopped my working with Dave. I may record it for Klone yet. I LOVE IT!

I'd love to hear it! "Move" is just... kind of horrendous but it's still fun.
"Move" was just not me. Everything from song, producer to shitty single cover was decided for me. NEVER AGAIN. No, you're right it's fucking tragic!

But you got everything so right with "Into The Night"!
Ok, "Into The Night". It was chosen by Colossal. Originally they even thought about Stock/Aitken doing it since they were big again with Nicki French. But of course it cost a fortune, then they chose John Springate. Then management stepped in AGAIN and insisted the guy who did "Move" do this but in fairness he did a decent job on it. I liked singing it and we even got Nick Skitz to do the final mixes. I love it and it was my biggest hit.

Can I ask who this mysterious producer was?
His name was Paul Carmody.

I think the whole package is brilliant. Fantastic song, great remixes and THE VIDEO!! What a masterpiece! Please tell me about making it.
The video was over in 4 hours. I rocked up at 8am and what's funny is I had a stylist hired for this single. He gave me some clothing changes, and I mimed the track in a few different outfits and my job was done. What is funny is I was SO scared to perform and very shy, so he was showing me what to do, so what you see me doing is copying him!! It was a lot of fun, I love the whole packaging of ITN.

The dance at the end is hysterical. I remember copying it at a school disco! I believe I also had that haircut at one stage...

The crazy arm movements!

It's not! It's one of my favourite videos ever!
Wow that's quite a statement. That's very cool, thanks! Tell me one thing, you didn't copy my hair did you?

I did!!
Awww, I love that. THANKS!

Do you ever get embarrassed by your old stuff or do you embrace it?
Nah not embarrassed. Well maybe by the leopard skin print shirt in "Into The Night" but that was 1995!

Can I ask why there was no album? You had 3 fairly solid hits. Was one ever planned?
After "Into The Night" I wanted out with my management. I hated being forced to work with Paul on music, I was not happy with the way they wanted to go. So I wanted out. They didn't let me go so they kept me hanging unable to do anything. An album was planned and tracks were recorded but I am glad it didn't come out cos I didn't like many songs from it.

Were they similar in style to the singles?
Um, honestly they were more like "Move"!! Though there were 2 songs I co-wrote which were closer to what I like. One was a bit Army Of Lovers. AND LET ME TELL YOU, when I walked away, Paul had tried UNSUCCESSFULLY to trick me into the studio to record. He said the songs were only for me and he wouldn't give them to the label. But I didn't believe him and didn't show up. His last words to me were "When you want to be a pop star gimme a call." LOL. As if he was Pete Waterman no less!

Sounds like there were some seriously dodgy dealings. Maybe he was into you! That leads me to my next question. You were quite the teen heart throb. How did that conflict with you being gay? Was it an issue?
Not sure about teen heartthrob LOL. But the gay thing was weird. I was told not to talk about it, not advertise it. Just plain dodge the issue. I understand it and the marketing behind it but it's just not a great message. And I am a very upfront person, when you get told by your manager "don't be seen at this club and don't kiss your friends hello in public" it's a bit fucked. I was asked once at a gig was I gay and I answered no. I shouldn't have but I guess it was a lot harder to be out back then and yeah, let's face it, a fresh faced boy singing songs like "Bing Bong" and "I Wanna Dance". I mean come on!

When did you decide to come out? Was it much later?
I came out in 2006 when my first release on Klone came out. I did an interview on an American podcast and then just openly talked about it on my website. No big deal so I just went with it but, I was away for a lot of years from music remember, so I had a lot of time to get comfortable in my own skin, without the pressure of what not to do or say. To be honest, it's a shame artists and celebrities can't just be themselves.

I want to ask you about that. What happened between "Into The Night" and your reemergence with Klone. I know you released "Mama Told Me" but that was quite a strange little release. What happened in the meantime?
So in between "Into The Night" and "Mama Told Me" then. After "Into The Night" I left Colossal which was a shame, because I loved them. But they knew of management issues and didn't want to be in the middle. Can't blame them either. Anyway, management signed me to a really bad deal with a tiny label. The renamed me as WILSON which I HATED, and released a terrible song from my album sessions with Paul called "Summer Days". Fucking awful. It was a disaster, no promo, no video. That was when they tried to trick me into the studio to make the follow up. So then my management contact finished!!!

You've bounced back from more disasters than Dannii - without even getting your tits out!
LOL, no tits for me haha! So I met John Von Ahlen who had been part of 90s dance group Nova. Loved his work and we started work on a whole new album. From that "Mama Told Me" was released. So we did an album, I wrote or co-wrote most tracks, recorded an unreleased SAW song and 2 they had released already. And a cover of "Born To Be Alive". Was an album I was proud of! But then again the label I signed to did no promo, asked me to pay for my own video! So I walked and at that point decided to get away from it.

Oh wow! Which SAW songs?
Which SAW songs? ok... um, What A Night (which was to be the album title). It was very N Trance "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" and "Ain't No Cure" which I LOVE. It sounds like SAW from 1988, I played ALL keyboards on it and used only SAW sounds and "How Can This Be Real Love".

What amazing choices! "Ain't No Cure" is one of my SAW faves too.
Yeah that's my 2nd fave SAW song ever. There was another song I did for that album called "Angel Eyes". One of my best. Very Modern Talking if you have heard of them.

Is there any chances we'll ever get to hear those tracks? I know Modern Talking well. Dieter Bohlen is a sex god!
I don't have "What A Night" and only a demo of "Real Love" and Dieter Bohlen asked to hear my stuff in 1999, which was amazing.

Shame the record company was so fucking useless. The album sounds terrific. What did you do from 1999 until your Klone comeback?
I didn't do anything until 2001. John Collins who wrote Gina G's "Fresh" was someone I met as a kid and had done a couple demos with before meeting David Wilks. And he was great, he said I should be a superstar - god love him! He talked me into getting into the studio, arranged a meeting with Sam Panetta and we started writing right away. First one we did was "I Love You Unashamed". I loved the result! So when John told me Gina G was coming back to Melbourne, me being a massive fan of her behaved like an OTT school boy with a crush and I convinced him to let me meet her. BUT THEN!! When I met Gina, she was so lovely. She heard "Unashamed" and LOVED it so much. At one point she even wanted to record it. I said no though, and offered to write a new song for her. So we went into the studio and did a track together. With her believing in me, it was all the confidence I needed to get back into it.

You should have recorded a duet! I love that a classy icon like Gina G inspired your comeback. How fantastic!!
LOL, no duets but it was fun doing the song with her. In fact she and I were both in the studio on September 11th 2001 when the terrorist attacks happened at the Twin Towers. We were locked away oblivious to the outside world. We spoke the next day, and it felt weird knowing we were so wrapped up in the music, getting the right vocal and mix, and being unaware that the world was about to change outside.

You said "Ain't No Cure" is your 2nd favourite SAW song, Do you have a top 5?
Top 5 SAW songs? No 1 hands down... "I Don't Wanna Get Hurt" (ALBUM version) by Donna Summer. Sybil's "Make It Easy On Me" is No 3. Dolly Dots "What A Night" No 4. Kylie's "Turn It Into Love" would be No 5.

What, no Kakko?! "Turn It Into Love" is one of my Kylie favourites too.
Kakko is definately not a fave! It's cute though.

I think Kakko is brilliant but I'm sure I'm alone in that view! My list would definitely feature some Lonnie Gordon and probably Princess.
Two very fine SAW albums. Lonnie is a scream, her Oz management worked on my album cover. We've chatted. She rocks! Oops, name dropping loser alert LOL!

The legendary Bobby O

SAW seems to have been a huge influence on your work. From the beginning right up to now. Who else has been an influence? Modern Talking? I hear a lot of Moroder and Dead Or Alive in your music too. And a touch of the Berman Bros!
Giorgio Moroder is a legend. So definitely him, I've been buying his back catalogue lately. So ahead of his time. Yeah I'm also VERY influenced by SAW, Dieter Bohlen, Pet Shop Boys, Bobby O. Actually Bobby O story...Bobby O almost did a song for my album, but then the price tag came. I politely declined! So we settled for covering "Whisper To A Scream". Oh and Frank Farian!

Speaking of Frank, didn't he contribute to "Doin' Fine?"
He co-wrote the chorus and approved the sample of "Daddy Cool" for "Doin' Fine". He loves it!

How did that come about? I think "Doin' Fine" is brilliant. A great "fuck you" anthem!
It started as a demo done in the UK. I got hold of it from my UK producers who also co-wrote it. He thought I would hate it. I loved it, begged him to let me do it and we got it! So I wrote music for the bridges, lyrics on bridge 1, Mr Farian contributed lyrics for chorus and it became what it is now. It was a half finished demo sitting on the shelf actually. So glad I got it, and I can't say who but a very well known UK pop singer is recording it for a comeback album!

It went to #1 on the Euro NRG charts, didn't it?
Yeah it hit No 1 on that chart.

I should take a step back and ask how you got involved with Klone. Klone cops a lot of shit from music snobs but I love their stuff. "Follow Me" on Mad About The Boy was your debut with them?
Klone do cop a lot. Even from their own fans! Well here is the deal, in 2004 I signed a German record deal. Deal was I would record 6 songs here and 5 songs with a group called Systems In Blue (who are the real musicians and high voices behind Bohlen and Modern Talking). So I did the 6 songs here, then my manager just hated the whole Modern Talking sound and didn't want to invest in it. So since he pulled out I lost the deal. Shame cos I would love to have worked with them! And in FACT I've just found out these producers have taken 2 of my titles from the project and are using them for 2 other relases. One called "Out Of The Blue" for their own album (which was what my album was going to be called) and "Heartbreak Boulevard" for a German singer called Mark Ashley. I will be looking into that actually!! Anyway I had the left over songs done in Melbourne and I decided to approach Klone. They were great from the start. I submitted initially "Best Love You Never Had" and "Unashamed" and they said YES to signing them to Mad About The Boy 14. In the end we couldnt get a license in time for "Best Love" (as I don't hold the sound rights), so I offered them "Follow Me" as a replacement. Thank god I did cos it hit No 5 on Eurodancehits.

The album turned out so well and really holds up as a great listen from beginning to end. I particularly love "7 Sins". It's one of the best songs I've heard all year! I also love the SAW inspired songs like "Best Years Of My Life" and "Wait By The radio". What are your favourite tracks?
Oh recording the album was a task. But one I wanted to see it through to the end! I knew one thing, I wanted to bring David Wilks back. So we did 3 new songs. We almost did the original follow up to "I Wanna Dance" but ran out of time. Then I used 3 songs that I did with Sam Panetta, (he used to be in group called Among Thieves). "Best Years" is great!! Its got Natalie Miller on backing vox.

Dannii (left) with the fabulous Natalie Miller (right)

Natalie Miller! YTT forever!
Then I met Chris Richards who is my songwriting partner to this day. He was a very big part of the album's completion! He did "7 Sins" and was scared to play it to me. Thank god he let me do it. I love it too. Rob Technic did "Rocket To Your Heart" also, I loved his stuff with Alison Limerick so I had to have him. He was lovely.

"7 Sins" is a different sound for you. Dark and edgy. You should explore that more. "7 Sins" has real crossover pop appeal.
Oh trust me we are exploring that sound!

Fantastic! Darkrooms around the world will be pumping you out!

Ok that sounded WRONG...
"Wait By The Radio" is a cover by the way. Done originally by Fancy, who also did "Follow Me" first.

Fancy! I desperately need to invest in some of his albums.
Then get "Contact", "Get Your Kicks" and "Flames Of Love". Those 3. Though "Follow Me" and "Wait By The radio" are not on them.

I had a sneak peek at your myspace and you list your favourite albums. I think we were separated at birth. There are so many brilliant choices - Kylie, Donna Summer, Kym Sims, Shannon, Lonnie AND queen La Toya! I love you for including glorious Toy Toy!
LOL at La Toya. I bought "Heart Dont Lie" on CD from Ebay a few years ago for AU$760. Not kidding!

That's dedication! I spent a fortune on her as well. You should cover "Just Wanna Dance"!
LOL no La Toya covers, sorry babe!

I have to say Dannii is a glaring omission from your list!
I like "Get Into You" the best and "Girl" except for "If It Moves Dub It".

That song is hideous but "Girl" is one of my favourite albums along with "Neon Nights". Oh I love them all. Ok, so no to a La Toya cover. If you could choose one Kylie song to cover, what would you pick?
One Kylie song to cover? "Turn It Into Love" without question. Though I wouldn't dare. Kylie covers are always terrible. As in Steps' "Better The Devil"! Fucking hell!
Speaking of legendary divas - you're working with quite a few at the moment. Carol Jiani and the amazing Amanda Lear. Please spill the beans!
Ok spill the beans...Carol approached Chris and I soon after my name was getting known as a Klone act. She asked if we could possibly do a song for her. It just so happened we had just done "I Don't Wanna Talk About Love" (hear it on Carol's Myspace)

And Amanda? How is s/he to work with? Her disco albums are some of the most cherished recordings in my collection.
Carol has me in fits of laughter, she is very funny, One of a kind! As for Amanda! My god she is a legend to me. "Never Trust A Pretty Face" is one of my fave albums ever! So we wrote a song called "Brand New Love Affair" after I played Chris her stuff. We did it really to see if we could tap into another artist's style. And my god, it sounded like "Follow Me" (hers not mine) No 2!! So we contacted her French label and they loved it. Amanda loved it. So they asked for more songs, one more they have already said yes to. So that's in very early stages. We are still writing and submitting but getting there. Apparently Amanda is singing the song we wrote around the house! What will be a thrill for me is when we do it, I might be talking to her on the phone to co-write lyrics!

You're doing so well for yourself. You also submitted material for the delightful Kate Ryan.
Kate Ryan yes, I love her, but I love the Euro trance sound she hasn't really done since the first album, and re-visited with "Voyage Voyage". So we wrote "C'est La Vie" with a mix of the old sound and new. It's on the short list so far but no guarantees. Fingers crossed. Her people in Belgium love it. If she does it, this will be a very big turning poing for Chris and I.

Kate Ryan... and her camel toe

You're the new Ian Levine (but not crap)!
LOL! God love Ian.

I know but some of the stuff he foisted on Carol is criminal!!
But then you have great tracks like "Vanity". He's done a new one for her too which is really Motown-ish. He's obsessed with Motown.

I love a lot of his stuff but it's wildly uneven. Still, bless him!
Trust me there are a lot worse LOL. There are very few true stars these days and too many media trained jump thru hoop drones who are massive.

So true. I get sick of these personality free bitches like Leona Lewis!
Oh she's ok. Delta Goodrem I can not stomach if I am honest.

Dulta is fucking revolting!
I think with Delta, each album becomes less interesting. The first one was a great pop record. As each follow up came out, the quality kept disappearing, and she was becoming less of herself and I don't really believe the nice as pie act. I remember her yelling "that's fucken bullshit" at the tennis! I think the UK public are onto something with their thoughts on her is all I will say. I actually have her unreleased Sony album with "I Don't Care" on it. MUCH BETTER!

I know this is a bit random but what do you make of Kylie's X?
I like X a lot, a few tracks I don't like but I have replaced them on my own version haha.

What have you gotten rid of? I've ditched "Senshitized" and "Nu-Di-Ty".
The same songs as you!! Added "Rippin' Up The Disco", "Cherry Bomb" and "Fall For You".

Getting back to you - do you see yourself getting more into writing and production?
To be honest yes.

I hope you don't turn your back on performing. I want "Follow Me" part 2!
I might do a few more recordings myself but it's not a priority right now. There are 3 tracks I want to finish. Actually 4. The David track I want to do, a track from Sweden is waiting for me, a song I started with Ian Anthony Stephens (which has an early 90s sample) and MAYBE a duet with Carol Jiani.

A duet with Carol!!! Your voices would sound amazing together.
We joked about it so nothing concrete just whispers. I would produce it with Chris.

An original or cover?
A cover.

What's the Swedish song you have lined up?
It's called "Together We Are Strong" it's an accoustic pop song, but reminds me of Abba's "When I Kissed The Teacher". I also want to work with Ian, so I want that song to be finished with him.

You should write a hit for Dannii - she needs to scrap the club instrumental turned trashy dance numbers. The woman needs a chorus!
I would probably submit for Kylie but not Dannii. Oh fuck who knows!

Why? Dannii could do with the help!
Actually of course I would. I love them both.

Get Carol to cover "Vibe On"!
GOD!!! No, we have 2 covers that are perfect haha!

It's so exciting that you're getting the chance to help restore so many fabulous divas to their former glory. Next stop La Toya and Millie Jackson please!
LOL I think we are going to target more mainstream people this year.

Do you have anyone in mind?
Not yet will start work for 2008 next Sun so we decide then.

You should help out some local divas - Melissa Tkautz and Deni Hines for example!
Deni is a fucking bitch (Peter then elaborates). I would never work with her. Melissa I would! I can give you a Natalie Imbruglia story.

Oh yes please!
I hate her fucking guts, the bitch! Ok...In 1994 I went to an East 17 concert and afterparty. Peter Andre supported. He was always very nice to me, and hung with me a bit this night. SO. A few of us were waiting to meet with East 17, then like a foul gust of wind, a fresh out of Neighbours Natalie Imbruglia literally barged past knocking people out of her way, nose in the air walked right up to Brian from the group put her hand out as if to be kissed like she was royalty.

Good grief!
Then her track record since, all that star fucking must get really sore. I mean do we need to rattle off the long list of celebrity victims she's targeted? And her voice is barely more capable than Mandy Smith.

She really made an impression on you!
Hey, do you have all SAW albums on CD?

No not all of them. I take it you have a huge collection?
Some freak on Youtube claims they have Brilliant Kiss' "The Lips Of Life"! That is the only one I don't have. Apparently there is a Japanese CD. Yes I have everything. All the singles. A lot of rare CD singles. Paul Lekakis gave me "Fruit Machine" years ago.

Have you ever been to PWL or Love This?
I went to Love This in 1997 for a meeting but they had no record of it and wouldn't let me in! I think my management were lying or fucked something up but I DID go to PWL. Roamed around the studios, went through the Mel and Kim door downstairs. I was there for about an hour in the studio, longer than most acts who recorded there. Oh did you hear the song I did for Tabitha Turlington?

Yes, I love Tabitha! The song's fantastic! Is she a friend?
Yeah from Primary school. He is a Mebourne drag queen. I wrote it for Dusty O, a UK drag queen on Klone. Anyway she disappeared so we got Tabitha in on it. One last thing, are you looking forward to Donna Summer's new album?

"Crayons"!! Yes - understatement of the decade! What do you make of "I'm A Fire" though?
Love one of the mixes and I love how her voice has matured. I have not antipated an album so much since Kylie's 1994 album. I WISH she was doing a couple with Moroder though like she did for "The Journey".

Thank you for giving me so much of your time. Good luck with all your future ventures!
It was a pleasure!

You can listen to clips of several tracks on "Follow Me" from Peter's website. The album can be ordered from Amazon UK or directly from Klone Records. Make sure to add Peter as a friend on Myspace and download "Into The Night" from Australian or UK iTunes.


Arlen said...

Interesting reading :) Enjoyed it even though I'd never heard of the guy before!
Checked out the videos but they did absolutely nothing for me, sorry :( Wanted to like it coz the guy seems nice :)
I do have to pick him up on claiming his single made #40 in Oz. He never even made the top 50!
Nice interview though x

Adem With An E said...

Ahhhh, Peter Wilson; the old Hitz FM posterboy. I followed his career quite closely and still have a snapped copy of the "Move" CD single somewhere; I just didn't have the heart to throw it away and, I believe, it may have also included a Hitz logo on the back of it somewhere?

The remix of "I Wanna Dance" was always my favourite of his tracks, and it - still to this day - reminds me of the bonza-madness that was Broadcast #3 of Hitz FM in the Summer of '93/'94. Ahhh, such beautiful musical memories.

Thank you so much for the interview Mike; a truly great read!!

Miss Halliwell said...


What a fantabulous interview...

I will be hunting down Peter's album ASAP!

And you can tell him from me that he is fucking gorgeous! And all that air kissy celeb pish!

If he wants a durty duet...i'm your gal!

You put a great interview up!

Fantastic...More please!

Paul said...

fuck me up the arse twice with a perinial dildo, that was a long, hilarious, witty and entertaining interview. I totally want to buy his music and feel him up all at the same time

Jamie_movietrip said...

He makes me want to become the next Nicki French on a budget. Wonderful interview, Mike! I loved your pushing of a Toy collaboration, and I couldn't agree more. You should do it Peter!

tommie said...

A bit long me thinks! It would've worked better if you posted parts of it in different posts.

And I checked out Into The Night on YouTube - LOL!!! Never underestimate the power of the gif! But Peter's very handsome, so I'll forgive him.

Jamie said...

Oh my god, what a fabulous interview. He seems like a game bloke and VERY cute too.

Oh and anyone who can work with the likes of new euro (Kate Ryan) and old euro (Amanda Lear) divas is alright by me. Surely he could even have a song or two for dear old Sanna!!!

What's more how fucking fag-tastic is Tabitha Turlington's song. It's like Divine came back from the dead!

Poster Girl said...

I read this this morning but then had to go take an exam, so I'm only getting back to comment now--this was really well as entertaining! You did a great job with the interview, and he was really open in his responses. Basically, LOVE it.

And speaking of LOVE, I'm now in total love with "Into The Night."

Matt said...

I remember Into The Night! Loved it! What a flashback, nice to know he's still around and still hot! Great read xx

Lexy said...

That was a great interview, I LOVE him! Into The Night has a stunning video too ;p

I also liked how you were trying to push a Toy collaboration LOL

mel mel said...

Honestly, I've never heard of him in my life but that was a great interview, funny and frank. I liked it!

Mel Mel said...

Me again! I was just thinking about his comments on Delta. I know you can't stand her, but I actually think she's ok, so I really appreciated Peter communicating his dislike in such an intelligent and dignified way (not that you're not intelligent and dignified, LOL, but it's not like "Dulta" explains much). Having said that, I disagree with him about the trajectory of Delta's albums. Innocent Eyes was good, Mistaken Identity was a masterpiece and Delta is just AWFUL, I haven't even been able to listen to it all the way through, it's so bad. I blame this on you Mike!

Me said...

My comment was abducted by DanDroids!

Dulta is a vile lying manipulative homewrecking SLUT! Anyone who is not taken in by her pity ploys is fabulous!

There had better be a duet with a Klone Diva in the works!

Steve said...

Thanks so much for the great interview - I love every word! I must dig out my Peter Wilson CD singles and revisit my schoolboy crush on him once again!

RV said...

GREAT interview! really
I enjoyed it from start to end, made em learn quite a few things about the artist as well as the man and it's nice :)

gpa said...

I've got all 3 singles in 90s. Natalie Umbrellastand story's so funny!

Natty said...

Who the hell allowed Tabitha to record a song? seriously.

I remember when she fell off the bar at Diva one night- fuck it was hilarious. Good on Tabby for getting up and finish the rest of the song though. She landed smack bang on top of a pile of glasses.

Anyway Mikey, just wanted to send you some loving! Was so glad to meet you on Friday! I'm still on a high- meeting you was so much better than meeting S2S after Delta!

Peter Wilson said...

Thanks everyone for reading and posting your comments, AND some very sweet compliments!! It's very cool to know I am remembered, even from the Hitz days! Love that some of you guys have the old singles!
Glad you all enjoyed the interview, Mikey was awesome, and I owe him a drink or 3!
Peter W xx

Tommy said...

Great interview Mike & Peter! I hadn't heard of Peter's music before, but I did enjoy the interview he did with the sexy Paul Lekakis back in '03.. I have to say though, I almost lost it when I saw that video LOL.. I think I had that haircut too haha.. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the Carol Jiani and Amanda Lear collaborations! I'm still hooked on Carol Jiani's "Superstar" album - essential listening for 90's NRG fans!

Anonymous said...

A really great read! Funny to hear some of Peter's thoughts on what's up next for him and reminiscing on the past.

I was Peter's high school pen-pal back during our teen years so it's great to see him come this far. He used to make me mix tapes of all the new SAW tracks he'd buy from Central Station Records and also put his demos on them. "New York Groove"-that was my fave of all the demo stuff from back in those (pre "I Wanna Dance") days.

What's funny is I'm now a DJ and music producer in my own right (I'm now based in Asia), so I am always slipping Pete's tracks into my sets. His single "Doin' Fine" was a huge fave on the gay scene over here 'cos I just played it week in week out.

Anonymous said...

If you only new how manipulating peter wilson was and I'm sure still is

One day you will hear my story...stay tuned !!!!

Actually maybe not......he is not worth the energy

You used alot of People Peter...a lot of good people.....and you do a great job at always have

and always will...but where ever you are in your life I hope that in the end you will see the people that you used will have achieved far more that you did in you life time.

I feel for you...but people don't know you like the people that you stepped on..and where did it get you ??

A life of lies and a life time of livinf them

over and out

Anonymous said...

oh and is that some sort of auto tune effect on BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE ??

thank God someone thought of that !!!

didn't anyone ell you that tech'lly your voice is out of tune and sometimes pitch ?

oh dear !!!