Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fuck Madonna, Melissa's Back!

If you're as bitterly disappointed with Madonna's revolting new single as I am, take heart in the knowledge that at least one legendary diva has got it oh so right! Melissa Tkautz has just unveiled her amazing new anthem and it's every bit as fabulous as we have come to expect from this enduring icon of the Australian pop scene. As previously reported, stunning Melissa is launching her latest hugely anticipated comeback with a scorching cover of Transvision Vamp's "I Want Your Love". The song has been covered many times before but none of the previous attempts come close to matching this ingenious version. A collaboration with superstar DJ Nick Skitz, "I Want Your Love" is an electrifying mix of guitars and thumping beats that breathes new life into this much loved 80s classic. Often dismissed by music snobs as a relic of the 90s, Nick proves he still has his finger very much on the pulse by creating a fresh and original sonic palette for Mel's breathtaking vocals. I've always maintained that listening to Melissa is like hearing of choir of angels sing but she really outdoes herself this time. Her golden pipes reach lofty new heights and her sensual groans are the equivalent of musical Viagra!

While the song is a borderline religious experience, I have some serious reservations about the video clip. Namely - Melissa isn't in it! I'm sure the rationale behind the decision is for the music to speak for itself but how can you forgo the presence of such a legendary beauty? Once I overcame the shock of Mel's absence, I was able to watch the clip with some objectivity and it really is quite fabulous. Filmed on location in Berlin, the video follows the misadventures of a budding accordion superstar who is kidnapped by shady music executives and forced to pose for S&M photos in a dungeon! I like clips with a storyline and this classy extravaganza is a lot of fun. It's also surprisingly glossy and well produced, costing a reputed $50,000 to make. With any luck, "I Want Your Love" will propel Melissa to the chart success she so richly deserves. The single is released on the 7th of April and boasts 6 fabulous remixes. Pre-order your copy from Chaos now!


Robpop said...

AWww, great video there mike. I actually know that part of Berlin. Especially the supposed "dump" where the violinist plays his wares after being rejected by the big evil record company boss. Its now a huge hippy loved up space near Oranienburger strasse. The Berlin equivalent to Hoxton. Its a great area of Berlin.

As for the track...its good. But Melissa puts her version next to some amazing covers....I love the Cherry version. However in my humble opinion, none will ever outdo the Shine4 version of the song. It really sends those guitars to the backseat and allows the beat to take central position.

The madonna thing is a shocker isnt it. I wish other acts (like Melissa) had a tiny handful of the success that shes had. Madonna is simply a star that "i don't get".

Mike said...

I kind of love how the video has absolutely nothing to do with the song. I just wish Melissa was in it! Fingers crossed it's a hit because I couldn't cope with Mel having another scrapped album, particularly when the last one was so brilliant.

"4 Minutes" is fucking atrocious. It actually makes me cringe. If it brings Madonna the US success she's so obviously craving, good luck to her but I most certainly wont be along for the ride. Thank god for fabulous divas like Melissa who know how to deliver!

Ro Ro said...

Madge the Vadge is a bottom feeder. She made it big ripping everyone off. I loathe that hag. Melissa on the other hand is awesome and actually pretty. I thought when madonna was half naked with her man arms she'd lose appeal but i was alone in my hate amongst the gays here. So i must vent in blogdom.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I really, really love this video. It's like a whole movie rolled into 3 minutes! Though I disagree with Mike's comment that it's nothing to do with the song. It has everything to do with it...the violin player doesn't want her money. He wants her love!!! About time someone used the medium to tell a story. Videos these days bore me senseless with their flashy editing and meaningless visuals. You see one slo-mo booty you've seen em all! I guess Melissa's absence makes it a bit like The Chemical Brothers' vids. They just have tiny cameos, and allow the filmmaker to go nuts. Having said that, I hope the filmmakers decided to cast Melissa in her next clip! :-)

Mike said...

Ro Ro - you're too funny but you do realise the crazy Madonna trolls will be busily making voodoo dolls in your likeness! They should see the light and worship Melissa instead.

Hi Anon - I love the fact that it has a storyline too. It's kind of like "Gone With The Wind" - only with an S&M twist! When I said the clip has nothing to do with the song, I was just referring to Mel and Nick not being in it. Only a true maverick like Melissa could could up with something so revolutionary and cutting-edge!

LEXY said...

WHEN WILL MELISSA SHE MAKE A WORLDWIDE DEBUT! klgnlkds I need this single but I'm not sure if I can afford to steal my parents credit card again...whatever :)

As for Madonna...this quote from a celeb blog site I visit sums of my thoughts perfectly.

"SLUT!!!! This is the cover for Madonna's "Hard Candy" album due out April 29th. Madge's spokeswhore said the album is "about the juxtaposition of tough and sweetness." I'm all for memaws being slutty, but Madge needs to close the vadge already. We've seen that sour candy a million times"

Johnny D said...

I love Melissa and was lucky enough to see her when she supported Right Said Fred and Icy Blu back in the day. Such a timeless and classy lineup.

The best thing about this release is the promotional cd cover. Our Mel has obviously decided on a soft and tasteful look to highlight her "natural beauty".

Arlen said...

What's with the Madonna hate? That woman couldn't release a pile of shit if she tried! Everything she does is brilliant!
Now I am a big Melissa fan but this song is doing nothing for me at all. The original is much better and the clip to this song is boring as hell. Where is Melissa???
I'm hoping the single will have an awesome dance mix on it to convert me though :)
I'm predicting a debut at about #18 then it will plummet the week after to about #39! At least it will be her first top 20 appearance in over a decade!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike. Cool. Glad I wasn't the only one to notice the story and lyrics being connected. :-) Gone With the Wind S&M...that'd be fun to see! I just downloaded the high-res version of the clip- the link's in the Youtube clip when you click "(more)". Much better quality... you can see that there's a shot with Nick Skitz posters in the background when the girl runs past. I missed that in the Youtube version.

Natty said...

MELISSA! *love* I must admit, I love her 'Posh Spice' tits.

Adem With An E said...

Her greatest moment of recent times is "Lies" though, I think. That song COMPLETELY DOES IT FOR ME. The first time I heard it, I was completely blown away.

Is that scrapped third album still floating about the internets Mike?

Mike said...

Hey Lexy - I hope Melissa gets a worldwide release. "Glamorous Life" was big in Holland, so Canada must surely be next!

LOL Johnny - that pic is actually a pop trash addicts original! The real cover is a bit boring, using an old pic from the "Easily Affected" photoshoot. I thought this sexy snap was far more in keeping with Mel's fabulous image.

Arlen - I love you but you need to get a clue if you think everything Madonna does is brilliant. I hope and pray "I Want Your Love" makes #18!! That would be huge. I'd be satisfied with making the top 50 after her last few disasters. I think the song has international appeal and might actually do better outside Australia.

Anon - I'll go and download it. The Nick Skitz posters are a nice touch.

Natty - Did you touch yourself while putting together that sexy cover?

Hi Adem! I agree that "Lies" is absolutely fantastic. They re-recorded it for the 3rd album with entirely new production and it sounds amazing! It's still floating around ;-)

D'luv said...

Luv, I was prepared for a voice of power, but I had no idea the level of pure Godliness Melissa's throat-instrument would possess.

Listening to this Aura feels like Jesus's kisses. With tongue.

Natty said...

I fucking love the second remix of I Want Your Love! You can hear it on Mel's official myspace. It's so orgasmically camp!

Miss Halliwell said...

It's a great cover but nowhere near as magical as Easily Affected which makes me tingle in all my lady places!

Melissa Tkautz is one of those fab legends i discovered thanks to this blog and i can tell you...i am fucking loving her!

She is a pop legend and is 100 times better than Madge! Hard Candy? No thanks, i'll have Melissa anyday!

Miss Halliwell said...

forgot to it true Madonna is covering and paraphrasing a Melissa classic?

'Easily Infected' LOL


Anonymous said...

Fuck Melissa, Alcazar's back!

Anonymous said...

Well Melissa is better than both Danni & Kylie put together!

Thats for sure :-)

She has that WOW!

Adem With An E said...

It's still floating about you say? Excellent :)

The "I Want Your Love" CD came in at work and my editor was amazed she was still around. He had no idea about the 'Lost & Found' album and was quite happy to hear she was still making music!

jamee said...

luv the clip! who's the actress? she is gorgeous

yippeekiyay said...

Im guessing shes a german actress since they filmed the clip in berlin. maybe shes famous there like on some german soap opera or sumthin. cool clip anyway

freddyG said...

What can I say but 'wow!'. this clip is amazing. it's like a mini-movie about someone who just wants love not money. yeah, mel could've been in it, but i'm overlooking this and trying to just appreciate it for what it is. i agree with Anon. I wish there were more videos that told a great story.

jamee and yipikiyay...did you work out this actress is.? she is absolutely stunning, and a gr8 actress too!, especially coz it was like a silent movie, and she had to act without words but without looking too cheezy. i think I am in lovE!! (i don't want her money baby) haha