Monday, March 31, 2008

Club Disco - Australian Edition

I have mixed emotions about the upcoming release of Dannii's "Club Disco" in Australia. It's always exciting to add something new to my Dannii collection and I'm pleased "Club Disco" will finally get a physical release BUT the tracklisting is a huge disappointment. I was excited to learn that the Australian edition would be a double CD until I realised that Disc 2 is comprised of nothing more than a bunch of previously released remixes. Furthermore, Disc 1 is missing the best song on the entire album - Dannii's sublime collaboration with Roger Sanchez, "Do You Believe Me Now". What the fuck is going on? This package stinks worse than Jennie C's tongue after rimming Nathan.

The great shame, of course, is that "Club Disco" is a fabulous album (you can read my review here). I love it to pieces and have been playing it almost non-stop since its digital release last year. There's just not a lot of incentive to buy "Club Disco" again when the bonus tracks are this unappealing. Dannii has a vault of unreleased material, surely it's not expecting too much for a few of them to be dragged out for the loyal fans who have done the right thing and legally downloaded the original version. This release is only for the uninitiated and completists like myself who will buy any old rubbish that Dannii puts her name to. The release date is yet to be announced.

01. TOUCH ME LIKE THAT with Jason Nevins
02. FEEL LIKE I DO (JCA Remix)
03. PERFECTION with Soul Seekerz
04. YOU WON'T FORGET ABOUT ME with Flower Power
07. GONE
09. GOOD TIMES (Forty Four's 7" Mix)
17. YOU WON'T FORGET ABOUT Me (Afterlife Lounge Mix Edit)
18. I CAN'T SLEEP AT NIGHT (Afterlife Lounge Mix)

01. TOUCH ME LIKE THAT with Jason Nevins (Stonebridge Club Mix)
02. HE’S THE GREATEST DANCER (Shapeshifters Remix)
03. PERFECTION with Soul Seekerz (Seamus Haji & Paul Emmanuel Remix)
04. SO UNDER PRESSURE (Soul Seekerz Extended)
05. YOU WON’T FORGET ABOUT ME with Flower Power (Discode Club Mix)
06. I CAN’T SLEEP AT NIGHT (Kenny Hayes Sunshine Funk Mix)
07. TOUCH ME LIKE THAT with Jason Nevins (Space Cowboy Remix)
08. HE’S THE GREATEST DANCER (Riffs & Rays Remix)
09. PERFECTION with Soul Seekerz (Koishii & Hush Remix)
10. SO UNDER PRESSURE (Steve Pitron Remix)


Peibols said...

The Best thing about this is you posting again about Dannii.

I really loved what Dannii did with the re-editions of Girl and Neon Nights.
But this is laziest even for Dannii.

Even Kylie did it better.

BruDé said...

At least Xanadu made it. Roger Sanchez sucks big time by not letting his song go !

I also hope that Central Station will do better for the cover and take some unseen pictures of Dannii. I'm sure there's loads too !

Paul said...

I have warmed enormously to Dannii since X Factor so this will be marv for me. I take your point though - i hate it when my beloved Deb puts out yet another compilation of tunes that her fans already have in some format or other yet only her fans will buy! Hasn't she milked us enough?! And i do not wish to be milked by female popstars. The return of BIlliam however...

Me said...

How utterly pointless!

The three people who would have bought this have already bought everything on it by gettign the original download, TH&B and all the singles! This is an insult and a slap in the face for the few remaining loyal fans Dannii has that actually buy her shoddy material and support her despite her utter lack of interest in her musical career.

And the Droids have all downloaded it illegally anyway...

I presume Dannii is funding this release herself? Or have Central Station not learned that after the massive stinking FLOP of Unleashed that noone is interested in a bunch of Dannii rejects...

The whole project reeks of nafensayz ego boosting - the sooner Dannii gets rid of this stalker / webmaster / supposed close friend who rats her out to tabloids the better! He has killed her fanbase and is killing what is left of her music career - not that she gives a flying fuck herself when there are holidays to be had and lipstick lesbians to romp with...

As I have already purchased all the relevant material (CD singles, TH&B and the original CD download because this was supposedly never ever ever getting a physical release), I shall make my own version with the proper Heavy Disco title and it will prod buttock.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same about the lack of Do You Believe Me Now but at least we're getting (re-getting) the rest.

And I HOPE that they fix up that vile cover.

NATTY said...

I think I'm going to throw up with the image of Jennie-C rimming Nafanconfirmz!

Mike said...

Hi Pablo! It's nice to write about Dannii again, I just wish I had nicer things to say!

Bruno, I hope so too. A new cover would be great!

Hey Paul, if you don't already own "Club Disco", then this is definitely worth buying. The music is fantastic.

Jay - I agree with every word. Things are going from bad to worse with Dannii at the moment. It's really quite depressing.

Anon - I don't think the original cover is really that bad (apart from the tacky font and cheap layout) but it would be nice to get a new one.

Natty - Stop lying! I know you dream constantly about Jennie-C's meaty flaps!

Natty said...

I fist myself at the thought of having a lesbian romp with Jennie-C ala Dannii and Jupiter

Miss Halliwell said...

This stinks of RIP OFF! Because yes, we were told that Club Dildo was a download only through AATW...

I am very annoyed at Daniel Minogue right now! Her botty will seeing the heel of my Abba Shoes any day now!

Fuck sake! What happened to Karma Is A Bitch or whatever the tosh was?

I Will Come To You will be on my top ten Dannii for a long time...even though it sounds like a demo recorded in an Ibiza Toilet...

Oh Dannii, why do you hate your fans so much?!

Acer (Alex) Always said...

Random info that is Kylie related so I figured I would let you know in a Minogue related post at least... Kylie just performed All I See on the US version of Dancing With The Stars (Results Show) It was a pretty good performance aside from not being able to hear the backing vocals very well at all. In this performance, there was no MIMS rap thankfully.

As for the topic at hand, I plan on buying this physical copy and tracking down "Do You Believe Me Now" as an individual download (iTunes or somewhere) Sucks that it isn't going to be on this version of Club Disco though.

Acer (Alex) Always said...

Two more things in addition to my previous comment, Kylie also performed CGYOOMH (about 5 minutes after I submitted that comment) and I did not previously purchase Club Disco which is my reasoning behind "tracking down" Do You Believe Me Now. :-P

Johnny D said...

I thought it would have been nice to offer us at least ONE unreleased track for the fans, after practically EVERYONE begged for it on the forum.

Just ONE reason to buy the cd, but no, instead we get aload of mixes (which the fans already own) and a shorter track listing than the digital version.

And don't be fooled by the JCA mix of Feel Like I Do - apparently that the already released version. The only track not released already is the Space Cowboy mix of TMLT, which is only due to a fuckup on the cd single, which really says it all.

Oh Well, I'm sure that the booklet will be something.

Grrr its hard work being a Dannii fan!!!

Aaron Moss said...

keep us in the loop with a date please