Saturday, February 09, 2008

Vanilla Sky's Umbrella

What could be more perfect for a rainy Saturday morning than a craptacular Eurotrash cover of "Umbrella"? From country queens to pop divas, it seems like every cunt with a microphone has had a go at Rihanna's ode to friendship and wet weather. Youtube is positively flooded with covers but none match the craptastic glory of Vanilla Sky's rendition. Under normal circumstances, I can't imagine paying too much attention to this Italian boyband. Their music is pleasant enough - catchy pop punk of the McFly/Good Charlotte variety with a distinct Euro twist - but I prefer my music coming out of the mouth of an ageing has-been diva, preferably accompanied by a trashy dance beat. It takes something extra special to take me out of my comfort zone and Vanilla Sky deliver just that in the form of a jaw droppingly fabulous video clip!

Not content to simply transform Rihanna's urban jam into a heavily accented pop rock anthem, the boys reenact the film clip - dressed as the Barbadian diva! The result is one of the funniest videos I've seen in a very long time. The opening scene is kind of disturbing but I love the drag ballet and the guy straightening his hair with a hot iron. However, I think my favourite part is the dorky guy working it in a wet nightie. Rock videos haven't been this camp since the glory days of Freddie Mercury! Vanilla Sky originally posted "Umbrella" on their Myspace but I believe it's starting to gain airplay across Europe. Rihanna must be pissed!


tommie said...

LOL! That was AMAZING.

D'luv said...

Love it! I'd bang all four of these dorks...even the one with the fucked-up teeth.

Me said...

I can't get the video to go past the first 27 seconds - but those 27 seconds are scary...

Jamie said...

Love it! Anything that mocks Rihanna is alright by me.

As much as I have a respect for the Anna and her musical offerings, the I've just sucked a lemon look she seems to have cultivated just fucks me off.

Mike said...

I'm not a huge Rihanna fan either. I like the occasional song but her latest album is complete rubbish. There are two good songs and 10 other tracks that you know Beyonce rejected. No thanks!

Giu said...

They are fantastic!
I Luv them!

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