Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Rhythm When You're Dancin'

Today marked the arrival of Kylie's 45th Australian single (46th if you include the 1999 re-release of "Better The Devil You Know"). I always get excited about adding to my Kylie collection but "Wow" makes a particularly fabulous addition. From the very first listen, "Wow" is quintessentially Kylie. Dannii's desperate and dateless sister doesn't have the best voice in pop and, lord knows, she isn't the greatest dancer but no other diva comes close to matching her ability to churn out three minutes of pure pop perfection. "Wow" is a great example of what Kylie does better than anyone else. Reminiscent of her finest SAW material in its charming simplicity, the only purpose of this fabulous piece of fluff is to put a smile on your face and get your feet moving.

"Wow" is not only Kylie's best single in many a year, the entire package is flawless. The Australian cover (above) is beautiful and the remixes are impressive. Better yet are the magnificent B-sides. "Carried Away" heralds the return of Trash Kylie, who has sadly been missing in action since "Light Years". This fabulous slice of Euro-dance boasts an exquisite chorus, cheerfully demented production and wonderfully dubious lyrics. The second B-side is just as good. "Do It Again" is Kylie's gayest offering since "Your Disco Needs You". I love the craptastic sound effects and the divine spoken interlude. Both tracks were written and produced by the team behind "Wow" and they all share the same joyous sensibility.

In addition to the physical single there are three digital bundles available on Australian iTunes. One bundle contains the "Wow" remixes, another bundle serves up an excellent mix of "2 Hearts", while a third collects the B-sides. That bundle includes the download only B-side "Cherry Bomb". I prefer "Carried Away" and "Do It Again" but "Cherry Bomb" is superior to the other Bloodshy & Avant produced tracks on "X" ("Speakerphone" and "Nu-Di-Ty"). Time to get downloading!


Peibols said...


Do you realise that we post the same thing, the same day, different languages, differente countrys, same taste.

I LOVE Do it again. Period!

Thank Dannii for giving us your sister!

Mike said...

We have a psychic connection, Paola - it's really scary!!

I totally agree with you about Do It Again. I initially preferred Carried Away but I've change my mind. Do It Again is perfect pop trash and really should have been on X. I'd kill for an entire album of songs like this. It would be gayer than Light Years!

Adem With An E said...

I'm all about 'Carried Away,' which reminds me of a poppier-disco cousin of 'Fall For You (Version 2)' - it's just so delightful!

You're right about 'Wow' too. I was - at first - angry 'In My Arms' wouldn't be a summer single here in Oz but now I definitely think they went with the right choice. I'd like the sequence of singles to go:

2 Hearts
In My Arms
The One

The more I listen to 'Stars,' the more I'm convinced it is one of her all-time greats, and 'The One' needs to be released because it's as close to 'Xanadu' as Dannii's Sister will ever get.

It seems I've done a complete turn-around when it comes to 'Senshitized' though Mike - I now love it. Still can't stand 'Spew-di-ty' though.

Mike said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves "Carried Away". "Cherry Bomb" seems to be the fan favourite but I'd take pop trash Kylie over that overproduced Bloodshy & Avant stuff any day.

Oh and I agree 100% with your single selections. "Stars" is the most sorely neglected track on "X" - I'd love to see it as a single. I also wouldn't say no to the lovely "All I See"!!

Adem With An E said...

Agreed RE: "All I See," it's just so lush. I definitely think that if they go with a single after the IMY/WOW combo, they need to take the tempo down and "Stars" is the right way of doing it. If she went the Gwen/Fergie route and released 78 singles from the one album, I'd throw in "All I See" and "Speakerphone" to my previous list.

I'm starting to think "Carried Away" is one of her best b-side's in years; the first time in a while where I've thought a Kylie b-side was proper single material. Very bouncy.

D'luv said...

What serendipity! Her 45th singles comes the same year she's turning 47. Coincidence?

Me said...

I have the OZ CD being delivered by express speedboat as we speak! I got the fabulous 12" Picture Disc on Friday but haven't got the CD singles yet so haven't heard the b-sides.

I want Stars be the 4th single and Sensitized to be released somewhere. It looks like The One will be single #3 everywhere (except the US where they might not even get one single out at this rate) and apparently All I See is being sent to Canadian radio...

Mike said...

Adem - seeing as Kylie refuses to do any Aussie promo, they need to keep milking X for singles and unlike Body Language there is a lot to choose from this time!

D'Luv - Kylie really is the hagged dinosaur of pop! I wonder what that makes Cher...

Jay - anything but Senshitized!! I still hate it. To my ears it's a cheap rehash of Cowboy Style with an embarrassing sample over the top. I hope you like the B-sides. They might be a bit too cheesy for you but I think they're perfection. Like Dannii.

Scarlett said...

While "Carried Away" and "Cherry Bomb" are fantastic, I'm loving "Do It Again" so much! That bit where the instruments drop out and she sings about fireworks and magic - bliss!

I'm so glad I'm not alone in thinking "Wow" is one of Kylie's best singles - I was afraid I might be out of left field on that one!! :)

Adem With An E said...

You're right about Australian promo - that lousy appearance on Sunrise was a joke; not promo, but a waste of time.

Though it's not like Holidannii took any time away from her Ibiza house-boat to promote her last effort either, so maybe it's begun running in the family?

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