Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kate Alexa - Pop Diva

The beginning of the year is always something of a drought for quality pop and 2008 has been more barren than most. With the exception of Kylie's various international singles and Korea's fabulous Wonder Girls nothing has really grabbed my attention - until now. Kate Alexa's poptastic cover of Womack & Womack's "Teardrops" is the three minute serve of catchy pop fun that I've been hungering for.

The most exciting thing about "Teardrops" is the exciting new direction of Kate's music. I enjoyed the guitar pop sound (think pre-"Dignity" Hilary Duff) of "Broken & Beautiful" but it did come across as a slightly desperate attempt to crack the teen market. "Teardrops" is a complete rebirth for Kate - her voice is better suited to the material, the sound has a much needed contemporary edge and she looks comfortable with her glamorous new image. Womack & Womack's 80s classic is one of my favourite songs, so I was somewhat concerned about the song selection. Germany's No Angels butchered "Teardrops" last year, stripping every ounce of soul from the track with their flat vocals and cheap dance beats. Kate's version is softer and sweeter, replacing the melancholy of the original with sheer youthful exuberance. I particularly love the cameo by American rent-a-rapper Baby Bash. Instead of spoiling the song, the quirky rap interlude breathes new life into "Teardrops", giving this very poptastic track the slightest sheen of urban credibility.

The video (below) is also surprisingly excellent. I recently read that Kate hired William Baker to revamp her image. I'm not sure if that's true but I wouldn't be surprised. There is more than a touch of Kylie in Kate's new look and the video clip is very reminiscent of "Spinning Around" - only with a trashtastic ghetto interlude and some fabulously cheap special effects! I really hope Kate gets a fair go this time around. Her first album was unfairly dismissed as an act of nepotism by her father (Michael Gudinksi - the founder of Mushroom Records and the man who first signed Kylie way back in 1987), which is just ridiculous. If my dad ran a record company, I'd expect him to help me out too. "Teardrops" is a spectacular single regardless of Kate's connections and deserves to be judged on its merits.

"Teardrops" hits stores on the 3rd of March. Pre-order your copy here and check out Kate's Myspace for more information.


Arlen said...

I totally have to disagree with you on this one. I much prefer the version from No Angels!
Also I think the filmclip is ruined by her being in it! She's one of the most unattractive popstars ever to grace these shores!

Mike said...

The No Angels version makes my ears bleed. The music doesn't suit the song at all and the slappers sound even worse than usual! Each to their own.

Damn, you're really unkind about Kate's appearance. I think she looks like a young Barbra Streisand and I mean that as a big compliment!

matt said...

I love it! Kate <3!!!!!!!!

that other version is crap tose germans are fugly NOT Kate !!!!

Mike said...

Kate's version really is superior. She's tried to breathe new life into the track and be original, while the No Angels version is just a standard cover with a cheap dance beat.

However, I don't think No Angels are ugly - just shit!

MaryCherry said...

What lies you speak!

The No Angels version is the best song of 2008!

I'd never actually heard the song before they did it...

However they could make a single of them throwing up and I'd love it

Mike said...

LOL - Teardrops is basically No Angels throwing up to music. It's vile!

Back to Kate - the single is priced at an amazing $1.86! Value!

Adem With An E said...

I nearly always agree with your views on Australian pop ladies, but this bitch shits me to tears. Her "voice" annoys me, and her "songs" make me want to impale myself on a fence.

I'm surprised they're still trying to force her on us.

Mike said...

They are still "forcing" Kate on us because her first album delivered 4 top 30 hits!

I don't get the Kate hate. Why does everyone give her such a hard time? Her voice is no worse than any other pop tart's and her songs are harmless fun. It's quite bizarre.

bro said...

I much prefer the version Lovestation did of 'Teardrops' back in the 90s. The production on that sounds more up-to-date than this version.

Anonymous said...

kate is hella gross but thats a wicked tune love it!

Robpop said...

Ah My comment has been deleted :-(

Anyways, suffice to say: Love her. Shes pretty. Crap cover. Promising though. No Angels cover of Teardrops amazing and original. This version is awful. However the No Angels cover has nothing on the cover by Lovestation.

Mike said...

I like the Lovestation version too. Some other tacky dance outfit covered it recently and did a reasonable job.

Rob - what are you on about? The only comments I've ever deleted from this place have been spam! However, I totally disagree with you on this one. Your girlband love has left you blinkered!

Robpop said...

No, not blinkered. The original comment (which was probably stolen by Patsy Stone wanted a light for her fag and never made it to you)....said something like this...

Covers should be interesting. Innovative. A simply A4 copycat cover is dull. Layering that over with a rapper expounds the dullness of the reproduction. This is what i think about Kate's version. The No Angels version took the song to another level. A Level that ticked my trashyelectroluved box. It didnt stick to the original but rather the producers reworked it and updated the song. It was a new way of looking at the track. That to me is what makes the No Angels cover an interesting listen.

However! Saying that..

Now..the lovestation is the best cover of the song. No Angels don't even come close to the garage classic.

With regards to Kates physicality. She is absolutely fucking stunning. Fierce body (check this out... she seems to be touching her box on the red carpet:

http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/0/03/KateAlexa.jpg/220px-KateAlexa.jpg&imgrefurl=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kate_Alexa&h=330&w=220&sz=21&hl=en&start=6&um=1&tbnid=Y7yC_mFEblvvXM:&tbnh=119&tbnw=79&prev=/images%3Fq%3DKate%2BALexa%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official%26sa%3DN )

If I was straight I wouldnt say no. In fact I'd pursue. She's really pretty.

Mike said...

At least you have something nice to say about her... unlike everyone else.

I'm going to plan a Kate Alexa marathon just to spite everyone!!

AcidJasmine said...


Anonymous said...

Kate Alexa is a poor excuse of a singer who is only anywhere near a radio station because of nepotism.

She can't sing, can't dance and looks like she doesn't believe a word she is singing. I guess if Australia continues producing the likes of Kate Alexa, their pop industry will continue to be laughed at overseas.

Remember the Stephanie Mckintosh debacle.

Let's compare:

UK: Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, Natasha Bedingfield, Duffy, Adele, Sugababes, Mutya.

US: Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson.

Australia: Kate Alexa ?
Do me a favour.

Mike said...

Thanks for putting it into perspective exactly how amazing Kate Alexa is. I'd gladly take her music over any of the dreary whores you listed. The Australian industry is doing fine without copying the crap being churned out overseas.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Kate Alexa's version of 'Teardrops' is a stale, regurgitated mess and is embarassing to listen to. It just makes me sick that there is sooo much better female singer talent in Australia that should be exposed to the mainstream but we are given THIS?. Honestly, she should at least hook up with Max Martin or Bloodshy & Avant (big hit songwriters) to come up with something half original. Kate is not amazing in any shape, way or form.

Anonymous said...

Mike you are so obviously connected with her promotion and marketing. How you can say with a straight face that Kate Alexa is better than Christina Aguilera beggars belief. She is only getting airplay and TV appearances because she is 'daddy's' little girl as for her music sales well release the record overseas where you cannot buy your way into the charts and let's see. She is ugly, untalented and downright awful.

Mike said...

LOL! I am so NOT connected to her marketing but I would jump at the chance. It's a personal opinion. I thought her debut album was fantastic teen pop/rock and I love "Teardrops". I'm not saying she has more talent than Xtina with her 5 octave voice but I prefer "Teardrops" to anything on "Back To Basics".

I also think it's really nasty that people keep commenting on her appearance. She looks fine to me!

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Mike and to be honest I admire your committment and belief in her. So because of that I will cut her some slack. yes, it is wrong to slag off her looks after all she is God's creation so I withdraw my comments on her looks. Happy easter.

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