Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Cherry - I Want Your Love

A little birdie recently told me that Australia's holy queen of trash (ie. Melissa Tkautz) is covering an old Transvision Vamp song for her eagerly awaited comeback album. I haven't been this excited since Mel's appointment as an erectile dysfunction spokeswoman! Ms Tkautz was born to sex up "I Want Your Love" or "Baby, I Don't Care". I really hope the rumours are true! Melissa would definitely be the most fabulous local act to take on Wendy James but not the first. Cherry, perhaps Australia's most neglected girlband, takes that honour - covering "I Want Your Love" way back in 1999.

Girlbands flourished in the late 90s, largely due to the success of the Spice Girls. It was only a matter of time before Australia jumped on the bandwagon and Cherry duly appeared in 1998. The parallels between Cherry and the Spice Girls were all two obvious - both groups had five members (including a token black diva) and both featured a rotund redhead called Geri in the line-up! Unlike the Spice Girls, however, Cherry didn't experience much chart success despite releasing three excellent singles - the second of which being an endearingly faithful cover of Transvision Vamp's "I Want Your Love".

Cherry could never be accused of being particularly original but they were entertaining and brightened up the local pop scene no end in their short career. I have no idea what happened to the girls but Camielle appears to have released a floptastic R'n'B single after the group disbanded. I'd love to hear it. If you like Cherry's version of "I Want Your Love", learn more about the lovely ladies on their fabulous Myspace fansite.


Matt said...

I loved them SOS was the best single but the others were also good thanx!

Anonymous said...

they were crap but i luved them lol

Mike said...

I'm glad that Cherry hasn't been entirely forgotten! :)

Adem With An E said...

HA! "SOS" was amazing, I remember smashing my mothers vase dancing around the lounge to the day I bought the CD single.

Robpop said...

This song has been covered so many girlbands its shocking. mike you know i am a sucker for girlbands!!! perhaps Australia could release a girlband compilation of all its greatest girlgroup classics...I'd so buy it.

Mike said...

I was shocked when "SOS" only scraped into the top 50. I thought it was going to be massive!

Rob - It is a popular song to cover. I like Cherry's version but I think Mel could really turn it out!

ThePopGirls said...

Even though you STILL owe me an MSN chat, I'm commenting!

THE MEMORIES! Geri not getting any close ups! The tie in with lifesavers! The performance on Hey Hey with the pop their Cherry inappropriate comment from John Blackman! The awkward impossible dance to SOS! The greatest ballad you never heard, Saddest Song! Amy being always referred to as "Dieter Brummers ex"!



Mike said...

Alyson, you should be the one writing about Cherry! I totally forgot about the Lifesavers!! They actually had quite a bit of money behind them - it's really a mystery why they never took off.

LOL at Geri never getting a close-up!!

Damien said...

I too cant believe that SOS wasnt huge. I loved the live performance on GZ and i have Saddest Song recorded from the radio (on tape!!!) live! I also saw them live at a nightclub here - aaaaah the memories! I have a mini tribute site here:


I have the fab Camielle single Yada Yada Yada if you want me to send it!


Mike said...

Hi Damien,

What a cool site you have! I loved Cherry. I think all of their singles were fabulous. Please send Camielle's song - I'd love to hear it! My e-mail is trash_lurver@yahoo.com.au


michael said...

Oh wow. I too LOVED Cherry. Still listen to Saddest Song and SOS.

I emailed them on their website way back then and was surprised that Amy from the group responded. I still have the emails!!!! I forwarded you one of them just now so look out for an email from michael_morillo@hotmail.com. I re-read some of it and am a little taken aback by how nice she was.

Bryce said...

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