Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wow + IMA = Minogasm!

Christmas came 11 months early yesterday in the form of two new Kylie video clips. "In My Arms" premiered in the morning, followed by the unveiling of "Wow" on Perez Hilton less than 24 hours later. The verdict? Kylie has lifted her game, producing two of the best videos of her entire career. If you haven't seen the clips yet, try youtube. Unfortunately, EMI appear to be taking down the videos as soon as they appear but you can always check them out on the fabulous Kylies Welt. Here are my thoughts on both clips.

In My Arms

The thing I love most about the "In My Arms" video is that it is quintessentially Kylie. Colourful and quirky without trying too hard, "In My Arms" expertly walks the line between camp and cool. It's also a perfect example of a clever idea executed on a relatively small budget. I'm not implying "In My Arms" was filmed on Dannii's mobile phone but the big bucks were obviously put aside for the considerably more glossy "Wow" video clip. If anything, the video benefits from the smaller scale - forcing the entire project to be sleeker and more inventive. The opening scene in the blue recording studio is positively iconic (the hair, that dress, those shades!) but my favourite part is the adorable fan sequence. It's good to know that Kylie still has her sense of humour! The only part of the video I don't like is the use of boxes, which is becoming a boring trend. People have cited the comparisons with Robyn's hideous UK "Handle Me" video but that shamelessly ripped off Dannii's "So Under Pressure". I'm sure Dannii won't mind Kylie stealing the idea back for the Minogue clan.


After the unexpected magnificence of "In My Arms", it was always going to be hard for the "Wow" clip to live up to expectations. If there is an unfortunate aspect of getting two amazing new videos in the one day, it's the apparent desire to pit them against each other. While the majority clearly favour boxed up Kylie, I slightly prefer "Wow". I love the Little Lord Fauntleroy bob, the bizarre spacesuit and the neon lights. Most of all, I love seeing what Kylie can come up with when her record company throws money at a project. The result is a glossy visual treat. The use of silhouettes and lighting effects is inspired and it's a joy to finally see Kylie dancing again. Then, there's the hilarious set-up. "Wow" being played in a club full of heterosexuals? Get out of here! As usual, the Madonna trolls are crying foul, claiming "Wow" rips off "Sorry". That clip shamelessly stole from Kylie's own "In Your Eyes", so I guess they're even. Personally, I think Kylie was more inspired by Menly C's "I Want Candy"!


In other exciting news, "Wow" has now officially been named as the first US single instead of the previously reported "2 Hearts". I guess that explains why "Wow" got the lion's share of the video budget and the Perez Hilton premiere. I have my doubts how the song will fare on US radio but if Cascada can chart in the US, anything is possible!


I can't believe how brilliant the "Wow" and "In My Arms" B-sides sound. I guess I should be used to Kylie's annoying habit of saving her best material for the scrap heap but this is ridiculous. "Do It Again" and "Carried Away" sound like they could be two of the best songs from the entire "X" era. "Cherry Bomb", on the other hand, strikes me as Bloodshy & Avant by the numbers but I'll wait to hear the song in full before making judgement. You can listen to clips of all three B-sides here. I can't wait for the 18th of February so I can get my hands on this fabulous shit! In the meantime, enjoy this amazing live performance of "In My Arms" from France's NRJ Music Awards.


Scarlett said...

I felt like applauding after watching the vids!! I prefer "In My Arms" but they're both sensational.

Call me crazy, but the more I think about it the more I think that "Wow" has the potential to be the next great Kylie anthem. I originally thought that "In My Arms" or "The One" were the more obvious choices, but "Wow" is such simple, fun, catchy dance/pop. It just makes you feel happy! Here's hoping that the music-buying public share my sentiments! ;)

Mike said...

I think both videos are really lovely - and very different (I feared they might be too similar given they share the same director etc).

I hope "Wow" works in the US. I think it's unlikely but at the very least it will stand out on radio!

Peibols said...

Hi there!

As usual we are more close in mind than in space (why OZ is soooo faraway!)

I do prefer In My Arms video, cos it's more original.
I see Wow like a Spinning Around review, but more futuristic.
Luckily, she didn't record it at Boombox.

And what's better, William Baker is making things right.
Thanks God!

Mike said...

I think you should move to Australia. I was seriously freaked out by your almost identical post!

I really don't think IMA is more original. It's wonderful (and to a certain extent it suits the song better than the Wow video) but it owes a lot to Handle Me & So Under Pressure. However, I love the idea of Wow being a futuristic update of Spinning Around. I see it!

Adem With An E said...

William Baker truly is exceptional. "Wow" is my favourite of the bunch, although I do think her wig could have been longer. But I guess we can't all be blessed like Dannii has with amazing wigs by the likes of Joan Collins, can we?

Poor Kylie.

Me said...

The video for In My Arms really brings the song to life. I love the way the shocking pink microphone is too high even in those massive heels! And the demented fan lady bit is genious! Plus those nods back to classic Kylie looks (CIM, CGYOMH)...

The silhouette work for Wow is fabulous! Though with the overall video, it feels a bit like I've seen it all before - IYE meets SA - which takes away from the overall impact. Still a great video though and I can see it working in the US (as they never got IYE or SA).

Scooter said...

HOT videos...but I want her to release "The One"

alikspulse said...

I agree

Wow does seem like an updated Spinning Around. But yeah I really do love these new videos. Much better than most of her previous efforts.

Though I really think that Kylie should give Baker the boot. Im getting bored of these same old themes.

- aliks

Poster Girl said...

The opening of the "In My Arms" video is great--as you said, very iconic.

I love "Wow" SO MUCH (and like the video too), which means it stands no chance in the U.S. I'd love to be proved wrong, though...and I can almost kind of see what they're thinking.

I'm holding off on listening to the b-sides clips so far, but the fact that you say they sound great is VERY exciting.

What on Earth is EMI thinking with this whole policing the videos thing? I don't understand the logic at all.

Mike said...

Hey Adem - I love what Mr Baker has done for Kylie in the past but I think some of the X looks have been questionable. The styling in the 2 Hearts video is just gross. If Kylie wanted to look like a an old tranny should have just hired Deirdre Halliwell. Happily, Willy seems to have returned to form with these fabulous clips. And yay to someone else preferring the Wow clip!

Hi Jay (I finally worked out your new nic!), I hope you're right about Wow in the US. I don't see it taking off without Kylie doing heaps of promo and I don't see how she can do it with the tour. Maybe she'll be inspired by Dannii and just phone up a few radio stations between shows!

Scooter, I just checked out your blog and I was so impressed to see Tallulah! I love The One too - it's apparently the 3rd UK single but I think they have to go with IMA now. Surely it would be a monumental waste of a classy clip and good remixes? I hope The One eventually appears as a single - I don't see why they can't pull 5 or 6 singles from X. Pink has released 7 from I'm Not Dead in Australia!

Hey Aliks, glad you like the clips. I kind of agree about WB but these videos have him back in my good books.

Hi PG! I love that you love Wow. I think the fact that we both love it is the kiss of death for US success but fingers crossed. The B-sides do sound amazing!

I don't get the policing of the clips at all - particularly given the overwhelmingly positive response to both in the short time they were up. I think EMI must have offered exclusives to various media agencies (like Perez) and they might have been in breach of contract if the clips were all over the net. It's all I can think of...

Mike said...


The real reason for the withdrawal of "Wow" is the fact that it could possibly cause epilepsy! Channel 4 in the UK refused to play it due to the flashing lights and the video is currently being re-edited!

"C4 did not show the Kylie video as it breached Ofcom\'s photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) guidelines. The background includes lots of regular patterns. \"Flickering or intermittent images and certain types of regular patterns can cause problems for some viewers who have PSE. Ofcom has drawn up guidelines, following consultation with leading medical experts in this area, with the aim of reducing viewers risk of exposure to potentially harmful images of this type. In view of the potential harm which certain material can cause to PSE sufferers, broadcasters must exercise care when dealing with sequences which contain flashing images. Content which contains rapid scene cuts and/or where there is a change in screen brightness between cuts, should be reviewed with special care."

Tommy said...

LOVE the videos! Although I'd have to say IMA is my fave of the bunch.. I found the spacesuit/bob a little awkward looking in "Wow". I've given "X" a bit of a rest recently, but I can't wait to hear the B-sides!