Monday, January 21, 2008

Ricki-Lee Goes International

Just when I thought I couldn't possibly be any more smitten by Ricki-Lee, I stumbled across this picture of her eating McDonalds in her car after the Logie Awards. Nothing screams Pop Trash Addicts quite like a pop star woofing down a Big Mac in a ball gown! While other divas have spent the dawning weeks of 2008 working on their tans and topping up their Botox, this former Young Diva has been busy wheeling and dealing with international record labels. The first exciting development is the Japanese release of "Brand New Day". The Japanese version wisely includes two hits from Ricki-Lee's first album ("Hell No!" and "Sunshine") and boasts a slightly trannytastic new cover - love that leopard skin print! With "Can't Touch It" proving a major success on Japanese radio, Ms Coulter could well have a massive hit on her hands.

In addition to scoring a Japanese deal, Ricki-Lee's management recently announced her signing with Ministry Of Sound in the UK. Watch out for this fabulous diva is your local drive-through when she hits Britain for a promotional tour in April! In the meantime, Ricki-Lee is busily promoting the upcoming release of "Can't Sing A Different Song" - the third fabulous single in a row from "Brand New Day". Ricki-Lee has been everywhere lately, from posing in a bikini on the cover of Woman's Day to performing a showcase at a recent tennis tournament. Not content to belt out her own hits, Ricki-Lee covered Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" (here) and rocked out to Rihanna's "Umbrella" (here). However, the classiest moment involved Ricki-Lee inviting a gay fan to duet with her on "It's Raining Men" (watch clip below). Words can not describe how much I love this woman!


lancasters said...

2 Girlz - Fallin Angel

01. 2 Girlz - Afraid (3:51)
02. 2 Girlz - Alone (3:14)
03. 2 Girlz - Crahsing Down (3:31)
04. 2 Girlz - Everyday (3:46)
05. 2 Girlz - Fallin Angel (3:07)
06. 2 Girlz - Let It Out (3:27)
07. 2 Girlz - I Want You (2:28)
08. 2 Girlz - Fly Away (3:32)
09. 2 Girlz - Live For (3:43)
10. 2 Girlz - Nothing (3:13)
11. 2 Girlz - One More Night (3:52)
12. 2 Girlz - 2 Hearts (3:39)
13. 2 Girlz - Fallin Angel (dj uto remix radio edit) (3:41)
14. 2 Girlz - Fallin Angel (pumpkin sniper remix radio edit) (4:51)
15. 2 Girlz - Fallin Angel (extended mix) (4:32)
16. 2 Girlz - Afraid (ryu remix radio edit) (4:22) said...

This lovely lady definitely needs to get around the world already! I ordered her CD from amazon, and they sought fit to include her debut too!!! Love that! I love me some Ricki-Lee, and I am glad to see she is getting more exposure! Good for her.

Mike said...

Lancasters, thanks for the 2 Girls link! The Sirens tracks are on another computer, hence the delay. I'll send them as soon as I can.

Hi Duane! Including her entire debut album on the re-release of Brand New Day was a great move for new fans. It's interesting to hear how Ricki-Lee's sound has changed.

I think Ministry Of Sound is an unusual choice of label - I wonder if they're planning to remix the album extensively for the UK. Should be interesting!

AcidJasmine said...

Gotta say I am liking Ricki-Lee more and more and she seems really nice and down to earth. I hope she does make it big overseas.

Adem With An E said...

MUCH better than the AU cover I think!! Still sketchy on the album title (and most of its content) but "Love Is All Around" is still a mighty, mighty song.

Mike said...

Jasmine, Ricki-Lee is one of the nicest celebrities I've ever met (not that I know very many) - she is extremely down to earth and I can totally picture her stopping by Maccas for a cheeseburger on the way to the Logies! I think she's also pretty smart - leaving the divas is starting to look like a great career move.

Hi Adem - I'm not a fan of the Aus album cover either, the etheral look doesn't fit with the album at all. I'm not sure purple leopard skin print is a huge step forward but it appeals to me! I don't get what's not to like about the album. There are a few too many mid-tempo numbers but apart from that I think it's excellent.