Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Olivia's Lost Classic - Best Of My Love

The incredible global success of Cher's "Believe" inspired a small army of gay icons to jump on the dance bandwagon. Diana Ross released the exquisite "Not Over You Yet", while Tina Turner dusted off her dancing shoes for the delicious "When The Heartache Is Over". Even Engelbert Humperdinck got in on the act, raising the bar for popular music with his amazing Dance Album! As undeniably fabulous as those offerings are, my favourite slice of middle-aged diva dance pop is undoubtedly Olivia Newton-John's unreleased masterpiece, "Best Of My Love".

Recorded in 2001 with her nephew Brett Goldsmith, "Best Of My Love" was supposed to herald Olivia's return to pop charts courtesy of a contemporary dance sound. At one point an entire album was planned but Olivia feared for her dignity and pulled the plug on the project. I respect Olivia's decision but I can't help but think she overreacted and robbed herself of a huge hit. Even as a work in progress, "Best Of My Love" stands out as the best thing the grande dame of Australian pop has done in over a decade. I love Olivia's new age chanting, drippy ballads and covers albums as much as the next fan but it's such a joy to hear her sing something as bright and catchy as "Best Of My Love". It would be amazing to hear a cleaned up version of this in a club - the adorable lyrics and shiny chorus positively force you to wave your arms in the air.

I really hope Olivia reconsiders her stance on dance in the future. Lovely Livvy still has the voice, stunning good looks and huge gay following to get away with it. There's nothing ridiculous about making your fans happy. Many thanks to Peibols for the fabulous mock cover!


Peibols said...

You're wellcum!

Matt said...

Yes!!!!! ONJ needs to do more dancey pop music!! Love her!! Shees making a tv show at the moment maybe after!!

undisco_me said...

The best mid-tempo heartache I've heard this year. She sounds a bit like Dolly here, it's not just the gays that would swallow this one up - in the UK we loved Divas of a certain age coming over to promote their new dance tracks (Olivia made a media splash with her straightened hair one year). 2001 was *not* too late.

Gameboy said...

Thank you thank you for posting this !! Freakin' ace !!

Mike said...

I'm really glad you guys like it. It definitely sounds unfinished but a cleaned up, remixed version of "Best Of My Love" would have been magnificent! Olivia could still pull it off if she wanted to. Bette Midler, Cher and Dolly still dabble in dance remixes, there's no reason why Olivia can't throw her fans the occasional bone inbetween the new age/world music she's making at the moment (which I also love by the way).

Matt - Isn't the TV series an adaptation of Sordid Lives?! Should be amazing!

D'luv said...

That ho has the distinction of having one of the only new major releases in the States this week, along with than Ringo Starr and indie band Magnetic Fields.

But, honestly, Mike, have you never been mellow?

Mike said...

Girrrrl, you did NOT just call Livvy a Ho!?!

Anyhoo, yes the live album is being released this week and it's fabulous. Hopefully, it's a success!

And yes, I've often been mellow!

AcidJasmine said...

Cant say I care for "best of My Love" but you do know ONJ is gonna be ( so the grapevine says) the special guest star at this years mardi Gras party. Its gonna go off!

Also she is reprising her awesome role in Sordid Lives ( the TV series) If you havent seen the movie, go hire it. She plays a lesbian. Its Ace!

Mike said...

Oh honey I'm a huge fan of Sordid Lives. I love beer swilling, butch dyke Livvy! Can't wait for the series!

randyj said...

hey has anyone heard the ashley cadel club mix of this its better than this original version i love the remix version.mike have u heard it if u have u should really post that one trust me.

Mike said...

Randy, I agree with you 100%! I just posted this because I didn't know if the remix was official or a fan made effort. I guess it doesn't matter - it is better!

italiabeefy said...

Olivia needs to get over it..God love her..this song had huge potential, i like it alot! Thanks for the post.
How could Olivia worry about her reputation i mean after doing Heart Attack and Two Of A Kind, lol not the best as much as i own them i'll admit..but i heard about ONJ doing a dance album a while back and i have been waiting for it, now to hear it is not a reality..that sucks!
I love Olivia , but honestly i am so tired of the slow ass depressing soul searching Hallmark crap she has been putting out..cummon!
Her voice and looks are still awesome, but it's really time to pick up the beat baby, and dance!
I agree, and hope the hell ONJ changes her mind on this one..she deserves a big comeback, and a dance album would do it!