Saturday, January 12, 2008

Danielle - Underneath The Radar

Danielle belongs to that most terrifying species of diva - a Big Brother housemate turned pop star. Hitching a ride to the top of the charts courtesy of BB is still relatively uncommon in Australia but occurs with disturbing regularity in Europe. Who could ever forget transsexual Nadia's UK top 40 hit "A Little Bit Of Action" or Christian's German smash hit "Es ist geil ein Arschloch zu sein" (translated - "It's cool to be an arsehole"). Apart from Danielle, the only other Australian example I can think of is Sara-Marie & the Sirens amazing cover of "I'm So Excited" - however Sara Marie actually left all the singing to the Sirens, only contributing her "bum dancing" expertise!

I guess that makes Danielle Australia's first legitimate Big Brother pop star and against all odds her 2006 debut single was rather fabulous. A nifty dance remake of Underworld's 80s classic "Underneath The Radar", Danielle's version immediately won me over but only tickled the charts at #41. Sadly, Danielle is yet to release a second single but her Myspace claims she is working on new material. I only hope Danielle comes up with another tune this catchy and effortlessly entertaing.

Find out more about this stunning talent on her glamorous website and Myspace.


Anonymous said...

OMG she was such a mole on BB but luv that song!

Mike said...

I don't remember her on Big Brother. Wasn't she only on it for a day or two? I do recall her shamelessly plugging her music career by singing every 5 seconds!

Adem With An E said...

Hahaha, GAWD I remember this. She was actually quite a nice bird, I met her at some dodgy Geelong nightclub she was doing an appearance at.

Oh, here's the trashtastic photo:

Lancasters said...

Please Mike, re-upload the songs:

***Sara Marie & Sirens - I'm So Excited

***Sirens - Like Fire, Like Rain


Mike said...

Adem - I love the pic!! You look REALLY excited to be in Danielle's fabulous presence!

I'll try to send them to you tonight, Lancasters.