Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brielle's Blunder

I was happily surprised to see Brielle Davis in yesterday's Sydney Confidential until I read the piece. In a typically vindictive and factually incorrect article ("country music singer Brielle" hasn't recorded a country song since she was 12 and did not won a Golden Guitar Award), the newspaper gleefully reports that Brielle was recently arrested after allegedly crashing her car into a house in Sans Souci with a blood alcohol reading of 0.19. The pop diva was charged with a high level PCA (Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol) and negligent driving. She faces court on the 29th of January.

No one was injured in the incident - not that it excuses Brielle's alleged actions. Drink driving is incontrovertibly stupid. However, good people sometimes do stupid things and Brielle is a good person. I was lucky enough to meet Brielle after a gig at The Vanguard last year and I can't speak highly enough of her. She was warm, friendly and took the time to chat with everyone in the venue. Apart from being an absolute sweetheart, Brielle has also volunteered for a long list of organisations and even flew to the Solomon Islands to perform for Australian troops.

At a time when celebrity drug habits barely raise an eyebrow, Brielle's purported actions seem rather tame in comparison. It would be manifestly unfair if one mistake - however serious - adversely effects a most promising career. I wish Brielle all the best for her court date and look forward to seeing her perform on Saturday as an Australia Day ambassador. Chin up!


D'luv said...

I hate dumb tabloids. Okay, so I buy 4 or 5 every Thursday... but still!

Brielle will be fine. She'll probably just go home and Rabbit her snatch till she's smiling all around. Battery-operated therapy, y'all.

Mike said...

LOL! Brielle's not that kind of girl (I don't think). I hope she brings it today at the Australia Day concert. Sharing the bill with Melissa Tkautz should be inspiration enough for any diva!

Lancasters said...


Thanks for the Sirens's songs, I loved....

Anonymous said...

Brielle is a gifted singer & a wonderful soul. Another typical newspaper article thats short of of nothing but crap!

I wish her well.