Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Veronicas Strike Back

After my last post, I thought I should cover something a little less controversial this time around! So I've gone with a short post about Brisbane's famous Origliasso twins, also known as The Veronicas. It's rare enough for a successful band to change its sound between albums but The Veronicas have gone one step further, shedding the generic pop/rock trappings of their debut to reemerge as a slick electro-pop duo. The transformation has completely revived my interest in the girls. I loved their debut single but the rest of "The Secret Life Of The Veronicas" played like a Kelly Clarkson mixtape.

It took me a while to warm up to the new and improved Veronicas, but "Hook Me Up" turned out to be one of the year's best pop tunes. Amazingly, its follow up is better yet. From the opening strings, "Untouched" holds your attention in a vice like grip for the entire 3:40 minute running time. The expert mix of beats and guitars provides the perfect background from the girls' pitch perfect harmonies and suitably pouty spoken verses. However, it is the pleading chorus that really shines. One listen and you're hooked! "Untouched" debuted at #4 on the Australian singles chart tonight and I hope it can follow "Hook Me Up" to #1 in the coming weeks. You can order the "Untouched" CD single from Chaos or download it from iTunes. Check out the video clip below.


Poster Girl said...

Those are some FANTASTIC strings! LOVE them! On my second listen to the song right now, and I could see myself ending up really really liking it.

I've pretty much completely ignored this second album project from them--listened to "Hook Me Up" and haven't gone back since, but I'll have to go YouTube it again on your recommendation.

Mike said...

I totally understand your reaction to "Hook Me Up". I hated the song at first and even trashed it here. The chorus didn't seem to fit with the verses and the whole thing sounded rather messy. However - after hearing it on the radio every day for 6 weeks something clicked and I decided the song was, in fact, rather great! Thankfully, "Untouched" is fabulous after the first listen!

Claire said...

Can I print and cut this out for Alyson, who now refers to my beloved Vs only as clowns?

The Target clothing range worries me, as a tastemaker.

Nice site you have here, don't think I've commented before.


Mike said...

It's a treat to hear from the other half of CFB. Tell Alyson you'll smash her Collette CDs if she doesn't wisen up about The Veronicas!

davids said...

i adore this song and intend to get thieralbums