Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Pop Trash Diva Update

The unparalleled musical genius of Billiam was always going to be a hard act to follow, so I thought I'd just ramble on about a few of my favourite divas tonight. As Dannii's #1 fan (not currently undergoing psychiatric treatment), I feel it's my duty to remind everyone that Dannii's stunning new single is released tomorrow in the UK. "Touch Me Like That" is a sublime slice of dance music built around a throbbing sample of Sylvester's "Mighty Real" and deserves to be a massive hit. Unfortunately, download sales have thus far been underwhelming. Beautiful Dannii can console herself with the knowledge that "Touch Me Like That" debuts on the Australian club chart this week at #48!

Dannii isn't the only Minogue making waves on the ARIA charts. While not quite as spectacular as Dannii's stunning club debut, Kylie has claimed the top stop on the Australian album chart with "X" - giving the older Minogue her third #1 album. Having lived and breathed "X" for the past week, I'm more convinced than ever that Kylie has crafted one of the best albums of her career. Hell, I've even grown to appreciate "Nu-Di-Ty"! If you're looking for the perfect Christmas present for a Kylie fan, you can't go past the "X" USB (pictured above). Mine arrived on Friday and I haven't had this much fun with a toy since my last trip to Adult World. As far as I know, there are no plans to release the USB in Australia, so you're best bet is to order it online. It's currently being stocked by and HMV UK.

Hopefully some of Kylie's success can rub off on Tina Arena. I've had a sneaky listen to Tina's "Songs Of Love & Loss" ahead of its official release on Monday and the album is breathtakingly beautiful. Tina not only interprets a selection of much loved classics - she takes them to new heights and makes them her own. If the popularity of "To Sir With Love" on iTunes is any indication, "Songs Of Love & Loss" has every chance of being a big hit. Expect a detailed review of the album later in the week.

In further chart news, the Young Divas land at #10 with "New Attitude". I've already sung the album's praises to anyone who will listen but I probably haven't mentioned the brilliance of the iTunes bonus track. The Divas take on Whitney Houston with a cheeky cover of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". Needless to say, it's camper than Kylie at an ABBA concert and is well worth downloading. Speaking of high camp divas, it's hard to surpass the classy antics of She Is The King - Australia's beloved female Elvis Impersonator. SITK's glorious cover of "Viva Las Vegas" (complete with drag queen filled video clip) was one of the year's poptastic highlights and her new album promises more of the same. "Comeback" serves up a fine selection of Elvis covers and is released tomorrow. While you're there, why not pick up the Gold Tour Edition of Marcia Hines' amazing "Discotheque" album. More about that later.

Last but definitely not least is Chloe Lattanzi. Olivia Newton-John's daughter is ten kinds of crazy but there is no denying her huge talent. Chloe's catchy anorexia anthem, "Delicious", is one of my favourite tracks of 2007 and the other material to leak from her forthcoming album has been phenomenal. I was very excited to read that Chloe is finally ready to release her debut single in Australia after more than three years of delays. Chloe is set to launch her career with "It's Magic", an insanely catchy anthem that heavily samples her mother's #1 hit from 1980. The song has been a favourite of mine since the demo first appeared on Chloe's Myspace and I'm confident it will be huge! Chloe is THE upcoming diva to watch in 2008!


Adem With An E said...

Oh I'm so happy Chloe's releasing "It's Magic," although it's going to be interesting to see what people think of her sampling her more successful family member.

Much like if Kylie ever sampled a Dannii song.

Mike said...

Chloe has been quoted as saying that she will be compared with her mother anyway, so she might as well get it out of the way. I just hope girlfriend keeps her shit together long enough to get the single out there!

Derrick XXX said...

Tina Arena's 'Songs of Love & Loss' is just going off the roof!!! Australian music outlets chart positions are as follows:

Sanity- #4 Top 20 Albums (still charting)

Bigpond- #1 Top Selling Albums (peak position)

JB Hi-Fi instore- #1 Top Selling Albums (still charting)

HMV- #1 Top Selling Albums (still charting)

7Digital.Com- #3 Top Albums (peak position)

iTunes- #2 Top 100 Albums (still charting)

BIGW in-store- #2 Top Albums (still charting)

Tina fans, we are looking for some serious ARIA CHART action this week!!!

Tina is also featured on numerous magazines and newspaper articles all over Australia to which her 'Songs of Love & Loss' album is being praised BIG TIME!

Stay tuned!!!

Derrick XXX

mordi said...

what the fuck is wrong with chloes face- it's hideous.

is this the result of too much surgery way too young?

Mike said...

I guess anorexia and plastic surgery don't mix!