Friday, November 02, 2007

The Spice Hags - Remixed

I'm finally getting excited about the Spice reunion and it has nothing to do with their putrid comeback single, "Headlines". That song is a four minute reminder of exactly how mediocre the Spice Girls were at their worst. Personally, I'd prefer to remember the good times - the non-stop hilarity of "Spiceworld", the gorgeous "Viva Forever" video clip and the wasted hours I spent memorising Mel B's "Wannabe" rap! That takes me to the subject of this post. In order to generate some buzz about the Spice reunion, the old bags have commissioned remixes of their old hits. I'm a complete whore for the Soul Seekerz and I immediately fell for their reworking of "Wannabe" - which has been restored to its former glory with a dazzling makeover. I believe that the Soul Seekerz remix might appear as a B-side on the "Headlines" CD single. I guess that means there is at least one good reason to buy it. On the bright side, the "Headlines" video clip (picture below) looks tantalising indeed!

The Spice Girls' "Greatest Hits" is released in Australia on the 12th of November. Strangely, "Headlines" is released one week later on the 19th. Both can be pre-ordered from Chaos.


Peibols said...

Great Remix ;)

Actually, they have a couple of Rosario Something which is quite good.

Headlines should be a Bside.
W.O.M.A.N. or the clip from Voodoo are like three or four times better.

Mike said...

Thanks for letting me use the mix! The other remixes are fun too. I agree that Headlines is B-side material. I still think it will be huge but is this how they really want their fans to remember them? As washed-up old trolls, singing middle of the road tat - badly? I'm much more excited about Voodoo. It sounds more like it!

Miss Halliwell said...

I am so over them already!

Headlines is shit!


The mixes are good though...

Look out for Tell Me Why remixes from the Forever they are good!