Monday, November 12, 2007

A Short Post About Kylie

After spending most of last week busily updating Dannii's Dirty Box, my focus has now shifted to the elder Minogue. This morning I picked up a Kylie single for the 45th consecutive time. I should be getting a thank you card in the post for that kind of brand loyalty! It's always a kick to see a new Kylie release on the shelves and the "2 Hearts" package is rather lovely. The Alan Braxe remix of "2 Hearts" is a little bit too cutting edge for my taste but the B-sides are a treat. "I Don't Know What It Is" reminds me of Kylie's crazy, guitar driven "Light Years" B-sides, while "King Or Queen" ranks as one of the best things I've heard from the "X" sessions. It's the kind of sexy dancefloor anthem that Kylie does best. I love it!

Happily, "X" promises treat after treat if "The Kylie Show" is any indication. The new material showcased on Kylie's variety hour was absolutely amazing. I'm blown away, in particular, by the pure poptastic fabulousness of "Wow" and "The One". Both songs are future Kylie classics. They are so good, I bet Kylie stole them from Dannii! "Wow" is three minutes of 80s infused magic. I love the performance but the less said about Kylie's Baby Spice inspired costume, the better! While "Wow" is 100% pure bubblegum, "The One" is distinguished by its bittersweet edge. The song conveys a sense of longing and quiet desperation usually not found in a straightforward pop song. I find it almost unbearably lovely.

"Wow" from The Kylie Show:

"The One" from The Kylie Show:

"2 Hearts" is released in Australia today and can be downloaded from iTunes or ordered online from Chaos, Sanity and JB Hi-Fi. My next post will be Minogue free - I promise!


Peibols said...

I totally disagree (oh-my-vodka!).
I think WOW-dress is disgusting!

The One is THE song.

I'm going to check if they release the single in Spain or just buy HTGD single :P

Mike said...

I think you misunderstood. I HATE the "Wow" costume too - she looks like Baby Spice on crack! But I love the song!

"The One" is heavenly. It has to be the next single. Let me know if there is a Spanish "2 Hearts" single - but I really think you shouldd buy HTGD instead!

Peibols said...

I'm improving my Eng as much as possible drinking vodka... but it's not enough LOL.

Yes, I misunderstood you.
Will you forgive me anytime?

Mike said...

My dear, I could forgive you anything! Except stealing my Dannii CDs!

Miss Heidi Von Binterschlappen said...

I was hoping the OZ CD would use the stunning UK CD 1 / EU CD cover art. I think Spain is only getting the 2-track CD in the card sleeve that the rest of Europe (beside the UK & Ireland) is getting.

Wow was beyond fabulous, as was The One though as much as I love Sensitized I thought the performance of it was lazy.

Jump! said...

Kylie really should have lead off with "the one" as the first single from "X". I think Kylie's entire album campaign has been shite-from leaks to bad cover art to a bad first single choice. Her people have made mistakes of team Dannii proportions!

Mike said...

Jay, I prefer the EU cover but I think this is nice too. I love the tracklisting. I just wish they commissioned some decent remixes. I hate Senshitized and that performance didn't change my view. "Wow" and "The One" are bliss and I liked the other new songs.

Brian, I agree with you - in fact, I think team Dannii could have done a better job. "The One" or "Wow" should have been the lead single. The only thing I disagree about is the cover. I think it's fabulous!

davids said...

i love all of kylies new materal and the show was fabulous