Sunday, November 18, 2007

My 1st Birthday & Kylie Covers Galore!

It's hard to believe that Pop Trash Addicts has been polluting the web with the best that low brow music has to offer for a whole year! I started the blog as a bit of joke and never expected to still be doing it twelve months later. I've spent the past few days reflecting on my first 250 posts and if I'm entirely honest, there has been more filler than killer. On the whole, however, I'm quite proud of this place. There have been several good posts and a handful that I'm still really proud of, which is more than I could have expected a year ago. If I had to choose a favourite it would be my exploration of Dannii's gay icon status, while the worst post sticks out like a sore thumb. I must have been high! To celebrate both my blog's birthday and Kylie's 10th #1 hit in Australia with "2 Hearts", I thought I would return to my favourite Kylie post. In addition to re-posting those 10 craptastic Kylie covers, I've also thrown in several new favourites. By the way, this isn't meant to be an exhaustive list. Enjoy!

Soraya Arnelas - I Should Be So Lucky

Soraya swept to fame in Spain after finishing second on the talent show, "Operacion Triunfo". However, if she appeared on "X Factor" singing this cover of "I Should Be So Lucky", Dannii would have sent the silly bitch packing! Soraya's version is a poorly performed mess but it's still seriously fabulous. The song appears on Soraya's third album, "Dolce Vita", which comes highly recommended.

Daryl Somers - On A Night Like This

Yes, I know that Pandora and Anna Vissi did it first but I find it highly unlikely that Daryl was familiar with either of those Eurotrash divas. Australia's much maligned host of "Dancing With The Stars" was no doubt inspired by Kylie's #1 hit and against all odds, turns in a truly remarkable cover version. I think the big band sound and jazzy approach works an absolute treat.

Nerina Pallot - Confide In Me

Nerina is one of those annoyingly over-hyped English singer/songwriters. That said, I found her anti-war anthem strangely catchy and I like the fact that she was dropped by her previous record label after rubbishing them on the internet. Classy! Nerina's cover of "Confide In Me" is pretty faithful to the original. It's pleasant but not in the same league as Kylie's spine-tingling classic.

Hazell Dean - Turn It Into Love

There's nothing quite like a butch lesbian singing a Hi-NRG pop classic. Hazell's version of "Turn It Into Love" stays close to the original but falls short of matching Kylie's version. I love this tacky 12" mix!

Jose Gonzalez - Hand On Your Heart

A pretentious cover by the Swedish James Blunt. Yes, Jose really is that bad! The less said, the better.

Erdmoebel - Aus Meinem Kopf

It speaks volumes for the quality of song that it still sounds amazing in a different language, pared right back, without any of the studio wizardry that made it so spectacular in the first place. Erdmoebel achieve just that by turning "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" into a dark and moody, atmospheric groove. The concept sounds awful but it works spectacularly well. "Aus Meinem Kopf" wont drag you to the dance floor but it makes for perfect late night listening.

Steps - Better The Devil You Know

Steps were shit in general but this cover really is cheap and nasty. Usually I would find that combination irresistible but this majestic track deserved so much better.

Kelly Marie & Tina Charles - Your Disco Needs You

Kelly Marie and Tina Charles were two of the leading ladies of English disco. I love them both dearly and intend to devote entire posts to both of them. However, there really is no excusing the musical abomination that is their duet re-make of "Your Disco Needs You". How did it come to this, ladies? I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry! This is so tragic, yet I would be a complete liar if I said I didn't like it. So fabulously awful, it has to be heard to be believed!

Leah Dizon - Fever

Apparently Leah is Japanese TV personality, who occasionally dabbles in pop. I think her version of "Fever" is rather lovely and I'd love to hear more of Leah's music. By the way, the clip needs age activation because Leah is a bit of a ho.

Kia - Better The Devil You Know

Kia is one of the cheap tarts on the Almighty roster. You know what to expect from an Almighty mix and this doesn't disappoint. Yes, it's craptastic and nasty but I like it. Kia has also covered "What Do I Have To Do?". Grab your disco whistle and get dancing!

Debra Stephenson - I Believe In You

Fans of "Bad Girls" will know Deb as the seriously fucked up inmate Shell Dockley. Deb got her big break in music after appearing on "Stars In Their Eyes" on which she covered "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" (pic below). Deb's Kylie cover received such a rousing response that she decided to take on "I Believe In You" for her debut album. The result is so bad it's fucking amazing pop at its finest!

Zeigeist - Giving You Up

This cover version was posted on the sadly missed Catchy Tunes Of Sweden Blog. I loved it from the first listen and this is probably the only cover that improves on the original. That might sound like sacrilege but I think "Giving You Up" is one of the worst singles Kylie has ever released. It sounds too similar to the rubbish being churned out by Girls Aloud. Zeigeist, on the other hand, have made it their own with their avant-garde approach. Great stuff!

The Jacob Sisters - Your Disco Needs You

This recording is surely the holy grail of pop trash. How will I ever top a group of poodle carrying, 70 year old German grannies covering Kylie's legendary gay anthem in heavily accented English? It's disconcerting and yet strangely satisfying to know that I have officially scraped the bottom of the musical barrel and still managed to wholeheartedly enjoy the experience! The Jacob Sisters' interpretation of "Your Disco Needs You" defies description. I'm convinced the ladies have no idea what the hell they are singing and the poor pronunciation only makes the song more bewildering. Kylie must be so proud!

Vina Uyen My - Come Into My World

Vina is a saucy Vietnamese diva, who apparently released a cover of "Come Into My World" at almost the same time as Kylie. Vina's version is actually rather lovely. Most excitingly, Vina has released a breathtaking video clip - which basically involves Vina putting on litres of make-up and trying on jewels! I love the camp dance routine! Watch it here.

Darren Hayes - 2 Hearts

Another desperate attempt from Darren to ingratiate himself with the gay community. Yawn!

The Smurfs - The Locomotion

No, I haven't forgotten about Little Eva. However, this is most definitely a cover of Kylie's version. I love the Smurfs (yes, I am a nerd at heart) and one of my favourite trashy records is their album of 80s covers! I actually think this is rather excellent. Leave me alone, I never pretended to have any taste!

La Toya Jackson - The Locomotion

The Smurfs version of "The Locomotion" left you cold? Surely goddess Toy's stunning interpretation will get your blood pumping. La Toya's talent truly has no limit. Watch this AMAZING live performance. You may need a tissue!

Deirdre Halliwell - Who Do I Have To Screw? & Out Of My Head

Nobody reinterprets pop classics quite like Scotland's filthiest bitch! "Who Do I Have To Screw?" and "Out Of My Head" aptly display Deirdre's stunning vocal range and lyrical genius. I'm very proud to count Deirdre as a friend - you don't meet this kind of talent every day!

Wink - Turn It Into Love

I adore this popular Japanese cover of "Turn It Into Love". It's so sweet and effortlessly upbeat - just like the original.

Jacquii Cann - I Believe In You

Jacquii Cann's so-unbelievably-bad-it's-brilliant cover of "I Believe In You" is a modern classic. This song is an instant cure for depression, if Jacquii can land a recording contract with those croaky pipes, there's still hope for us all. A work of trashtastic genius that belongs in every Kylie fan's collection. Bless you, Jacquii. I'm gagging for your next "hit"!

Sophie Lawrence - Secrets

Kylie's "Rhythm Of Love" album was such a perfect slice of pop that it was easy for several gems to get lost in the mix. One of those lost classics was "Secrets", an album track that Sophie Lawrence later tried to release as a single. Mobius recently wrote an outstanding post on Sophie's misfortune.

Before I finish, I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to Pop Trash Addicts over the past year: Robpop (for being my MSN slut sister), Magical Froggy (for his graphic design genius and brilliant Caprice article), Jamie (for his amazing freestyle post and generosity), Jay (for his wonderful expose on Goose and ongoing support) and Tommie (for replying to my drunken text messages and sharing his music collection). Finally, a big thank you to all the people who have left a comment or sent me an e-mail! It means a lot.


Jamie_movietrip said...

Here's to another fabulous year of PTA's!

tommie said...

The Debra Stephenson girl has released an album?! You'll have to dedicate a whole post to it someday soon! She looks like a right classless skank!

Here's to another year! All lovers and rabid haters rejoice! If only "X" had been as good as PTA...

Jump! said...

Happy Birthday Pop Trash Addicts! You blog has truly set the standard and I love it!! Check out my blog for the lovely and shameless Pop Trash Addicts plug. Keep it up!!

Robpop said...

I love this post as much as i love the blog. I love it so much i want to apply crisco on it and sit on it all night.

One problem.....two problems actually. Where is the Spanish Soraya!? AND FUCKING AMAZING version of I should Be so Lucky?!!!!!

ALSO where THE FUCK is this?

I fucking love mihimaru GT!!!


Anyway, well done MIKE! and well done PTA!!! I'm so glad this place is around!!! soooooooooooo glad!

Darling could you make an entire zip file of all these songs? for download? Everything darren hayes. It might be the Kylie album we've all been waiting for?

PS I also quite like this version of better the devil you know


Miss Heidi Von Binterschlappen said...

$ucce$$! Happy Brithday PTA!

I saw a Brazilian vinyl of ISBSL on ebay the other day - that turned out to be a cover! I am tempted...

BruDé said...

Hey Mike, félicitations for all of this. You got me addict of your blogs, and I must thank you a 1000 times for all the music (as low as it can be...) you made me discovered.
I know you must feel so under pressure sometimes, and you always come up with something great.

Longue vie à Poptrashaddict !

Hules said...

I like that cover of Hand on Your Heart.

Scarlett said...

Congrats on a wonderfully poptastic year, and here's to many more! :)

(I'm terribly bad at commenting but I'm a big fan of both PTA and Dannii's Dirty Box! Keep up the fabulous work!! :D )

Mike said...

Thanks Jamie, Tommie, Brian, Rob, Jay, Hules, Bruno and Scarlett (hi girl!) - You're all sweethearts!

A few quick comments:

Re Jose - I actually listened to his cover for the first time in about a year yesterday and it has grown on me but it's still a bit too bland for my cheesy tastes.

Re Debra - I think I will devote a post to her album. Her Kate Bush and Madonna covers deserve to be heard for their sheer hilarity!

Re Soraya - I love her awful cover of ISBSL but I wasn't sure if you would approve of me posting it. I'll add her soon. She's twenty kinds of fabulous despite being a massive bitch according to Peibols. Do you really think people would appreciate a zipped file?

Adem With An E said...


It's been a blast, looking forward to spending many more birthdays giggling along to your brilliance.


Anonymous said...

thanks for all the fantastic posts...
I couldn't resist downloading all the kylie covers...La Toya has now contaminated by, and I find I can't stop listening to Kelly Marie & Tina. Brilliant stuff!

J'ason D'luv said...

Happy BDAY!! To many more years of pop trash!

Also, don't forget Jemma and Elise's cover of "I Should Be So Lucky," which Jump!-ing bean wrote about here.

Robpop said...

She is not a bitch. I love her.

Your addition is wonderful. Soraya's version of I Should Be So Lucky is better-shock horror-than Kylies. Dannii and Soraya-a match made in heaven! I am so happy you love her.

You know Lucky originally was for a girlband. Ja! A dutch girlband. Or something like that.

Mike said...

I love the idea of La Toya taking over! Cheers Adem & J'ason!

Rob, Soraya's version is nowhere near as good as Kylie's. It's god awful! But that's the exact reason I like it so much! Apparently she's a diva bitch from hell - which makes me love her all the more!

Poster Girl said...

Happy blog birthday! Sorry I couldn't comment yesterday--Blogger didn't like me :( Anyway, here's to many more years of pop trash and--hmm, well, I was going to say "irreverence," but that's probably too much of an understatement! Anyway, fantastic blog--thanks for all the time you put into it!

Sí, I'd heard the same thing about Soraya, but that does make her even better!

Claire said...

Happy birthday, when are you going to talk to me on MSN? WHEN DAMN YOU! Have some chocolate cake celebrate with some Collette!


Mike said...

Thanks PPG!

Alyson, I'll be your MSN buddy. I could wax lyrical about Girlfriend for hours!

Ro Ro said...

Happy B-Day! you're brave to put kelly marie up lol. love u love ur blog!

Mike said...

Hey girl, don't jinx me! All I need is Kelly Marie's loony webmaster on my back! The songs will only be a for a short while so I hope he contains himself that long!

mobius said...

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
(Happy Birthday!) and thanks for a lot of laughs.


Claire said...

Well, if you want an add, I'm on, I'm on a lot, waiting for e-mails from Claire from the UK. And downloading Puffy songs!


JoseViruete said...

Congratulations!! I really love your blog! :)

Soraya has moved to my hometown! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy b-day to your fantastic blog! Sometimes your stories are so funny that I've got tears in my eyes, like this post!

Mike said...

Thanks Anon, Mobius and Jose! I'm glad you guys like the blog. Jose, go and throw stones at Soraya's window for me!

Digital Technique said...

Don't know how I missed this post a week ago but have found it now!! So many great Kylie covers - love them all!!
Happy blog birthday and thanx for all the brilliant and random songs you have introduced me too over the last year!!

Tommy said...

Happy Blog-Birthday! Here's to another year (and hopefully many more) of shameless tragic, trashy delights! The blogopshere would be a dull place without people you..

Thanks also for reminding me of the Tina Charles' and Kelly Marie's shittastic "Divaduetz" cover of "Your Disco Needs You." You just know it's going to be classy when they replace the 's' with a 'z'. God bless the cover designers for taking 30 years off of ol' Kelly, too.. It looks like they tacked her head on to someone elses body..

LuverOfLuv said...

Is this really all you have? It kind of seems like you have more... Can you post more covers, please... I just love Kylie... I just can't get enough covers of her... ;-)

biel said...

love your blog. kisses from majorca!