Monday, November 05, 2007

Minogue Mania & Other Tid Bits

Minogue mania begins in earnest today with the release of four (!!) new Dannii albums in addition to the digital release of Kylie's "2 Hearts". While I wait patiently for my copies of "Girl (2CD Re-Release)", "Neon Nights (2CD Re-Release)" and "Unleashed" to arrive in the post, I've been overdosing on Dannii's new digital release "Club Disco" - a collection of B-sides, remixes and unreleased material from the AATW sessions. Check out my review over at Dannii's Dirty Box. I'm truly in awe of Dannii's greatness - even her unreleased rubbish is a cut above anything else I've heard so far this year! Poor Kylie must be so jealous of Dannii's stunning good looks and amazing vocal ability. She can take some comfort in the fact that "2 Hearts" has already landed at #15 on the Australian iTunes chart less than a day after being released, pretty much guaranteeing a top 20 debut next Sunday on the strength of downloads alone.

Robyn News

Robyn is returning to Australia! The Swedish pop queen's last visit rocked my world and I'll do my best to witness her return - despite the fact that tickets to her Sydney show (supporting local dance band, Sneaky Sound System) have already sold out. Robyn's visit will no doubt bolster the chart chances of "With Every Heartbeat", which this week reaches a new peak of #4 on the Australian club charts. Read more about Robyn's visit and her kooky tour rider here. Speaking of Sneaky Sound System, their self-titled album shoots into the top 5 this week on the back of their recent ARIA victories. The album appeared on my best of 2006 countdown almost a year ago (sorry, I just wanted to brag!) and I couldn't be happier that it's finally receiving the recognition it deserves.

Tina Arena's "Songs Of Love And Loss" Tracklisting

I couldn't possibly be any more excited about Tina Arena's upcoming covers album - that is, until I saw the amazing tracklist:

I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
The Look Of Love
So Far Away
I Only Want To Be With You
To Sir, With Love
Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)
Love Hangover
The Windmills Of Your Mind
The Man With The Child In His Eyes
Everybody Hurts

The idea of Tina belting out the "Theme From Mahogany" and "Love Hangover" blows my mind. Let's just ignore the unnecessary inclusion of REM's "Everybody Hurts". The album comes out on the 3rd of December and can be pre-ordered from Chaos.

Young Divas' "New Attitude" Tracklisting

Tina Arena isn't the only Australian diva with a fierce album of cover versions on the horizon. There are at least four more in the form of the fabulous Young Divas. The tracklist of their new album, "New Attitude", makes me want to touch myself:

Got To Be Real
If I Can't Have You
Turn Me Loose
I Can't Wait
Jump (For My Love)
Love Will Lead You Back
Chain Reaction
New Attitude
I'm So Excited
Tell It To My Heart
Dear Santa (Bring Me A Man This Christmas) (Bonus Track)

This masterpiece looks even gayer than their first album and I honestly didn't think that was possible. I can't believe they are covering Cheryl Lynn, Taylor Dayne (twice!), Diana Ross, The Pointer Sisters (twice!), The Weather Girls as well as my favourite Patti LaBelle song on the one album. I'm tempted to name "New Attitude" my album of the year and just get it over and done with! The album hits stores on the 26th of November and can be pre-ordered here.

Goddess Celine

Up until very recently, Celine Dion was one of the few divas gay icons that I simply couldn't stomach. I believe I may have even called Celine's music a crime against humanity. Well, I take it all back. I'm still not convinced about her music and I'll never entirely forgive that disturbing Anne Geddes album but Celine is love. If you don't believe me - watch this interview with Larry King. I started to simultaneously laugh and cry when Celine rants about letting looters steal in New Orleans. The woman is positively certifiable but she clearly means every word and that is refreshing in this day of crippling political correctness. Thankfully, Celine's new single is as fabulous as that giant wig on her head. "Taking Chances" is amazing and the trannytastic video is majestic. Celine emerging from a helicopter in drag queen stilettos and jaunty leather cap is just too fierce! "Taking Chances" is released in Australia today. Bring on the album!

Other Random Hotness

I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong. A couple of weeks ago I wrote off The Veronicas' new song as a major disappointment. It took about 25 listens to sink in but "Hook Me Up" is really rather wonderful. I love the TATU inspired faux lesbian, incest video too. The Veronicas released their second album in Australia today.

I'm not a huge fan of Alicia Keys but I've been humming "No One" ever since I slow danced to it with a female Justin Timberlake impersonator at The Flinders' lesbian R'n'B night on Saturday. Which is pretty impressive, considering I'm on crutches. Alicia is everything that Leona Lewis wishes she could be if she wasn't so painfully mediocre. "No One" is released today.

Last but not least, Nelly Furtado is set to release her 5th single from "Loose" in Australia. "Do It" is one of my favourite tracks from the album and I'm glad it's finally getting its moment in the sun. "Do It" is released on the 12th of November in Australia.


Miss Halliwell said...

I am moist at the Dannii frenzy that has hit Halliwell Towers lately...

Apart from gorging on the Touch Me Like That promo, i am in debt thanks to downloading Club Disco, Unleashed, Girl (Re issue) and the fab unreleased tracks on Neon Nights!

I took the fanny dripping best of Dannii and put the tracks on one disc with the rest being shoved on others for reference purposes!

Here's my track listing for Dannii's Fannii...
EVERY track on this disc is magical...

1. Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling (Jewels & Stone 7” Mix)
2. Keep Up With The Good Times
3. Someone New (Flexifingers Radio Edit)
4. I Begin To Wonder (Almighty Transensual Club Mix)
5. Who Do You Love Now (Riva’s Bora Bora Remix) [CD Edit]
6. Just Can’t Give You Up
7. I’ve Been Waiting For You
8. Disremembrance (Trouser Enthusiast’s Radio Edit)
9. I Will Come To You
10. Blame It On The Music
11. Do You Believe Me Now
12. Viva L’Amour
13. Creep (Jon Dixon Club Mix)
14. I’m Sorry
15. Gone
16. So Under Pressure
17. Round The World

I am tittering at the tracks on Unleashed which make Dannii sound like a cheap R&B whore...

Someone New & Keep Up With The Good Times are 2 of Dannii's best ever tracks (i already owned the 2 hour original of Someone New!)...Blame It on The Music is fierce too!...

Why were these tracks overlooked!?

I am moist also at the Yound Divas or whoever it is doing Dear Santa! Weather Girls songs are a must for any up and coming pilferer of music!

Mike, salute yourself in the trouser department!

Mike said...

Deirdre, your taste is impeccible! I've restrained from listening to Unleashed until I have a physical copy but the clips of the R'n'B flavoured tracks make me laugh. I'm really astounded by the brilliance of Dannii's unreleased tat. If only Kylie's new album is half as good, I'll be ecstatic!

Yes, young divas are covering The Weather Girls! They are setting new standards for campy, gay pop. I'm sure their album will be right up your alley!

Miss Halliwell said...

Anyone who covers Dear Santa is very much right up my Candice (Alley!)...

Dannii is my fave Minogue now. Kylie is so over. 2 Hearts is a grower but it's crap. The X-Mix on her site shows how crap the X album will be. Dannii has pissed out better songs than Kylie's recent output...Just goes to show that a brush with death does not mean you will 'come back' with great material...

At least Dannii shamelessly used The Big C to make some magical music and get herself on telly and release 300 albums in one year! What a woman!


Adem IAR said...

CHRIST ALIVE, that Young Divas tracklisting nearly caused a heart attack, it's brilliant! Though I still think they should cover Alex Party's "Wrap Me Up" and Whitney's "Step By Step," don't you?

Loving the new Dannii stuff, I couldn't resist waiting for the physicals to arrive though, I'm weak, so weak!

J'ason D'luv said...

Young Divas are covering two Taylor Dayne hits? Classy! I'm still holding out til they do "Short Dick Man," though...

Mike said...

I love the fact that the Young Divas embrace being the most low brow girlband in musical history. Their tracklist is insane. It's like a mixtape of my favourite hits of the 80s and 90s! Tina's is pretty awesome too.

Adem, not sure about "Step By Step" - that is probably a bit too classy but "Wrap Me Up" would be perfect for their next masterpiece. I second Mr D'Luv's idea of "Short Dick Man", although a mid-tempo ballad interpretation of Monifah's "Touch It" would surely be more tasteful.

J'ason D'luv said...

Or a new jack swing version of Dannii's "Vibe On"...

Mike said...

That would be bliss!

Adem IAR said...


Oh my god, I am not coping with its brilliance. "Tell It To My Heart" and "I Can't Wait" are my favourites so far.

Mike said...

Hey Adem! I tried to hold on for the actual release but I gave in and had a listen. It's everything I wanted and more. Such a perfect pop album. It really puts all the UK girlbands to shame!

Blake NZ said...

I am excited about Tina Arena's NEW English album! Her voice is Australia's best bet!

Her sophisticated "gayness" plus the gay album cover is very CLASSY!

Her voice is AMAZING! AS IN!

Chrissy xox said...

I agree Blake! Tina Arena is one of the best around! Probably just the best.

She is an icon! I hope she would perform at the Mardi Gras again... her performance of "Never (Past Tense)" and "Dare You To Be Happy" was WOW!

Mike said...

Tina fans - awesome! See you all at the concert!