Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pop Trash Addicts - The Website & Forum!

A few months ago I had a conversation with my good friend (and famed Church Of La Toya creator) Jamie about starting a new blog together. The idea didn't really go anywhere until we were rudely thrown out of our favourite La Toya forum for posting erotic fan fiction and decided we would make our own damn website! Somewhere along the way Jamie convinced me to expand on idea behind this blog and after months of swapped e-mails, MSN conversations and our fair share diva tantrums - it's finally fit for public display!

I plan to continue with this blog as normal. The new site is just more of the same - only with extra tragic flavour courtesy of Jamie! I can take or leave the main page (sorry Jamie!) but I'm very proud of our A-Z diva gallery. I'm quite sure it's the only site on the internet to showcase the talents of Bionda, Liza Minnelli, Dannii, Nicki French, Brielle Davis, Robyn, La Toya, Millie Jackson, Melinda Jackson and Deni Hines (among others)!

Other features include our banned La Toya fan fiction, reviews and an overview of upcoming releases. We've even managed to twist Deirdre Halliwell's arm to be our resident agony aunt! I'm also pretty excited about our forum. We're not trying to be Pop Justice or Togerland. I'll be very happy if we can bring together 10 trash loving fans for cosy conversations about our favourite budget divas. Please feel free to register and say hello!

Neither Jamie or I are particularly good with computers and it shows. The site looks pretty cheap but I think it suits the low class divas we're showcasing! Please keep in mind that this is very much a work in progress. I really hope you like it!

Enter the new and improved Pop Trash Addicts


JoseViruete said...

Hey!! Check my website today, this weeks article about spanish spicegirlsxploitation can be of your interest (in spanish, I'm afraid). Pure pop thrash!
I'll take a look at the new site & forum!

Mike said...

Spicegirlsexploitation sounds right up my alley! I really hope you like the new site. I'm shocked that so many people have dropped by the forum. It's great!

J'ason D'luv said...

I'd like to request some Nicki French/LaToya slash fiction on the new site, please. And please use pine cones, thumb tacks and Vegemite in the details. Thanks you.

Mike said...

When "The Erotic Adventures Of Toy Toy" reaches its thrilling conclusion, I'll see what I can do!