Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Jade Macrae - In The Basement

Jade Macrae's pop makeover is as fabulous as it was unexpected. Jade was launched as Australia's answer to Beyonce a couple of years ago and instantly became the poster girl for our surprisingly diverse urban scene after a string of top 50 hits - most notably the magnificent Kelis rip-off So Hot Right Now. I liked Jade's debut album but her latest single takes her to a whole new level.

"In The Basement" represents a huge change of direction for Jade. Recorded in Stockholm's famous Maratone studio and produced by Max Martin's associate Arnthor Birgisson, Jade's new single is a slinky pop extravaganza. Gone are the urban adornments of her first album, "In The Basement" is unashamedly POP! Jade's new sound is a perfect fit for her voice and glamorous image. I can't help but feel that this fabulous diva has found her true calling. "In The Basement" has all the hallmarks of a pop classic - smutty lyrics, killer beats, a camp spoken interlude, high quality production and an insanely catchy chorus!

If Britney came up with something half as good as this song it would be number 1 for months. Which takes me to my next point. Australian radio is run by a pack of arseholes. "In The Basement" is undoubtedly one of the best Australian tracks of the year and could not be any more radio friendly. And yet, all I hear when I turn on the radio is that crack whore stripper, Ne-Yo and Rihanna. What does a local artist have to do to get some airplay? It doesn't help that the single is impossible to find in stores. In the circumstances, it's amazing that Jade managed to chart at all. The single is well worth ordering from Chaos for the remixes and B-side. I actually quite like the ghettotastic MPHAZES Remix but the club mix is more my style. I was expecting the usual tacky dance anthem but this is surprisingly dark and sexy. The link will only be up for a short time. If you like it, do this poor diva a favour and order the song or download it from iTunes.

Jade is about to embark on a string of live shows to promote her upcoming album "Get Me Home" - which is described as sexy electro-pop! Pre-order your copy here. To learn more about this fabulous talent, check out Jade's website and Myspace. Don't forget to watch the sexy video!


Zac said...

Your so right about the radio thing, its really shit!

Mike said...

I've decided not to tune in anymore. It's gone from bad to worse - if I want to listen to Missy fucking Higgins and Dulta, I'll take a ride in the nearest elevator!

Zac said...

oh man you went there!


J'ason D'luv said...

I know what's in her basement... a big banana that she's gonna stir her squid tunnel with.

I hear ya about radio, though.... at least your country isn't dominated by R&B/Hip-hop/rap shit, though.

Mike said...

LOL! I bet Jade could mash that banana with a single squeeze!

You'd be surprised about Aus radio. It's not as bad as the US but more and more rap shit is flooding the airwaves.