Sunday, October 21, 2007

Debbie Does The Soul Seekerz

2007 is turning out to be the year of ageing diva. Annie Lennox, Kylie, Thelma Houston, Celine Dion and Chaka Khan have all made waves with new or soon to be released albums. Sadly, Debbie Harry's first solo album in 14 years has been all but overlooked by everyone except her hardcore fans. I've been meaning to write something about "Necessary Evil" since its September release but I'm still trying to process it. Debbie has never played by the rules and her latest opus is another sublime mess of conflicting styles and genres. "Necessary Evil" remains something of an addictive mystery but one thing I'm not confused about is the quality of the album's first single, the superb "Two Times Blue".

"Two Times Blue" is Debbie's most immediate and catchy single since "I Want That Man". The irresistible blend of guitars and subtle electronic bleeps provides the perfect canvas for the most spine chilling chorus of the year. "Two Times Blue" is positively grand. Unfortunately, no one seems to have noticed. Happily, Debbie's gorgeous anthem is slowly finding an audience with dance fans thanks to the Soul Seekerz's brilliant remixes. Soul Seekerz are probably best known for working their magic on Dannii's "Perfection" (and for destroying Robyn's "Handle Me") but the "Two Times Blue" remixes could be their finest moment. The extended mix is truly a thing of beauty but I'm posting an equally fabulous radio edit.

"Two Times Blue" is yet to be released in Australia and as far as I know there are no plans to do so in the future. You should be able to find a copy of "Necessary Evil" on Ebay or you could order it from Amazon or HMV UK. Make sure you check out Debbie's Myspace and drop by Soul Seekerz' Myspace while you're there. Don't be put off by the video clip for "Two Times Blue" (below) - it's kind of terrifying but the song is pure bliss!


Jamie_movietrip said...

I too love the Soulseekerz Extended Vocal, or whatever it's called. A brilliant remix! I don't know why, but I find the Radio Edit of it a bit lacking. It's up to #13 on Billboard Dance/Club Play!

My review of Necessary Evil is on the Pop Trash Addicts website -

I feel like the Gail to your Oprah posting that hehe!

I also read that the second single is going to be a Hip Hop Mix of Heat Of The Moment, sounds bizzare!

Mike said...

I agree about the extended vocal mix - it's genius! I'm so happy Debbie is making her mark on the club chart. I love your review and I agree almost word for word. It's a weird and wonderful album. Can't wait to hear Debbie's ghetto makeover - LOL! You can be my Gail anytime!

Tommy said...

I just got Debbie's album at the shop a few days ago.. haven't really given it a good listen yet, unfortunately.. Love the remix though. I was a little unsure at the start, but it turns out pretty fabulous! I'm gonna have to see if there's a CD single w/the remixes anywhere... Either way, Two Times Blue still rocks my socks (even after listening to it all summer lol). Reminds me of the logical successor to Blondie's "Maria," nearly ten (aaaah!) years ago now.. God, I can't believe it's been that long..

undisco_me said...

Chalk-face woman did good!

How does she psyche herself up before performing in gay clubs?

"Chalka-can, Chalka-can"

Mike said...

Tommy - There is a promo single with the remixes. I don't think they are releasing a commercial version, which is just stupid! The album is weird but wownderful. I hope you like it.

Undisco - I'm not as disturbed by Debbie's chalk face as I am by her chalk hair! Girlfriend needs some L'Oreal!

Jamie said...

I love Debbie and the way she refuses to grow old gracefully. She's an inspiration to us all. So what if you're 50, wear that leather mini skirt! Oh and she still puts out music that puts some of the up and coming wannabees to shame.

Mike said...

I agree 100%