Friday, October 19, 2007

Copacabana - Amanda Lear Style!

Sorry for the recent lack of updates but I've spent the week doped up at home after having an operation on Tuesday. I'm having internet withdrawals, so I thought I'd use the fifteen minutes before Bold & The Beautiful to write a quick post. Expect this to be a high quality read! I've been meaning to review a couple of albums but I think I'll leave that for a time when I've swallowed less pills than Liza Minnelli. Instead, I've drawn inspiration from two of my favourite Blogs. Poplicious and Disco Delivery both currently feature the divine Amanda Lear. This goddess is truly in a league of her own. Amanda's life story plays like an Almodovar film on crack. There are prostitution rumours, reputed sex changes, celebrity lovers and an engagement as Salvador Dali's muse. Read a fantastic summary of Amanda's amazing life here. I particularly love this excerpt about Amanda's run in with Claudia Schiffer:

A Hollywood movie producer had optioned Lear's book My Life With Dali and wanted Schiffer to play Lear. "I ran into Claudia at a restaurant," Lear recalls. "She said, 'I love your book! Who wrote it for you?' I said, 'I did, darling. Who read it to you?' So that was the end of that. They never made the movie."

Amanda's fabulous career has spanned 4 decades. I love Miss Lear's superb disco albums but I'm also rather partial to her recent forays into dance music. I'd like write something coherent about Amanda when I'm not high on painkillers, so I've decided to post Amanda's tragic 2005 cover of "Copacabana". Amanda obviously put no effort into recording it, so I'm hoping no one will mind if I put minimal effort into reviewing it! "Copacabana" originally appeared on Amanda's 2005 best of "Forever Glam" and it's representative of the fabulously camp crap that she has been releasing lately - spoken vocals, hilarious production and interludes in French. You'll either love it or hate it. I fall squarely into the former category.

You can purchase "Forever Glam" from Amazon UK and Amazon Germany. Make sure to check out Amanda's website. I'm off now to see if Stephanie takes away Brooke's children!


Adem IAR said...

Is Stephanie trying to take Brooke's kids away from her now? My golly gosh, I haven't watched Bold in about 2 years, nice to see those two cunts are still at it!

Are you okay after operation??


Mike said...

Adem, it's probably the same storyline as 2 years ago! B&B would be nothing without Stephanie, Brooke and Taylor!

I have my fingers crossed that everything will be fine. I'll find out soon.

Poster Girl said...

I hope they've hooked you up with the best painkiller drugs! And that it all went OK.

On another note, this cover is just the thing I need to make it through Friday and to the weekend.

Jamie said...

Glad I could be of help with some inspiration.

Hope you get well soon although if you're anything like me you'll drag it out for the sheer drama. Jus get yourself a wheel chair and do a study on Joan Crawford as Blanche Hudson.

Mike said...

I'm glad Amanda cheered you up, poster girl! I'm feeling much better. Thank you.

Jamie - Blanche has nothing on me! I'm being completely shameless. I figure I was the one who got chcopped up, so I'm entitled to be a drama queen and milk the situation for as much sympathy as I can!

Jamie_movietrip said...

I love it! It doesn't quite top her 2002 single 'I Just Wanna Dance Again', which still does it for me!

Mike said...

"I Just Wanna Dance Again" is blissful on a toytastic level!!

Tommy said...

Euro-trashy and so glamorously nonchalant, I love this! Love that Amanda quote too lol.. I'm gonna have to save that line and use it myself sometime heehee. Anyway, I confess to having a soft spot for her some of her more recent campy, fagtastic material too. "I Just Wanna Dance Again" is the best!