Sunday, October 07, 2007

Brace Yourself For Jeannie Dee!

Every so often you hear a song that stops you dead in your tracks with its sheer magnificence. Jeannie Dee's "Bed Of Nails" is one of those rare tunes that stands out as a classic from the very first listen. I was sent Jeannie's masterpiece a couple of months ago by the lovely Deirdre Halliwell but never got around to listening to it until last week when "Bed Of Nails" popped up on my Ipod during a random shuffle. I was completely transfixed by the song's epic fabulousness and immediately set about researching the sultry chanteuse behind it.

Who wouldn't want to wake up next to sexy Jeannie?

Jeannie Dee is an all singing, all dancing drag sensation from Kent, England. Unlike other drag divas who mime to popular hits, Jeannie performs her own material - live! I'm not only blown away by Jeannie's stunning vocal ability and magnetic charisma, I also really admire what she stands for. This sexy minx is living proof that you're never too old to reinvent yourself. Jeannie only started performing 5 years ago - at the ripe, old age of 58. Yes, it's hard to believe that this gorgeous specimen is 63 years old! At an age when most blokes are getting prostate exams and contemplating retirement, Jeannie slipped on her sexiest wig and recorded one of 2007's best pop moments!

"Bed Of Nails" is a corker of a song, which manages to be both hilarious and insanely catchy. From the opening prologue about Jeannie being a demonic goddess, to the hilarious spoken verses and explosive chorus - this is a first class pop anthem! I'm glad that Jeannie eventually found her calling in life as a pop star. The Spice Girls should hire Jeannie as a consultant for their comeback tour. I'm sure she could teach those lazy tramps a thing or two about stage presence. Just watch this astonishing life performance of "Bed Of Nails" - what a pro!

Visit Jeannie's Myspace to learn more about this stunner. Make sure you check out Jeannie's latest tune, "Jesus On A Motorbike"!


tommie said...

When just looking at a picture without reading the text, you know you're in for a treat!

I actually love this - is it an entirely original track? I don't recognize the instrumental... Klone should sign her up!

Mike said...

I'm glad you like Jeannie as much as I do! It is an original track - Luscious Jeannie is too classy for cover versions. Klone or Pumpin' UK should definitely sign her up!

Ro Ro said...

Utterly fabulous. Shes a true diva and worked that bed of nails.

Mike said...

I thought you might appreciate Jeannie! As far as I'm concerned, she's 100% fagulous!

Anonymous said...

Its Lady Lloyd here! I prodly introuduce Jeannie in this video.
She should definatly be snapped up by Klone! Shes brilliant!! XXX