Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Swedish Trash Kings - Sunblock

Sunblock is a dance group comprised of two Swedish DJs. Not that you would know it from looking at their videos and album covers, which generally depict three buxom ladies in various states of undress. As you have probably already guessed, there is nothing high brow about Sunblock. Their first single was a remix of the Baywatch theme song, they specialise in trashy dance covers and their videos often feature Swedish tarts flashing their tits. Basically, they are my idea of musical bliss!

I feel like I've indulged in too much culture lately. I've been ranting about Robyn for days and I'm still buzzing about Brielle's acoustic show. An acoustic show with a real guitar! It's time to get back to my trashy roots and you can't really get any deeper into the gutter than Sunblock. Well, actually you can - but I need to keep something up my sleeve! Sunblock first came to my attention with their remixed Baywatch theme, "I'll Be Ready". I loved their sleazy image but was not particularly overwhelmed by the song. Given the group's non-existent profile in Australia, their other European hits passed me by until my friend Jay insisted I pay Sunblock some serious attention. I'm glad I did because Sunblock's treasure trove of trashy dance/pop gems is positively overwhelming!

Sunblock's stunning "The First Time" Clip

This post will focus on my two favourite Sunblock anthems. "The First Time" will be instantly familiar to anyone old enough to remember the late 1980s. Robin Beck scored a worldwide smash hit with the original when it was picked up as the theme song for a Coke advertisement. I've always considered Robin to be one of the most underrated divas in pop, so it's nice to discover that Sunblock invited her back to perform the vocals on their version. The resulting song sounds like Kelly Llorenna on crack. Yes, it's that good! "The First Time" made the top 10 in the UK and much of Europe but has been shamefully ignored in Australia. The same goes for Sunblock's stunning debut album, "I'll Be Ready". Even the album tracks are brilliant. I particularly love, "Tune In (My Frequency)". I'm not sure which diva provides the vocals but she is seriously fabulous!

If you need any further proof of Sunblock's brilliance, check out their latest video for "Baby Baby" (a stunning cover of Corona's 90s classic)! It comes in three formats. The standard clip with busty bimbos, an adult's only version with an eyeful of boobies and just to prove that they're not complete misogynists, there's even a classy poofter edit with shirtless men riding mechanical bulls! Bless.

A big thanks to Jay for all his help with this post! If you live in Europe, you can buy "The First Time" maxi-single as well as Sunblock's album, "I'll Be Ready", from CDON. Otherwise, you can order a copy from HMV UK or Amazon UK. Chaos are also selling import copies locally for $30.


Miss Heidi Von Binterschlappen said...

Beyond Fabulous! I'm so glad you like Sunblock as they are fabulously trashy - and they are very friendly on myspace as well!

The whole album is brilliant - I can't wait for the second!

I love the random gratuitous omg boobeezz! shots in th X-Rated versionof the Baby Baby video - such class!

Trash Addict said...

They really are classy! Are they working on a second album already? I can't wait!

Kevin said...

I adore this blog, the Joanne posts are my favorite.

You might wanna take a look at this


Twiggy is releasing an unreleased 1979 disco album produced by Donna Summer! Sounds camp to me!

Alright take care


Trash Addict said...

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the nice words. I think it's time for some more Joanne! I love her too.

That Twiggy release looks amazing. I've heard some of her singing attempts and they were... different! But that disco album looks right up my alley!

J'ason D'luv said...

Any act that uses tits to sell dance pop to gay men is beyond meta, and makes my downstairs go upstairs, if you catch my drift, peanut.

Trash Addict said...

I do indeed catch your drift and wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments!

Tommy said...

Okay, I'm hooked on these tracks.. I seriously need to buy this shit! Their copious use of chesty, orange bimbos just adds another touch of trashy brilliance.. Not to mention those videos - equal opportunity titillation, now that's progress!

Miss Heidi Von Binterschlappen said...


Michaell said...

'BabyBaby' is my absolut summer2007 party schlager, it was everywhere here in Poland!

Trash Addict said...

Tommy - you should definitely buy the album! I love the equal opportunity sleaze too!

Jay - they should work with Dannii and have even more $ucce$$!!

Michaell - which version of the film clip did they play on TV in Poland? The naughty one?

Michaell said...

unfortunately they didn't play the naughty version :-/ still we got here the standard version as well as the one with a guy riding a bull ;-D

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