Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Madonna Is An Old Thief!

Oh yes, I went there! Madonna is a thief and I have irrefutable proof! And I'm not talking about the uncanny similarity between Oldfrapp's shiteous "The Beat Goes On" and every second song on Nelly Furtado's "Loose" album. Rather, I'm referring to a truly craptastic Australian act called Bliss, who lovingly crafted a mind-boggling dance cover of "American Pie" in 1997 - three years before Madonna unleashed her own tragic rendition upon the world. I have no doubt that Madge has nothing better to do in her free time than listen to flops by unknown Australian dance acts and decided to steal the idea for herself.

While Madonna's version continues to feature on worst cover version countdowns, the Bliss version is a lost classic. As far as I'm concerned, if you're going to destroy a classic - you might as well totally fucking tear it apart and piss all over it. And believe me, Bliss leave no stone unturned in their destruction of Don McLean's anthem. The cheesy keyboards and atrocious rapping will warm the heart of any self-respecting pop trash addict!

So what became of Bliss? I suspect that Madge had them killed to hide her deceit. Or perhaps they just went back to working at McDonald's. It's impossible to tell because there is literally no information about Bliss anywhere on the internet. I can't even confirm if the song was ever officially released. I do know, however, that Bliss had some wicked style (check out their sublime outfits!) and knew how to cover a classic. If anyone knows more about this fabulously untalented duo, please let me know!

A big thank you to Steen for sending me this lost gem. Girlfriend, we are totally on the same wavelength!


Robpop said...

This is beautiful! I am making you a new CD for you BTW!!!!!

Its trashy!!! Nasty and trashy! I LOVE IT!

But really......Mike, the song is way overrated. Its one of those that I've never understood. Not even Bliss can save the song (although they very nearly do so!!!)

Excellent post!

Trash Addict said...

A new CD! Yes please!

I've never been too keen on American Pie either - but Bliss inject enough of their stunning talent to make this version an epic gem. I can't get over the cover art - it's just too funny!

Anonymous said...


Ro Ro said...

I don't think madge ever had an original thought in her life. She's the queen of rip offs. i love her older music but to me she hasn'r released anything relevent in years. This cover is awesome though thanks!

Trash Addict said...

Roro, it's lovely to hear from you. I miss your blog & tend to agree with you about Madonna. I hope your health has improved! xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry but Madonnas was much better.. And i'm really sure she took time out from counting her millions to find this crap by Bliss.. W.T.F.E!

It's cool if you dont like her.. there are lots of artists I dont like.. but hey.. She is good at what she does and if she was not.. well she would not still be around..

hope ur feeling better xx

tommie said...

Anonymous: ever heard of sarcasm? ;)

Besides, the Bliss version is so tragic it's beyond hilarious - Madonna's version is just tragic and quite dull.

Anonymous said...

Yes I understandthat since living here in the UK.. LOL

By the way I love ur Blog! :-)

Anonymous said...

madonna has stolen from a lot more people than them