Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brielle Davis - Vanguard Showcase

An acoustic gig is an intimidating prospect for the most seasoned pop diva. Without the protective buffer of a backing track and choreography, the focus falls squarely on the raw talent of the performer - the strength of their voice and the quality of their songs. Brielle Davis, however, is no ordinary pop tart. From the moment Brielle took to the intimate Vanguard stage on Sunday night, she held the audience in the palm of her pretty hand with brilliant acoustic interpretations of her own fine material and an eclectic selection of cover versions. If there were any doubts about Brielle being anything but the real deal, they had well and truly vanished by the conclusion of this mesmerising performance.

While Mamacita warmed the crowd with their funky blend of Latin infused hip hop, Brielle made a low key entrance and immediately started greeting friends, fans and family members. It hardly seems possible but Brielle is even more strikingly beautiful in person. With her pretty face framed by a mane of fire red curls, Brielle looked every bit the rock goddess in a sexy corset top and killer heels. Most importantly, Brielle has the raw talent to match her stunning looks. I can't think of many divas who could carry off an acoustic set of pared back pop songs with only the backing of a guitarist and a microphone. Brielle not only pulled it off, she enthralled everyone with the pure quality of her voice and the power of her music. The versatile set showcased Brielle's new material, included fan favourites and threw in some surprising cover versions for good measure.

Despite being relegated to a B-side, Brielle's sublime "Oxygen" is an Australian pop classic. The sense of obsession and longing that makes the original version such an unusual dance anthem became even more apparent in Brielle's haunting live version. Stripped of its electronic palette, the song was transformed into a beautifully desperate plea for love. Ever the chameleon, Brielle effortlessly switched from forlorn to funky with a sexy interpretation of "Cybersexual". The first of several new tracks, "Cybersexual" is a very modern love song with some eyebrow raising lyrics about hitting Brielle's "virtual spot"! An edgy studio version of "Cybersexual" could well be the breakout hit Brielle has been waiting for. Speaking of hits, the evening's warmest reception was reserved for a rousing rendition of "Serial Thriller", which had the entire crowd singing along.

An acoustic performance of "Serial Thriller" from another gig

Other highlights included the promising batch of new tracks and a quirky selection of cover versions. An inspired rendition of the Scissor Sister's "Take Your Mama Out" tore up the venue, while Brielle displayed her ability to rock with the best of them by covering Queens Of The Stone Age - if I'm not mistaken! The last time I saw Brielle perform, she was camping it up with a fabulous dance set at Arq nightclub. It speaks volumes for Brielle's astonishing versatility that she's equally at home playing a metal anthem on an acoustic guitar. By the end of the gig Brielle had proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that she is the complete package.

On a personal note, one of the many things I love about Brielle is the way she interacts with fans. Instead of disappearing like a diva, Brielle climbed off stage and mingled with the crowd for almost an hour. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Brielle and she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. In fact, The Vanguard was positively swarming with members of the Davis clan - and I think I managed to chat with just about all them by the end of the night. What a cool family!

Those of you who missed the show can still revel in Brielle's acoustic brilliance with the announcement of a brand spanking new acoustic EP, "Crossing The Line". I'm hugely excited about the EP. The tracklisting is a fine mix of new and previously released material, making it the perfect album sampler. I can't wait for my copy to arrive in the post, so I can listen to Brielle's stunning acoustic version of "Oxygen" on repeat! "Crossing The Line" is exclusively available from Brielle's website and costs a very reasonable $10. You can listen to clips of all 7 tracks and order your copy here.

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Miss Halliwell said...

I think Brielle is fabulous!

She really needs to get a UK deal and unleash her talent over here.

She has such a great voice and seems to be a fabulous lady with a great stage presence and a good ear for a great tune!

Bring on the Brielle!

Jump! said...

OMG! You posted about something acoustic. I hope those Dannii reissues get here soon so you can recover!!

Miss Heidi Von Binterschlappen said...

Fabulous stuff!

Trash Addict said...

Deirdre - You would love Brielle's album. I can see you covering "Take It Off" in your next drag extravaganza!

Jump - I know, I actually enjoyed something acoustic, she was that good! But you're right - maybe some Dannii is now in order.

Jay - It was a fabulous night. Next time I might have a bit less to drink so I still have my dignity in the morning! Thanks again for the awesome tracks you sent.

Jake said...

omg! I was there to and brielle was fab. Its hot that someone wrote a review lol! I luv her! are you on myspace?

Anonymous said...

She's sexy as hell!

Trash Addict said...

Jake - glad you liked the show as much as I did. I don't have a myspace yet, which is kind of ironic because I spend so much time on there!

glenn said...

at last, you catch up.
she's good hey!?

(but remember, she's a special kind of song bird so be careful with her and don't go smothering her. hold her gently and she'll sing her little heart out for you if you really take the time to listen.)


Trash Addict said...

She's amazing! And I love the acoustic EP.