Saturday, August 11, 2007

My 200th Post - Joanne Vol. 3

Welcome to my 200th post. I really can't believe I've churned out that much crap! I started Pop Trash Addicts as a way of honouring my favourite aging divas, trashy has-beens and fabulous nobodies - and to a certain extent, I feel like I've succeeded in doing that. Over time I've changed my focus to the weird and wonderful Australian pop scene, which continues to churn out amazing new acts despite almost having become an underground movement. One of my favourite subjects has been the legendary Joanne, so I thought I would devote my 200th post to continuing my exploration of Joanne's amazing pop legacy.

I've already covered Joanne's astonishingly successful debut, "Jackie", and her less successful follow up singles. After the disappointing chart placings of "Pack Your Bags" and "Are You Ready?", Joanne took a two year break to work on her album and refine her sound. During that hiatus, Joanne released one further single - a duet with a local boyband, Ilanda, for "The Wog Boy" movie soundtrack. I really should write a post about Ilanda one of these days. They scored several hits as Past To Present before changing their name and hooking up with Joanne for "Breakin' There's No Stoppin' Us". Collaborating with an urban boyband might seem like an unholy alliance but Joanne had already worked with the boys in the past with fabulous results (they wrote her "Pack Your Bags" single). "Breakin' There's No Stoppin' Us" might have one of the worst titles in Australian pop history but the song is a lot of fun. Joanne's powerful voice combines well with Ilanda's sweet harmonies and the trashy backing track is a treat! The song reached #38 and became Joanne's second biggest hit until her official relaunch a year later.

The song is not available on iTunes but "The Wog Boy" soundtrack turns up regularly on Australian Ebay. Joanne fans will want to hunt down the CD single for the fabulous B-side "Move".


Adem IAR said...

Do you remember "Phoney Baloney" from the album? Totally fabulous, I remember seeing her live during a club P.A. in Geelong and being overwhelmed at her general orangeness.

Trash Addict said...

The entire album is quality! Poor Joanne - she's now part of an embarrassing covers band. She really needs to make a comeback. As for her orangeness - it's not quite as luminous as Kelly Llorenna but Joanne looked like she spent more than her fair share of time applying bronzer!