Sunday, August 12, 2007

Melinda's Single Cover & Other Tid Bits

With any luck you are looking at the freshly designed single cover of Australia's next breakout pop diva. Melinda Jackson's record company was kind enough to send me a preview and I think it looks fantastic! The cover suits the song's fun, 80s sound and Melinda looks gorgeous. Make sure to check out the Moustache Remix of "Magic" posted below and the radically different radio version on Melinda's Myspace. There's still no word on the official release date but I will keep you posted.

Now for some housekeeping. I've finally updated my list of links - if I forgot anyone, please let me know! It's been a busy couple of weeks in Blogland. I need to give Robpop a big shout out for his spectacular Robyn interview. I have my fingers (and other bits) crossed that "With Every Heartbeat" tops the UK chart this week. Rob's endless promotion and enthusiasm have played an integral role in the song's UK success. Take a bow, sweetheart!

In other news, ex-Young Diva and Pop Trash favourite, Ricki-Lee, has debuted at #2 on the Australian Singles Chart this evening with her brilliant anthem, "Can't Touch It". What an amazing achievement for Ricki-Lee and her record company! Check out the fabulous video and make sure to buy the single. Ricki-Lee's album, "Brand New Day", is released tomorrow. The buzz surrounding the album suggests that it will be truly spectacular. Purchase your copy here.

Furthermore, can someone please explain how Beyonce has managed to release so many good singles from such a shit album? The original version of "B Day" is one of the crappiest things I've heard in years but each single has been transformed into a winner by the Freemasons. I'm positively salivating over the remixed version of "Green Light" and it truly pains me to say nice things about Beyonce! The video itself is something of a trash masterpiece. The Robert Palmer references appeal to 80s child in me and Beyonce's stunning array of stripper outfits would make a Vegas whore blush! Watch the clip here.

I know that I haven't updated Dannii's Dirty Box lately but the highly disputed queen of pop is never far from my heart and mind. According to an English newspaper, Dannii is currently without a recording contract in the UK. The great one has been dumped by every record label in the UK over the years and always manages to fall on her well-heeled feet. I'm sure Holidannii will once again take the music world by storm after her stint on the X Factor is done! My friend Tommie posted a clip on Togerland yesterday and it reinforces everything I love about Dannii. Watch in awe as Australia's brightest star sings her fabulous hits to a crowd of beer swilling, disinterested tourists in Ibiza. Dannii Minogue = LOVE!


Martin said...

The freemasons remix of Ring the Alarm has provided me with more orgasms than an overmixed Dannii track, and Green Light isn't too far behind.

Zac said...

i'm so un der press sure!

go dannii, did you see dannii at home nightclub last year?


ps: having a better week?

Trash Addict said...

Martin - Beyonce & Freemasons have also been giving me more than their fair share of popgasms lately. I think "Green Light" is their best collaboration yet. Unfortunately, the original versions invariably stink - which can't be said of Queen Dannii!

Zac - This week has been a bit better but it is only Monday! Dannii needs to take me on her next holiday. Of course, I was there for her stunning Home performance! I was in complete awe of Dannii's amazing talent!

Miss Heidi Von Binterschlappen said...

I don't know what I love more about that performance - the disinterested crowd or Dannii's drunken, out of key singing!

Do you have the Freemasons album Shakedown? if not you simply must get it - it is fabulous! Even though it is one of those continuous mix discs...

Robpop said...

I will comment on this tomorrow! Hopefully when my normal computer resumes services!

Thank you

Trash Addict said...

Rob, you're welcome! Your contribution to Robyn's career rival has been huge.

Jay - you are a funny bitch! I can't believe you're linked to Dullta's forum. I almost pissed myself. What a shame that I have been IP banned from that place on about 6 different computers!

No I don't have the Freemasons' album. So it's really worth getting? I want a Beyonce remix album - it's the least she could do to make up for her previous crimes against music!

I agree about the Dannii clip - it's just so fabulous. I love the dramatic dance routine - with the pissed guy concentrating on his beer directly behind her. Dannii is in a league of her own!