Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Melinda Jackson - Magic

Melinda Jackson's "Fall In Love" is undoubtedly one of the year's best pop singles. I thought that song was going to be a hard act to follow but Melinda has come up with another slice of blissful pop for her second single. "Magic" is a gorgeous cover of "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by The Police, which transforms Sting's anthem into a sweet burst of mid-tempo pop. The radio version is an excellent change of pace for Melinda and cements her position as one of Australia's most promising pop divas. With the right support, "Magic" could be huge. I've been hooked since it first appeared on Melinda's Myspace several months ago and have found a whole new appreciation for the song since hearing the fabulous remixes.

Melinda's record company has kindly given me permission to post the excellent Moustache Remix. Moustache have already done great work with Melinda in the past and this is no exception. Their remix of "Magic" will be dragging trashbags to the dancefloor for months to come!

I'm not aware of the official release date as yet but I'm told Melinda is currently filming the video clip. If her last clip is any indication, "Magic" should be brilliant. Make sure to check out the radio version of "Magic" of Melinda's Myspace. That version is completely different to the one that I've posted. Expect to hear a lot more from Melinda in the very near future.


Miss Heidi Von Binterschlappen said...

I prefer the Police original, though I haven't listened to teh remix yet - I'm too busy throwing it down to the fabulous Sunblock album!

Have you discovered MS Paint recently?

Off topic, but that tart from madison Avenue has been on one of the MTV channels over here! A lot! With a shitty track that I think you reviewed months ago!

Trash Addict said...

Cheyne is getting MTV airplay? Fabulous! I love Melinda's track - I think it's gorgeous. I'm not particularly fond of the original.

I've been meaning to check out that Sunblock album. Is it as trashy as the single?!

Trash Addict said...

Oh and yes, I've discovered the joys of Microsoft Paint! With Jamie on holiday and MoistSexBox missing in action, I've been forced to rely on my own pathetic IT skills... :(

Miss Heidi Von Binterschlappen said...

It is fabulously cheap and trashy!

Zac said...

OMFG HOW RUDE! who needs shitty ms paint when you are a pop trash addict!

For shame german or whatever, for shame!

Zac xoxo

PS: It has been a great week of posts ;)

Trash Addict said...

Thanks, doll! I thought I should pull myself together because last week was utter shit! Glad you like Melinda.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the Melinda Jackson "Magic" clip on youtube. It's soooo cool!