Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Hampdens - Generation Y

After a string of well received EPs, The Hampdens have finally released the first single from their upcoming debut album. "Generation Y" is another perfectly crafted pop song from the Perth trio. As far as I'm concerned, any track that begins with the line "sick and tired of apathy and (Kurt) Cobain tributes" is an automatic winner! Don't be put off by the band's quirky image. The Hampdens are often described as "literary" and "intellectual" but they are a pop act to the very core. "Generation Y" is a great example of a tune that manages to be witty and catchy at the same time. Impressively, the band make the combination seem effortless. Take the line - "Meet me on Myspace tonight, I'll be there waiting". It's a sharp commentary on our generation but it sounds positively romantic within the context of the song.

The Hampdens have very kindly provided a free download of Generation Y (Teenager Remix) on their website. The remix transforms the song into a slightly jarring electro number, which reminds me of early Depeche Mode. The original version in all it's ambient glory can be heard on The Hampden's Myspace. The band's album is scheduled for release in October. Until then, you can purchase "Generation Y" and their other EPs from Chaos or iTunes.


Jump! said...

What a great song. Hey did you still need that Carol Hitchcock track?

Trash Addict said...

You've got a Blog now! I'll add it to my links. Glad you like The Hampdens. Their music is a bit classier than my usual favourites but I like it.

Oh, and I would love Carol track!