Friday, August 03, 2007

Candice Alley - I Belong

Candice Alley scored an unexpected hit with her previous single, "Before You Go". That song slowly gathered momentum and eventually peaked inside the top 20 - quite an accomplishment for a pop act on a small label. I can take or leave the album version of "Before You Go" but the dance remix was one of 2007's best pop moments. The second single from Candice's forthcoming album was released a couple of weeks ago and follows the same formula as "Before You Go". "I Belong" is another radio friendly, mid-tempo number which markets Candice squarely to the pop-rock market. The song is pleasant enough in its original format but the dance remix is far superior. The remix of "I Belong" is not as immediate and trashy as its "Before You Go" counterpart but it is just as appealing. The mix manages to retain the essence of the song, while injecting it with an irresistible dance/pop sensibility. It takes a couple of listens to get into but the remix of "I Belong" is another winner.

Candice releases her second album on Monday, so make sure to pick up a copy from your local music retailer or purchase it online from iTunes, Chaos and Sanity. The "I Belong" single can be found at the same places. Check out Candice's Myspace and watch the "I Belong" video clip.


Martin said...

This is a hot track, kinda sounds like Robynn - With Every Heartbeat.

Trash Addict said...

I'm really glad you like it! I don't think it's quite up to WEH but it's still another fine single from Candice.

Note to everyone - Candice's album is in stores from today. Buy it!

jamie said...

I really love the dance mix of 'I Belong'it has a great beat and Candice has such a unique sounding voice she sounds like no other artist which in this day and age is incredible her songs are so different and so her own.