Thursday, August 02, 2007

Brielle's War Journal & Canadian Hit!

Brielle Davis is, without a doubt, one of Australia's most fabulous pop divas. When she's not burning up dancefloors with her heavenly anthems, she's doing something completely random like modelling for Supre or entertaining our troops in war-torn Honiara. Speaking of which, I recently devoted a post to Brielle's humanitarian mission in the Solomon Islands and cheekily implied that Brielle's selection might have had more to do with her striking good looks than fierce musical talent. I had visions of Brielle performing "Take It Off" in a bikini for a room of sweaty soldiers but I couldn't have been more mistaken!

The details of Brielle's trip can be found in a lengthy and fascinating diary entry on her website. Reading the article has left me even more smitten with Brielle. Her writing is articulate, funny and insightful. Most endearingly, Brielle comes across as an ordinary girl in her 20s. There is no bullshit or grandstanding. She writes excitedly about travelling in a private jet, admits perving on the "sexy army boys", warns haters that she's learned to shoot a gun (!) and amusingly comments that her first thought on arriving in Honiara was "fuck it's hot"! I would loved to have witnessed Brielle's acoustic performances and I'm completely intrigued by the amazing photos. Brielle's new hair colour is fierce and she achieves the impossible by looking smoking hot in army greens!

Read the full account of Brielle's amazing adventure here.

In other Brielle news, her stunning anthem "Take It Off" is, well, taking off in Canada! The rocking Andy Caldwell Mix has climbed into the top 10 of the BPM:TV chart and my Canadian friends report that Brielle is picking up quite a bit of airplay. I'm ecstatic that Brielle's music is finally generating some international attention. Make sure you check out the fabulous clip if you haven't already and give Brielle a cheap thrill by becoming one of her Myspace friends. Brielle's highly anticipated album, "The Other Side", is scheduled for release later in the year.


Poster Girl said...

Oh, how fantastic! Loved her since your first post--I really hope the rest of her album is good, too.

Trash Addict said...

Hi PG! The rest of the album is great - I was lucky enough to get a sneek preview and it was pop trash heaven!