Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sirens - Three Trashy Divas

I had completely forgotten about Sirens until my recent post on Sara-Marie's fabulous cover of "I'm So Excited". The song is credited to Sara-Marie and Sirens but it seems the latter did all the singing. And I mean all of it. Sara-Marie's contribution was limited to shouting out "bum dance" instructions! "I'm So Excited" has been a guilty pleasure of mine for years, so I thought it was time that I did some research and explored the short but fabulous career of perhaps Australia's most obscure and fantastically tragic girlband.

Unfortunately, my search was rather futile because I could only find one other Sirens single. The whole process was complicated by an English girlband of the same name, who were releasing material at the same time. I'm sure the Australian Sirens did more than support Sara-Marie's floptastic music career and release one other song but if that was it, they should hold their heads high. "I'm So Excited" is brilliant and "Like Fire, Like Rain" is equally delightful. "Like Fire, Like Rain" is the kind of glorious nonsense that makes me proud of the local music industry. The ladies sound amazing and the disco flavoured backing track is wonderfully crap. There's even an embarrassing guitar solo - I could listen to "Like Fire, Like Rain" all day!

Let me know if you have any information on the band's other releases. I'd love to hear more of their sonic brilliance!


Robpop said...

Poptrash has been spoiling us recently.

"Toni! Toni Makes me moan like a pony! She's Australian! Yeah her full name is Madam Toni Pearen and she makes me all queerin'. I don't be believin' in religin' but Miss.Pearen gets under my skin like a hollerin' happy feelin'"

Ok perhaps I should leave the songwriting/poetry to the professions like Toni, Scooch and Debbie Harry.

Ok so now to The Sirens. I am biased. I have a small g-spot zone for girlbands. But there are crap ones and good ones. Like shags. Ones that (im)purely penetrate and ones that set off fireworks. This Sirens sets off fireworks.

Please send more....

Trash Addict said...

You could be the next Jazzi P - your Toni rap is stunning!

I want more Sirens too - I think their song is truly fabulous. I'm sure they must have done more than that!

Michael said...

Hey there...

I'm also a huge sirens fan... Their first single was released in 2000 on Gotham (BMG) and was called 'Give a little love', there second single of course was the 2001 Big Brother single 'Don't you think that's it's strange'.

You can find out more information from the links below... including Zoe's myspace site and Angie's official website:



Trash Addict said...

Thanks Michael! I had no idea Zoe had a Myspace. That's really cool!

Anonymous said...

has any body got this song if you do can yo peze sent t 2 me thankyou virtual_aaron1@hotmail.com

Raymond said...

Just got this single on Ebay, didn't know they had other songs.

The first time I saw the Give a Little Love music video, I bought the single. At the time I always watched Video Hits but sadly the mv never replayed. :(