Thursday, July 19, 2007

She's Delicious!

I was completely overcome today when I learned that my homegirl Deni Hines is not only releasing a new album in October but also launching yet another tour. It seems Deni has hooked up with James Morrison to record a jazz album! It's not exactly my favourite musical genre but I'm sure Deni will convert me. Here's an excerpt from the press release:


No, it’s not a sour grapes tell all saga of infidelity more so the joining of two worlds and two minds, one voice one instrument.

World renown Jazz artist, James Morrison and leading Soul/RNB singer Deni Hines join forces for “THE OTHER WOMAN”. A 15 track duet album stacked with classics from Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin and a stellar original of their own titled “The Other Woman”.

The very thought of Deni covering the likes of Ella, Billie and Nina has got me in a frenzy! Unfortunately, "The Other Woman" is still a couple of months away so I thought I would post some vintage Deni to tide us over. "Delicious" is one of the many random singles Deni released during her ten year drought between albums. I've decided to focus on "Delicious" due to the original's slightly jazzy feel and because it has the most stunning cover art I have ever seen.

"Delicious" exudes class with every beat. Deni's vocals are gorgeous and the production is delightful. The song is heavily influenced by 70s soul and wouldn't sound out of place on Deni's sublime "Water For Chocolate" album. Shamefully, I still can't help but be drawn to the trashy club mixes. It's a sickness! I have selected the intriguingly titled "Colour System Inc White Mix" for your listening pleasure.

"Delicious" is available on iTunes and can be found on all of Deni's greatest hits compilations. So who wants to be my date for the tour?!

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