Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Return Of Infernal!

Paw and Lina have done it again. The sexy Danish duo, otherwise known as Infernal, returned to the Australian music scene last week with a fantastic new offering, "I Won't Be Crying". To be more precise the song is only new to Australian fans as it already features on the UK and revised international versions of their brilliant album, "From Paris To Berlin". As a very sweet bonus, the single includes their poptastic cover of Laura Branigan's "Self Control", which was also left off the Australian edition of their album.

Infernal is possibly my favourite band. They have an uncanny ability to churn out insanely catchy dance fluff that works just as well on the radio or in a club. "I Won't Be Crying" is yet another slice of Infernal fabulousness. The song stays true to the Infernal formula of shiny, meaningless dance/pop but throws in some guitars for a bit of a change up. The result is just as appealing and ridiculous as ever! The video is another trash materpiece with Paw camping it up, preening himself in a room of mirrors, while Lina prances around on the hands of a clock. Classy!

"I Won't Be Crying" is yet to make any impact on the charts, which is probably due to the fact that Central Station releases are getting harder to find than Britney's dignity. It's a shame because "I Won't Be Crying" has immense commercial appeal and the tracklist is nothing less than superb.

Please support trashy dance music by purchasing the single from Chaos or iTunes. Check out Infernal's Myspace and fabulous website.


Miss Heidi Von Binterschlappen said...

I loved I Won't Be Crying when it first came out, but it did get a bit boring by the time they got round to the digital release (which was nearly three months after it appeared!) and it never got a physical release over here...

Their cover of Self Control is fabulous, but the version that was played on MTV etc is even better - and not available anywhere!

Trash Addict said...

It's nice to hear from you, Jay! I love Infernal but their release schedule is completely fucked. They have released promos, filmed videos and scrapped so many singles - I don't think anyone knows what the hell is going on. The album has also been revised so many times, I have no idea what's new and old! "Ten Miles" is apparently the next single for the UK - I really hope they get it right this time!

crazieynsf said...

i totally love this song as is a remix they released on myspace and the live version of the remix......enjoy!!

I Won't Be Crying (Inf: Rock Mix!)

I Won't Be Crying (Live @ Hity Na Czasie 2007)

Trash Addict said...

Thank you! I love rock mix and the live version is great. Lina sounds amazing!