Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Lorenz - Back In The Studio!

As Lorenz's biggest (and quite possibly, only) fan, I was delighted to find that his website has finally been updated. Regular readers will remember my utter disappointment when Lorenz turned his back on tragic dance music in order to release a meditation CD. Thankfully, the Italian man-whore has come to his senses and is currently in the studio concocting his next trashy pop hit. Lorenz's website proudly boasts that he is recording "songs written by 10cc's Graham Gouldman and Take That's Gary Barlow". The mind boggles. I just hope Lorenz continues to wear as little clothing as possible and perform stunningly bad dance routines in his videos. Although I doubt he could possibly come up with something more sublimely tragic than this:
If you are new to Lorenz, check out my previous posts here and here. The download links still appear to be working.


Jamie said...

I'm note sure whether I'm repulsed by him or wanna f*** his brains out. I've never been in this sort of quandary before!

Trash Addict said...

I know what you mean. It kind of depends on the picture! I just love his amazing... vocal talent.