Friday, July 13, 2007

Fuck Pink! Dame Shirley Throws It DOWN!

One of the year's most glorious pop albums thus far is Dame Shirley Bassey's "Get The Party Started". The first single, "The Living Tree", was typically majestic and oozed class with every beat. The soon to be released title track, on the other hand, is an irresistible explosion of camp! Dame Shirley takes Pink's party anthem, deconstructs it and vastly improves on the original. As brilliant as the single version is, I almost fainted when the lovely Deirdre Halliwell sent me the remixes. Dame Shirley has hooked up with Kelly Llorenna's favourite DJs, Flip N Fill, to release one of the trashiest club mixes of the year. This remix will make trash lovers dirty their undies! Ms Bassey's fabulous career has been long and varied but tragic house queen is a new and unexpected development. Bring on the remixes for Dame Shirley's "This Is My Life"!

Thanks again, Deirdre. The cock shots are in the mail. Dame Shirley's anthem is released in the UK on the 23rd of July. Purchase your copy from iTunes, Amazon UK or HMV UK.

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undisco_me said...

I can imagine Dame Shirley screwing her face whilst performing this ('TRAGIC=FABULOUS') remix in Bennets Glasgow - a venue in which music of this calibre often thrives like the bacteria under Kelly Lorenna's toe-nails. She screamed off the stage last Saturday after someone unkindly shouted "there's a white patch!" in the middle of Tell It To My Heart.