Thursday, July 05, 2007

Chantoozies - I'll Be There

I'm in the mood for a pop trash flashback! I recently sent this song to a dear friend and I thought some of you tragic bitches might enjoy it too. The Chantoozies are veritable 80s icons. The lovely ladies were Australia's answer to Bananarama, scoring top ten hits with pop classics like "Wanna Be Up", "Witch Queen" and "He's Gonna Step On You Again". As you can probably gather from their song titles, there was nothing particularly deep about the band. The Chantoozies were all about fun, big hair and even bigger shoulder pads. Basically, they were a slice of heaven!

The original four woman line-up only lasted for one album but three of the Toozies reformed the group in the early 90s. "I'll Be There" is a product of their 90s comeback and I think it holds up as one of their best tunes. Don't let the first 20 seconds of the song fool you, this is no dreary ballad! The Chantoozies somehow manage to transform this classic into a tacky pop anthem. Michael Jackson and Mariah must be green with envy because this version shits all over their crap! I promise to fully re-visit The Chantoozies' glorious legacy soon.

Unfortunately, The Chantoozies' catalogue is yet to appear on iTunes. Your best bet for finding a physical copy is Australian Ebay.


JoseViruete said...

Great stuff, thanks!
Check this: spanish answer to bananarama XD

Trash Addict said...

Oh wow, those girls are completely fabulous! Their dance routines are stunning. Thanks for the link!

Claire said...

I don't think I've ever thought of them as Australias answer to anything! Maybe Thunderbugs!

Girlfriend are Australias Spice Girls obviously....any one who disputes that, I'll smack them down!


Anonymous said...

girlfriend had 7 better songs and are much more succesful,talented and better looking. chantoozies only had one top ten and their first two were covers and then nothing.hottie tottie was liked by boy but boys don;t buy reocrds hey just look at the skirts, little girls buy records but were toosmart to buy this pop fluff.

Anonymous said...

australian's answer to shampoo,hepburn, you compare roxus to bon jovi ?