Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Aleesha Rome - Search My Heaven

This post is dedicated to the lovely Zac for kindly reminding me of Aleesha Rome and her brief but wonderful reign as one of Australia's leading pop divas. To my knowledge, "Search My Heaven" was Aleesha's one and only hit, making the top 20 in 1999. She released a couple of further singles but they all flopped spectacularly and Aleesha sadly disappeared after the release her debut album. Ms Rome's career may have been short but the brilliance of "Search My Heaven" ensures that her fabulous legacy will endure.

After being reminded of Aleesha, I rummaged through my CDs and discovered Aleesha's album as well as several singles. I will get to those another time because I want to devote this post exclusively to "Search My Heaven". I have been playing Aleesha's anthem on repeat since digging it out and I really can't believe that I neglected it for so long. It goes to show how much better the standard of pop music was in the late 90s. Back then, "Search My Heaven" was just one of a number of fierce pop anthems and somehow got lost in the mix. By today's standards, however, "Search My Heaven" sparkles like the Hope Diamond! Aleesha has produced four minutes of flawless pop, which is overwhelmingly European in sound. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised at all if it's actually a cover version.

Aleesha sadly remains one of the many fabulous Australian divas to disappear without being given a proper chance to shine. The woman definitely had potential, one listen to "Search My Heaven" will get you hooked. I've spent the past few days walking around humming "you came along, as quiet as a church mouse and bright as a lighthouse". Now that shit's deep! The last I heard, Aleesha was playing with an indie band in London. I really hope she hasn't turned to dark side!


Zac said...

:) i'm blushing! Thanks for the post about Aleesha!!!

Zac xo

Trash Addict said...

You're welcome! I'm loving her album - I have no idea why I've ignored it for so long!

Martin said...

This is the literal definition of a "hot track".

Anonymous said...

I'm a friend and fan of 'Aleesha' here in London (known to us as Ivy York). Her new stuff is very deep, dark at times but always beautiful. She has matured into quite a songstress- and i would have never believed that she came from such poppy roots. Vin (london)

Trash Addict said...

Hi Vin,

I'd love to hear some of Aleesha's new stuff. I think she's fabulous!

You can contact me on trash_lurver@yahoo.com.au

It's nice to hear that she's alive and well and still in the business!

Marion said...

Aleesha had one other single called "One of Us has changed"...it's one of my all time fav's!


Cade said...
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Cade said...

Hey what about 'Hazy Days' from the same album! I got Aleesha's album from K-Mart in 2004 for about five cents (covered in about 7 different discount stickers and begging to be taken home as a sympathy buy) I had the 'Search My Heaven' single already from back in the day and agree that track is HAWT. Don't mind 'do you feel me' also but the video was hideous, a whole bunch of sports girl rent a friends. I remember it was kinda Aleesha vs. Vanessa Amorosi in a kinda Tiffany vs. Debbie / Britney vs. Christina way and sadly Aleesha lost. Shame, she had a lot of potential (and for the record, I end up giving the album to the op shop but burnt Lazy Days and Do You Feel Me to CD, still have my search my heaven single though!!).