Saturday, June 23, 2007

When Tina Went POP!

I adore Tina Arena. I grew up watching her perform on Young Talent Time alongside my spiritual guide, Dannii Minogue, and have followed her career closely over the years. Few artists have tried as many styles and musical genres with as much success as Tina. She started out as yet another scantily dressed pop tart (who could ever forget the video for "I Need Your Body"?!) before staging one of the greatest comebacks in Australian musical history as a serious artiste with the staggeringly successful "Don't Ask". Tina's next album, "In Deep", was a concerted effort to appeal to the American adult contemporary market. That album tanked in comparison to "Don't Ask" and Tina decided that a pop makeover was in order. The resulting album, "Just Me", is an absolute delight. Of course it basically killed Tina's career but it lives on as Australian pop trash classic!

I should, and most probably will, devote a post to the entire album. "Just Me" is bursting with pop gems but I want to concentrate on the delicious "Soul Mate #9". I had my Ipod on shuffle last night and had a screaming POPgasm when Tina's fabulous anthem penetrated my ears. I was going to post a faux R'n'B remix but I don't think the world is ready for gansta Tina just yet! Anyway, the song is sublime in its original format. In fact, it's so good that it makes me more than a little sad to see what has happened to Tina in the years that followed. It is beyond shameful that an extraordinary talent like Tina was dumped by her label and had to flee to France in order to reinvent herself as the antipodean Celine Dion! I have my fingers crossed that Tina will drop those stinking French ballads, return to Australia and continue making fantastic pop music. I will be waiting at the airport with a "Welcome Home" banner!

You can purchase "Just Me" from iTunes, Chaos and Sanity. Oh, and check out the cute pic from Young Talent Time below. Tina is second from the left in the top row and that is the adorable Dannii Minogue on the left in the bottom row. They should hook up and record a duet!


Robpop said...

*Tina Fucking In The Arena*

Chains gets me so giddy. Its the "ooohs" that the start. Sorento Moon reminds me eating fish and chips on Sorento Beach. It also brings me tons of tears. That song is so special to me. Its another song that was played quite a lot on my Australian run-away when i was 16. I remember singing "AND I'LL REMEMBER...HOW IT ALL CAME TRUE" with my bestest friend of the time down the great ocean road.

Then came Strong As Steel/Turn Up the Beat. They shaped me as a gay Boy. Good times!

Trash Addict said...

I remember going to see Tina in concert with my first boyfriend. He kept (loudly) demanding that she sing "I Need Your Body"! She was definitely a part of my gay upbringing too. I miss her, those French albums are dreadful.

Ro Ro said...

I did love Tina Arena. I have both her american albums on cd. Then she seemed to go into oblivion.She's singing in french now? eek u must go and kidnap her in the night and bring her to the basement LaToya did her supremes cover in. I'm sure Tina has the talent to pull it off. You hear Belinda's french stuff? Whats happening to our pop diva's? If Dannii makes a french album i am swallowing all my zoloft and going to a better place! lol Thanks for this pop gem and i am looking foreward to more posts on her!

AcidJasmine said...

Tina Arena is SO under rated. Never ( Your Love is So Past Tense) is fuckin awesome. Should have been a world wide smash hit. She perfomed a bit of it a coupla years a go at Mardi Gras in Sydney and I just about spoofed myself!

AcidJasmine X

AcidJasmine said...

Oh and the latest french album is lovely.

Trash Addict said...

I love "Never" too! Tina would make such a fabulous dance diva. Unfortunately, the French albums leave me cold. Tina should leave the dreary ballads to Celine.

Derrick XXX said...

Tina Arena has this voice that can suit any genre. During the gayest times of my life, I have been listening over and over again to "Now I Can Dance". That song is so special to me that it gave me goosebumps just hearing the first few stanzas of the song.

She is not under-rated now, All her albums in Australia are certified Gold and Platinum not missing the Top 10, plus her accolades as a musical actress kept demanding for lead roles. "Notre Dame de Paris" as Esmeralda, "Cabaret" in Australia as Sally Bowles and Roxie Hart in "Chicago" not to mention others back in the years with "Joseph" and "Nine" I believe. Whew!

"Just Me" was a flop (in Tina's standards) with radio not supporting her, but the fan base alone secured it to enter the Top 10, "Just Me" entered at #7 specifically. How good is that? A flop at #7? Go figure!

She later on conquered Europe and now divides time between Australia and Europe. Yeah, too bad she had to resort to bringing Europe down to get the recognition she so richly deserves when she can do it in Australia.

"Songs Of Love & Loss" would be her next offering. I can't believe how much Australia missed her with the first single "To Sir With Love" being the Top 3 most added song to Australian radio in all formats plus the big time shows performance at Dancing With The Stars and Sunrise showcasing 2 different songs being the other "Look Of Love" which is so sublime! Source: PLUS concerts at the Sydney Opera House and the Hamer Hall in Melbourne both selling well!!!

I am very confident Tina would get another Top 10 debut with "Songs Of Love & Loss" out December 1, 2007.

I love you Teen!!!

Derrick XXX

Derrick XXX said...

If I may add, I read the owner's blog saying Tina and Dannii should record a duet... Uhmmm... while I love Dannii as I am hooked on her "Neon Nights" album, her strongest in my opinion, let us be realistic...

Dannii's pipes is good for a dance performer but it won't be able to match Tina's powerful voice.

I don't want to see Dannii drowning and trying hard to match Tina's vocal prowess.

It's lovely though that Dannii and Tina are long time friends. ;)

If you guys want to have an mp3 of a radio interview I have of Dannii describing Tina as "having the filthiest mouth ever!" let me know and I'll send it to you guys. That interview was funny, quite a hear as well!

Derrick XXX

Mike said...

Hi Derrick! I would love to hear the interview with Dannii! I'm really glad that Tina has so many loyal fans. I think Songs Of Love & Loss will be a huge hit for Tina as well!

Derrick XXX said...

You are so damn right Mike! I'll be glad to send you a copy of the MP3. What is your e-mail?

Are you the owner of this blog site? If you are, Congratulations on a job well done! You are so positive towards other artists as well even though we know they are "trashy" and quite put to say "talentless". I'm loving your joint! ;)

Your blog site is saved on my Favourites a long time ago, and I had to say something because I love your reviews.

I can't wait to hear and read about your track-by-track review of Tina's "Songs Of Love & Loss". I hope you make one when the album drops instores on December 1 and I'll be looking forward. ;)


Derrick XXX

Mike said...

Yes, it's my blog. I'm really glad you like it. I've been a massive Tina fan for years and years. I can't wait for the album to drop - I'll definitely review it!

My e-mail is:

Take care!


Derrick XXX said...

Sent. Tell me what you think Mike... I'd love to read on what you have to say. ;)

Derrick XXX