Monday, June 25, 2007

Sharing The Love Of Joanne Vol. 1

Very few songs manage to capture the zeitgeist for any length of time, let alone define a decade. Yet Joanne's classic hit "Jackie" exudes the 1990s with every craptastic beat. "Jackie" was released 1998 and eventually peaked at #3, becoming the highest selling Australian single of the year. At a time when grunge was still ubiquitous, Joanne chanting "Jack, Jack, Jackie" against a tacky dance beat was something of a revelation. "Jackie" remained a mainstay in gay nightclubs for almost a year and stayed on the charts for 30 weeks. In short, Joanne was Australia's leading camp diva while Kylie was finding herself over at Deconstruction and Dannii was more focused on upsizing her tits than releasing fabulous pop music. For that reason alone, Joanne deserves the love and respect of any serious pop trash fan!

In the aftermath of the "Jackie" phenomenon, Joanne was briefly considered to be the next big pop sensation. She released an amazing 6 singles from her debut album, all of which were minor hits. A couple of those songs have aged worse than Nick Nolte but most of them are still gleaming pop gems. "Jackie" was by far the biggest hit and still holds up a trashy delight almost 10 years later! I plan on revisiting all of Joanne's stunning pop releases over the next couple of weeks in the hope of enlightening the world (well, the 3 queens who read this Blog) to Joanne's fabulous contribution to Australian pop history. Stay tuned!

Joanne's music is still not available on iTunes, which is a complete disgrace! However, you should be able to find most of her releases on Australian Ebay. Give Joanne a cheap thrill and leave a message on her Myspace.

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matt said...

Queen #3 : I loved this song. It is quite trashy the video clip. I always demand they play the Joanne version and not the stipid Redzone version at work... argh!!! Ahh memories...