Sunday, June 03, 2007

Kylie's Demos - Cutting Edge Publicity?

I was more than a little surprised to open my Sunday newspaper and find this article - on the front page no less! Kylie could fart and it would be news in Australia but surely the recent leak of five new demos is not THAT earth shattering. The whole thing is obviously a flimsy excuse to put a sexy photo of Kylie on the cover (which is fine by me!) but the conspiracy theory about Kylie intentionally leaking the tracks to generate some positive publicity is just taking the piss. You know you're reading some quality journalism when the main sources are Pop Justice and a Kylie impersonator! I guess it must be true if, the admittedly rather fabulous, Lucy Holmes says so!

Personally, I think the whole thing is dubious. Kylie tracks have been flooding out of Parlophone for years and it hasn't exactly helped in the past. I'm sure the record company weren't particularly impressed that fans were enjoying "I Believe In You" and "Giving You Up" months before the release of "Ultimate Kylie". I should say fans and other curious parties, which leads me to my next point. If the leaked demos do, in fact, comprise half of Kylie's upcoming album, it wont stop Kylie's hardcore fans from buying a physical copy but the casual listener will be more than happy to play the leaked MP3s on their Ipod and save the $20 they would otherwise spend on the real thing.

I think there are two possible explanations: 1) general incompetence or 2) the possibility that the leaked tracks were never intended for the finished product. If that is the case, the album is going to be the best Minogue recording since "Neon Nights" because I'm still absolutely blown away by the brilliance of "Stars", "In My Arms" and "Lose Control". Kylie can bin the other two songs or be a sweetheart and give them to Rebekah K! I can only imagine next week's headline: "Kylie Changes Tampon".


Miss Heide Von Binterschlappen said...

You know Australian Tablouid journalists have bugger all to write about when they start interviewing vile parasitic sluts like that thing...

They should stick to stealing stories from The Sun or sayhey like they always do.

Besides, "leaking" tracks before the release is something that all good record companies do. Its called *promotion*... whoever wrote that pile of pish should be fired!

Trash Addict said...

Lucy isn't that bad! Her 100% Kylie show is great on the right drugs. As I said, I just think that whole crappy article was just an excuse to stick a sexy picture of Kylie on the cover in order to sell some more newspapers. It's kind of funny actually!

Miss Halliwell said...

Demo's are obviously leaked from an inside source and i am sick of fans being threatened with legal action.

Why not arrest the person who obviously STOLE the music from the studio?

Record labels are very stupid i think. It is not the fans fault that studio engineers can't be trusted and are uploading demos quicker than you can say 'i should be so lucky'.

Same goes for studio versions of tour tracks. Who leaks them? Someone inside obviously.

To be honest, i am not really impressed with the leaked Kylie X stuff.

Best Kylie leaks are the unreleased DeConstruction stuff and the Light Years type stuff.

I also find it funny that some people like Ellecktrika, are remixing Kylie songs (obviously illegally as she doesn't own the copyright) and yet she is moaning about people abusing Kylie by downloading stuff.

Oh i long for the old days when you had to wait on a song on the radio and try to tape it without catching the annoying DJ's talking into the bargain!

Long and short of it is, if a song's not OUR fault.

More power to ya!

Miss H